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The 45 Craze’

It never ceases to amaze us how things that we’ve always enjoyed and done get so turned out like a 42nd Street prostitute once it becomes the cool thing to do.  In this case we’re talking about the current fascination and trend of spinning 45′s, seems that everyone and their mother now collect and throw 45 parties.  Don’t get us wrong, we love that people appreciate things even if late to the party, no we weren’t the first to do these parties but we’ve carved out our chunk and have stuck to it and done it in the Hot Peas & Butta way.  Parties like Japan’s inBusiness, the Bay Area’s 45 Sessions, The Get Back in Las Vegas, Moneytown in DC, Steel City’s Titletown, Seattle’s DUG, Hot Pants in Mpls, Funk Night in Detroit, Funky Sole in L.A. and even new parties like Philly’s Little Big Things to name a few all embrace the 7″ culture to the fullest playing some of the most amazing Funk & Soul tunes heard and unheard.  Let’s not even mention the European countries, they understand, get it and always have, from London to Paris, Rotterdam to Switzerland and points in between, the 7″ remains relevant.

The collectors market and resale value’s have slowly become so screwed up because of this new trend by the in the now DJ’s that simple dollar records such as Maze ft. Frankie Beverly’s “Before I Let Go” 45 recently was spotted on eBay at $142.50 with 3 days to go on the auction?!  Really, I would much rather have the 12″ to spin out but people will drive the value up for no apparent reason.  Everyone wants the 45 of something that the 12″ is much better than but it’s now cool to say ‘Hey, I’ve got that on 45′, which tells us that it’s not about the music it’s about being in the clique of saying your a 45 collector which is really sad.  It’s crazy to see that everyone has become a ‘collector’ and with all these new collectors reality tv shows popping up let’s us know that it is now something that has become pop culture.

We here at Hot Peas & Butta will continue to bless you with quality Funk & Soul 45 content, parties worldwide and showing you why it’s a way of life for us, not something that we got into because everyone else was doing it.  Salute to those DJ’s, Collectors and parties worldwide that continue to educate their listeners and people who attend their events with music to dance to, from Funk to Rare Groove, Sweet Soul to Northern Soul.

Top 5 Overpriced “why are you guys still diggin for these 45′s anyway” picks.

1.  Bob James Mardi Gras 7″ Really? Don’t you own this the LP? And who cares about bells anyway?

2.  Carmels ‘As Long as I’ve got you’.  You wouldn’t be playing this if it wasn’t Wu Tang sample.

3.  Third Guitar ‘Baby Don’t Cry”.  Such a great record but the $700 price tag we recently saw is insane.

4.  Billy Squire ‘Big Beat’  I remember Skeme flossing this on 45 Fridays and since then you fools have been paying $300 on eBay for it.

5. Maze ft. Frankie Beverly ‘Before I Let Go’.  No comment, you guys are straight comedy!

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