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The Biography of Alexander Fu Sheng

When it comes to Shaw Brothers Kung Fu films, one of the most famous and recognizable faces is without a doubt, Gordon Liu (36th Chambers of Shaolin). He’s the guy that Quentin Tarantino has used in his Kill Bill series, … Continue reading

Paul Nice – Deadly Venoms Tribute Mix

In the world of Hip Hop, very few heads are Kung Fu film aficionados, and even fewer are top-notch producers that can incorporate their love of the genre into craft. Sure The RZA is the obvious choice, but heavy in … Continue reading

The Awaken Punch aka Fury of The Black Belt

This past Saturday attendees of the Exhumed Films ex-Fest 12hr film marathon were treated to an incredible line up exploitation films all screened on 35mm. In between each film were of course rare trailers and shorts one of which we’ve … Continue reading

Rudy Ray Moore’s “Dolemite” 40th Anniversary

This week we celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Blaxploitation classic film, Dolemite starring Rudy Ray Moore. Dolemite made it’s big screen debut in 1975 via Dimension Pictures and later on home video through Xenon Pictures. Dolemite is a pimp … Continue reading

One Arm Boxer / Lone Wolf and Cub – The Cut

36 Styles return with two new designs to add to their already growing collection of kung fu cinema inspired t-shirts. Both of these new designs were carefully created and drawn by artist Kung Fu Bob and they look awesome! The … Continue reading

5 Fingers of Death aka King Boxer

It’s hard to believe how fast time is moving and in an era where things come and go, there are those things that have remained important and appreciated. In this case we’re talking about the Kung Fu film that started … Continue reading

New 36 Styles “36th Chamber of Shaolin”

The Kung Fu loving and inspired folks over at 36 Styles have recently released their latest design and first featuring a Shaw Brothers theme. The latest release pays homage to none other than the most famous Shaolin Monk, San-te also … Continue reading

Chinese New Year with the Shaw Brothers

How often have you heard someone get called the GOAT? Seems like people’s perception of the GOAT is merely based of the fact that they like or idolize them versus stating statistical facts on what makes them so great. There … Continue reading

Misty Knight, the Pam Grier of Marvel Comics

During the 1970’s and early 80’s of Marvel Comics, there were quite a few Black characters that graced the pages and also showed slight resemblance to various heroes that graced the big screen and most particularly in Blaxploitation films. Many … Continue reading

Now Screening: The Mystery of Chess Boxing

This Thursday night, December 11th The Deuce takes you back to the 42nd Street palace of sword and sandal rejects and chop socky imports, the Empire Theater with a special 35mm screening of The Mystery of Chess Boxing. This is … Continue reading