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Coffee Table Status “The World of Shaft”

There can be few devotees of popular 1970s cinema unfamiliar with Gordon Parks’ gritty 1971 box office hit Shaft; even those who’ve not seen it will certainly have heard of it. The movie spawned two sequels, Shaft’s Big Score (1972, … Continue reading

Hot Peas & Butta Double Feature Screening

Next week starts the annual Hot Peas & Butta Germany tour and our 5th year of traveling across the country with 45s of funk, soul and reggae in tow. Being that it is our 5th anniversary we wanted to do … Continue reading

Peter Stults What If? Poster Series

The statement “things used to be better when” is a very controversial one and in most cases, it’s holds to be true. But with some instances comes exceptions to the rule depending on what person you ask. But one thing … Continue reading

The Museum of Uncut Funk x Friday Foster

Our good friends over at The Museum of Uncut Funk have been doing a great job over the years in preserving black art and culture unlike ever before. Recently focusing on their Funky Turns 40: Black Character exhibition that has … Continue reading

Pam Grier: The One Chick Hit Squad

This week marks the 66th birthday of icon and Blaxploitation queen, Pam Grier. Born Pam Suzette in 1949, this one chick hit squad doesn’t seem to age and looks just as good today as she did staring in many of … Continue reading

Camp Lo “Bright Lights”

How often do we cover new Hip Hop? Not often at all, but when it’s something from Blaxploitation centric duo known as Camp Lo then we feel it necessary to drop the run a heist and drop the jewels on … Continue reading

Rudy Ray Moore’s “Dolemite” 40th Anniversary

This week we celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Blaxploitation classic film, Dolemite starring Rudy Ray Moore. Dolemite made it’s big screen debut in 1975 via Dimension Pictures and later on home video through Xenon Pictures. Dolemite is a pimp … Continue reading

Artist Spotlight: Tata Monie

They say Black culture has inspired the world, from music to fashion, from slang to art. One artist who has been inspired to paint amazing imagery based around scenes from classic Blaxploitation films is Tata Monie. Tata Monie is an … Continue reading

Diggin’ In The Tapes “They Call Me Mister Tibbs”

Hot Peas & Butta returns with a new Diggin’ In The Tapes segment and this time we’re pulling a rare gem from the shelves which not only is a great film, but the accompanying soundtrack is equally top notch. Today’s … Continue reading

Firewalker – The Movie

Jungle Fire has built up quite a name for themselves on the scene with an incredible live show, a slew of 7” releases, their recent debut LP “Tropicoso” to round out their discography and now adding another chamber to their … Continue reading