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Star Creature Double Feature

Vibe… vibrations! Star Creature returns with a double dosage of 7” goodness with their upcoming releases, both of which are sure shots as one would expect. First up, Mexico City’s Shiro Schwarz who makes their vinyl debut with “I Don’t … Continue reading

Twinn Konnexion – Don’t Fight The Love

The Super Disco Edits label known for issuing previously unreleased material continues on with their tradition of doing just that, blessing DJ’s and collectors with great music for their crates and dance floors alike. For their upcoming release, the label … Continue reading

Oxygen aka Just Divine “1-4-9” b/w “Droppin’ Bombs”

There are few artists that we’ve reviewed here at Hot Peas & Butta that you should be more than familiar with. Artists that don’t necessarily need our co-sign yet we feel the need to keep hitting you in the head … Continue reading

Starship Connection – Heartbreaker b/w Do It 4 U

There’s no shortage of good tunes coming out of the Modern Funk scene, which seems to be as strong as ever and thriving lovely. The Austin Boogie Crew are one of the few labels championing the scene and have recently … Continue reading

Will Sessions ft. Coko – Run, Don’t Walk Away

If you haven’t figured it out by now, Detroit is the place! The grit, the pride, the heart, soul and passion always comes through especially when it’s music related and Funk Night continues to carry on those qualities with their … Continue reading

Ready To Rock “Rings Of Saturn”

Graffiti and comic books are two things that have always gone hand in hand. From early writers studying the artistic styles of Jack “The King” Kirby who influenced their characters and paintings on the subway cars of yesterday to large … Continue reading

Rich Medina presents Dick’s Beat Market: Scorpio In Love

RBMBoots, a label known for their perfectly crafted edits are back with a lovely gem for your ears and this time it features the workings of the man himself, Rich Medina. Known for his vast musical tastes, understandings of how … Continue reading

Jason McGuiness ft. Keyon Harrold “Empyrean Tones”

Late last year we received a package in the post that included the Starvin B LP and a white label test press 45 with no information on and immediately after dropping the needle down, we were hooked. What we heard … Continue reading

E aka E Da Boss – Turning Point ft. Ishtar

Earlier this year, New Years Eve to be exact, I had the pleasure of ending 2015 and beginning 2016 playing records at Mojo Club in Hamburg Germany alongside the homie E Da Boss. During our short but eventful time hanging … Continue reading

Ambassadors “Ain’t Got The Love Of One Girl (On My Mind)” 45

Philadelphia’s Arctic Records is one label with rich history and a deep catalog of music that has been filling dance floors for years and from time to time provided Hip Hop’s elite producers with loops and samples to create new … Continue reading