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From The Head Office

As journalists, we pride ourselves on presenting content to the reader ahead of the usual hype machines that dig up on things rather late. That “early bird special” that we present has it’s advantages because we are not only connected … Continue reading

Men of North Country

We recently caught wind of a band emerging from the Tel Aviv soul scene bringing with them a fresh take on the classic soul sound, but still keeping it traditional and authentic sounding at the same time. Men of North … Continue reading

The Droptones “Don’t Get Caught”

Wow! When was the last time you heard old, bluesy, soul, deep in the gut music like this!? Colemine Records is back with another sure shot 7” from The Droptones with “Don’t Get Caught”. This slow burner is hitting you … Continue reading

Beau Williams “I’ll Be Home Soon”

Sometimes a record gets released that you know will sell out almost instantly. It’s usually the same scenario for each release, limited pressing, highly sought after artist or unreleased tune. In this case of another to be listed under the … Continue reading

The Wanda Davis Reintroduction

We first caught wind of this 7” a few weeks back and it immediately caught our attention. Wanda Davis wasn’t a name that we were familiar with but once we dropped the needle on this gem we needed to find … Continue reading


Hot Peas & Butta returns to Fat Buddha for another night of VENGEANCE! We had so much fun at the previous screening in January that everyone in attendance demanded that we do it again, so here it is. Next Wednesday, … Continue reading

Getting’ Funky in Toulouse

Last month, our sister Miss Shing-a-ling made an appearance at Toulouse Soul Club armed with a bag full of 45 treats. Just as we expected, she had the floor in total dance mode doing what she does best. The night … Continue reading

Vinyl Veterans x Hot Peas & Butta

Hot Peas & Butta’s Kamui Sumida decided that it was time to take flight across the pond for a couple of gigs. He’ll be linking up in Brighton with the crate slingers known as the Vinyl Veterans for a night … Continue reading

On The Flip Side

Depending on your tastes, who you ask or what you hear, there’s always that flip side of a 7” that doesn’t quite get as much play or recognition as the other. Weather it be a difference in tempo or style, … Continue reading

Cheap Forty Fives Valentine

Flea Market Funk’s DJ Prestige and our very own Skeme Richards have teamed up to present a special Valentine’s mix for all you cheapskates out there that either didn’t or forget to get a card or gift for that special … Continue reading