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4 Hours of Funk

This Friday Skeme Richards will be making his debut at 4 Hours of Funk in Baltimore which hosts one of the best crowds and dancers in the area. Each month DJ’s Fleg and Graham spin a selection of Funk, Boogie, … Continue reading

The Aries Vibration ft. Michael Roach

Everyone once in a while (but not often enough that we need to double check ourselves) there’s a release that slips below our radar that we later find out about and really dig. One such release comes our way from … Continue reading

Budos Band ‘Burnt Offering’ 45

Budos Band makes their return to center stage with an updated sound yet still uniquely theirs. This go around the band infuses a heavy slice of psychedelic rock ala Black Sabbath into the mix to create what could possibly be … Continue reading

Jungle Fire “Tropicoso” LP

After a pair of amazing 7” releases on Colemine Records, it looks like our friends from Jungle Fire are gearing up to release their highly anticipated first LP, Tropicoso. For those of you that have been following the band since … Continue reading

Hot Peas & Butta Germany 4yr Anniversary Tour

October is right around the corner and for the last 4 years meant that it’s time for another outing and Hot Peas & Butta Germany tour. This year we’ll kick things off on October 2nd and heading to Darmstadt where … Continue reading

Sputnik-1 “The Whole Earth”

The Soul Surfers return to the studio to record new tracks under the moniker of Sputnik-1 which ones again see’s the group creating space age soundscapes and combining heavy psychedelic and funk that’ll take you to the moon on this … Continue reading

Sheridan House Boogie Funk 12” Collection

Now this is what you call a boxset of epic proportions! The homie DJ Sureshot Hunt has carefully chosen a nice selection of tunes for the latest release from Luv N’ Haight and compiled them together in one incredible boxset … Continue reading

The Coolin’ System

Summer may be coming to a close but there’s still a few hot releases making it’s way down the pipeline including one that will surely keep you from overheating, yet get the juices flowing with extreme eargasms. Refrigerate After Opening … Continue reading

Ximeno Records Sureshot

You can NEVER go wrong when a Ximeno Records release is concerned and their latest offering comes at the perfect time. Their previous release and what we thought would be our favorite runs a close neck to neck with this … Continue reading

Sunrise LTD – Until My Love Returns

Wow!!! I’ve had this one for years and can’t believe this is the first time I’ve done a review on it. What we have here is a Jazz/Funk LP by a mysterious group called Sunrise LTD called “Until My Love … Continue reading