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Black Magic aka Golden Lotus

Guerilla Godz Producer and B-movie film buff Solomon Caine returns with a couple new videos showcasing and combining his two loves of beats and classics cinema. This go around he stirs up a sinister serving while perfectly matching it to … Continue reading

The Good People 7”

If you’re one of those “Hip Hop Is Dead”, “It Was Better In The 90’s” types or are DJ’ing a Hip Hop night and still playing the same 90’s anthems instead of going for album cuts that haven’t been overplayed … Continue reading

Jorun Bombay & The Rampagers

Are you one of those “there’s no good Hip Hop anymore” types? Well we’re here to tell you that it still exists, you’re just too stuck in your own mental time space to realize it. And when the track takes … Continue reading

Criminal Minded 7” Boxset

45’s / 7” have always been our main focus here at Hot Peas & Butta, but lately some of our favorite labels have been releasing limited edition cassette tapes to go along with their releases. Well Get On Down has … Continue reading

Skeme Richards in Helsinki Finland

This weekend, Skeme Richards will be making a return trip to Helsinki Finland so celebrate the 12th anniversary of one of the freshest crews in B-Boy / B-Girl history, Flow Mo Crew. To kick things off, he’ll be DJ’ing the … Continue reading

Supreme La Rock’s Top 10 Rap 45’s

In addition to my brother Skeme Richards listed post of some of his favorite rap 45’s, I’ve decided to join the club and add my list of 10 as well. Please remember, we are by no means rap 45 experts, … Continue reading

Skeme’s Top 10 Rap 45s (Pre 1990)

Rap 45’s seem to be the cool, hip and in thing these last couple of years with plenty of heads spending an incredibly insane (and stupid) amount on them for the sheer novelty of it all. Not because the song … Continue reading

Danny Spice ft. Dizzy Dustin “Incredible”

We do our best to stay up on everything new release that comes out and review it. From time to time things slip through the cracks, while others we physically don’t have time or energy to take on another task. … Continue reading

April 30th VENGEANCE!

Wednesday April 30th, Hot Peas & Butta returns to Fat Buddha for our monthly screening of VENGEANCE! An evening dedicated to classic Shaw Brothers Kung Fu Films. This month from 8p-10p we’ll be screening the classic Chang Cheh directed all-star … Continue reading

Musca x Guilty Simpson

Detroit’s Funk Night Records is known for doing Funk records extremely well, but they’re not too shabby at doing Hip Hop releases either. Their newest release connects Saint Petersburg Russia’s Musca who handles production duties with Guilty Simpson who is … Continue reading