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From The Head Office

As journalists, we pride ourselves on presenting content to the reader ahead of the usual hype machines that dig up on things rather late. That “early bird special” that we present has it’s advantages because we are not only connected … Continue reading

Diggin In The Tapes: Savage!

He’s more than a man, he’s a death machine! James Iglehardt is “Savage” – a man with a grenade for guts and a gun that’s bent on blood. He and his all woman army are ready to take on the … Continue reading

Reading Is Fundamental (and Collectible)

Since the beginning, Pulp novels have always been a big hit with the mature reader in mind. Written to capture the imagination and attention of intense stories of crime, love, war, espionage and mysteries that placed the reader inside the … Continue reading

Exhumed Films ‘Exploitation Double Feature”

When it comes to showing a great selection of Kung Fu, Blaxploitation, Horror, Sexploitation and other Grindhouse flicks on the big screen in the Philadelphia area, no one does it better than Exhumed Films. Next week they will be presenting … Continue reading

Shaft in Africa

As we continue on with our 40th anniversary of Blaxploitation films released in 1973, we present to you Shaft in Africa. The third film in the trilogy of Shaft films starring Richard Roundtree as John Shaft. The plot, while at … Continue reading

Judy Pace

When it comes to the leading women of Blaxploitation films, there’s one name that usually stands above all others, Pam Grier. But we’re not here to talk about Ms. Grier, but rather another lovely lady who has made her fare … Continue reading

Gordon’s War 40th Anniversary

As we continue on with our 40th anniversary of the slew of Blaxploitation films that were released in 1973, we present you with Gordon’s War starring Paul Winfield. The synopsis is simple, a Vietnam veteran returns home to find drug … Continue reading

The Slams

As we continue on with our 40th anniversary list of “Blaxploitation” films that came out in 1973 we present to you, The Slams starring football Hall of Famer, Jim Brown. The Slams follows Curtis Hook (Jim Brown) after he is … Continue reading

Detroit 9000

It’s seems that 1973 was a very popular and busy year for releasing “Blaxploitation” films as their were a slew of them that hit theaters. So to celebrate the 40th anniversary of some good and some not so good we’ll … Continue reading

Back In Black

This past week we celebrated the birthday’s of two people that we consider Hot Peas & Butta to the fullest, Melvin Van Peebles who brought us the classic Sweet, Sweetbacks Baadass Song (1971) which tells the story of a poor … Continue reading