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Ready To Rock “Rings Of Saturn”

Graffiti and comic books are two things that have always gone hand in hand. From early writers studying the artistic styles of Jack “The King” Kirby who influenced their characters and paintings on the subway cars of yesterday to large … Continue reading

Jason McGuiness ft. Keyon Harrold “Empyrean Tones”

Late last year we received a package in the post that included the Starvin B LP and a white label test press 45 with no information on and immediately after dropping the needle down, we were hooked. What we heard … Continue reading

Hip Drop (Osaka, Japan)

This Saturday Skeme Richards lands in Osaka for Hip Drop, which will be his last gig of the tour, which is fitting since “connecting Philly to Tokyo in Osaka” is the slogan. He’ll be playing alongside a cast of record … Continue reading

Tha Alkaholiks Presents: E&J Sound System “Rubber Bands”

We gotta say that we didn’t see this one coming but we’re glad that it hit us like a hangover after a long night of drinking in Itaewon, Seoul Korea. Understand it or not, the image, scene and sound of … Continue reading

Dusty Donuts Vol.7 “The Get Down” b/w “Hyped Up Ants”

There’s been a heavy resurgence in that classic James Brown sound as of late with some tough edits and reworks making their way to the vinyl format and 7”. All have been worthy purchases to take up space in our … Continue reading

J-Zone “Funky” b/w “Go Back To Sellin’ Weed”

Our man pots and pans, Mr. tell it like it is, J-Zone is back with another sure shot that continues on with his series of “I get busy on the drums like that” on the A-side“ I’m still nice with … Continue reading

Soundsci “Ronin” b/w “All Hands On Deck”

“There ain’t nothing like Hip Hop music”! The sound of fresh beats, ill lyrics and tight cuts and scratches is alive and well and has been steadily on pace to become the sound and quality of releases that we’ve known … Continue reading

Skeme Richards at Extra Extra (Aoyama Hachi)

This Saturday, Skeme Richards official kicks off his annual Magma Taishi Returns Japan tour at party favorite, Extra Extra in the Aoyama Hachi area of Tokyo. Skeme Richards will join some of Japan’s finest DJs on the decks including Koco … Continue reading

Blu & 45 King “Pocket Full of Miracles”

There are just some samples that you instantly recognize that make’s you smile once the beat drops and you and you recognize that only one producer could be behind that sound. In this case we’re talking about none other than … Continue reading

Fat Nice “This”

Let’s talk about a cool brother by the name of Fat Nice for a second shall we!? A Chicago born, Philly residing wordsmith and Soulville representative recently dropped a new joint on the world titled “THIS”. A smooth and mellow … Continue reading