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Misty Knight, the Pam Grier of Marvel Comics

During the 1970’s and early 80’s of Marvel Comics, there were quite a few Black characters that graced the pages and also showed slight resemblance to various heroes that graced the big screen and most particularly in Blaxploitation films. Many … Continue reading

The One Chick Hit Squad is Back, Coffy!

Over the years we’ve owned and collected multiple versions of Pam Grier’s Coffy, from bootlegs of the VHS to original Big Box versions and even the Soul Cinema version on DVD. But the UK’s Arrow Films is set to release … Continue reading

Things Found at Auction

From time to time we find some very interesting collectibles on the net that we would love to add to our collection but when you see some of the prices that people are asking, you have to scratch your heads … Continue reading

Black Film Tracks

There’s a new must have book in the works centered around the history of soundtracks but more specifically Black Film Tracks as the title of the books suggest. Black Film Tracks is a reference pictorial, inter-active 400 page, true to … Continue reading

Classic Marquee “Boss Nigger”

Sometimes you look at an image and ask yourself, how did that happen back then and know for a fact that it could never happen now. One such image is this vintage theater marquee from a movie theater in Denver … Continue reading

Shaft Explodes Like Dynamite

It doesn’t happen often, but we love the element of surprise and catching wind of things that completely make our day. Writer and filmmaker David Walker who has a very popular site, BadAzz Mofo has teamed up with Brazilian artist … Continue reading

Actor Spotlight: Bernie Casey

This past weekend (June 8th) marked the birthday of a very recognizable face within the film world and especially the Blaxploitation genre, Bernie Casey. So in honor of Mr. Casey we decided to give him a spotlight here at Hot … Continue reading

Diggin’ In The Tapes (Mr. Mean)

As we continue on with part 2 of our triple feature of Diggin’ In The Tapes with Fred Williamson, we now present the OG VHS to Mr. Mean. Mr. Mean (Fred Williamson) is contact by the mafia in Italy and … Continue reading

The Spook Who Sat By The Door

Yesterday we found out that we’ve lost Sam Greenlee, author and creative mind behind the controversial novel and Blaxploitation classic The Spook Who Sat By The Door (1973). The novel was first published in London by Allison & Busby in … Continue reading

“Sugar Hill” (1974)

Contrary to what the title might indicate, American International Pictures’ “Sugar Hill” has nothing to do with the Harlem neighborhood that has been extensively featured in many other classic Blaxploitation flicks back then.