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Funky Little Boxes (Paul Soul)

We know that we say it all the time but we really are honored that people send us photos of their 45 boxes to be featured on our site and we genuinely get excited every time that we receive an … Continue reading

Mr. Thing’s ‘Strange Breaks’

One of our favorite DJ’s, record collectors and finder of rare gems that you don’t have in your collection, hands down goes to our fellow digger from across the way, Mr. Thing. If you’re not up on this guy then … Continue reading

The Dominatrix Sleeps 45

“The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight” merges 80’s pop sensibilities with the bubbling freestyle movement that was happening at that time. It’s a simple enough tune except one thing – this song is so good! Largely ignored by MTV due to its … Continue reading

The Droptones “Don’t Get Caught”

Wow! When was the last time you heard old, bluesy, soul, deep in the gut music like this!? Colemine Records is back with another sure shot 7” from The Droptones with “Don’t Get Caught”. This slow burner is hitting you … Continue reading

The JB’s Food For Thought

The madness of Record Store Day is right around the corner which will have serious collectors, opportunists that will buy just to inflate the price later the day on eBay, casual record buyers and others buying gifts for someone, all … Continue reading

Funky Little Boxes (DJ Arbie Won Edition)

Social media can sometimes be a strange place and you never know who can be watching (or reading). From time to time we put the call out to our fellow DJ’s and vinyl collectors around the globe to send us … Continue reading

Beau Williams “I’ll Be Home Soon”

Sometimes a record gets released that you know will sell out almost instantly. It’s usually the same scenario for each release, limited pressing, highly sought after artist or unreleased tune. In this case of another to be listed under the … Continue reading

Funky Little Boxes

As we continue on with our Funky Little Boxes reviews, we’ve received a submission from the homie Dave Mata. Dave is a member of Impala Sound Champions, resident DJ at Chicago’s legendary Soul Summit dance party and knows about a … Continue reading

Funky Little Boxes

We’re always excited when we receive emails from readers telling us how much they enjoy reading the content that we post each week. We’re also surprised when people offer to submit content which (we highly encourage) for the site, weather … Continue reading

DJ Sighers’s Super Disco Edits

We’ve been meaning to cover the UK’s DJ Sigher’s new series of Super Disco Edits for a bit now so what better time and place to start then the present. Sigher has released a perfectly crafted Disco edit titled “Let … Continue reading