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Rhythm featuring Ohmega Watts 7”

Liquid Beat Records slides into 2016 with it’s latest release featuring Ohmega Watts, one of our favorite DJ / Producer / MC’s in the business who handles lyrical duties over a refreshing Hot16 produced track perfectly titled, Rhythm. Lush and … Continue reading

The Many Faces of UGeorge

The collective known as Soundsci might very well be this generation’s version of whatever 90’s super crew that you claim to love and then some. And on the latest release from Soundsci MC, UGeorge and his “The Many Faces of … Continue reading

Chosen Spokes Vol. 2 “Ain’t Hard II Tell” 45

More often now than in previous years there have been those “you snooze you lose” records that drop and sell out pretty quick which causes the “sleeper” to pay slightly more on the secondary market only a few short weeks … Continue reading

Substantial “Follow The Master” b/w “Cool Morning”

For quite sometime Hip Hop seemed to be moving at a snails pace with very few releases satisfying our particular tastes or meeting the expectations of those who demand more than just the abundance of lazy output that’s flooded the … Continue reading

A Tribute To Ralph Bakshi’s Coonskin

Within the world of the Internet it’s very easy to miss out on things that would normally pique our curiosity. But with the power of social media (and Instagram specifically) we stumble across some great things including this a newly … Continue reading

Kung Fu Films and The Early Influence on Hip Hop Culture

Hip Hop and 70s Kung Fu films have always gone hand in hand especially during the early stages when young urban New York youths embraced these films that were made thousands of miles away in countries that they would never … Continue reading

Night Shift with Skeme Richards @ SugarFactory

This Wednesday night, Skeme Richards will be playing a Disco, House and Disco Rap set at Night Shift in Amsterdam. Night Shift is the perfect way to get your midweek fix in if you’re in need of letting loose and … Continue reading

There Ain’t Nothing Like Hip Hop Music

That line, “there ain’t nothing like Hip Hop music” means just as much if not more now than it ever has. Hip Hop is in very chaotic and disruptive state with everything basically being categorized as such but within all … Continue reading

DJ Format – Kool & The Gangstarr Generation

I’ve never really been a wake up and smile in the morning type of guy unless I had just reason to be like catching a flight to another country or saying cheese for the camera during a photo shoot and … Continue reading

From Here To Funk meets Hot Peas & Butta

Looking forward to finally getting the HP&B Germany 5th year anniversary tour underway and especially excited to be returning to Kiel to rock with the fellas at From Here To Funk. For the last few years these guys have opened … Continue reading