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This week marks the final one of Skeme Richards Japan Tour and this Thursday night Ucess Lounge in Shibuya welcomes Skeme Richards to the decks to spin a special all 45 Hip Hop set. Now, we all know that Skeme … Continue reading

WahWah meets Hot Peas & Butta 12/19

This Friday we kick off the second half of our double feature event as WahWah meets Hot Peas & Butta in Tokyo. This past Saturday we threw the first installment in Osaka with an all-star line up of DJ’s and … Continue reading

Hot Peas & Butta meets WahWah 12/13 (Osaka)

This Saturday night I have the honor of not only returning to Osaka and DJ’ing at Compufunk, but also rocking alongside Tokyo’s WahWah DJ’s in the first of two special parties featuring both brands. DJ’s Daisuke Kuroda, Ryuhei The Man, … Continue reading

Harris & His Christmas Avengers

Funk Night Returns (not like they ever left) again with their latest release and most likely the last one for 2014 and it’s a festive one at that. Harris & His Christmas Avengers come thorough with the funky instrumental, “Get … Continue reading

The Excelsiors “Lookout Weekend”

Every once in a while something comes across you’re desk that makes you go “oh sh*t, did they really do that!?” Well that’s what happened when we found out about and heard an upcoming 45 produced by the homie Shane … Continue reading

Black Market Edits 7”

They say that anything that you’re looking for can be found on the black market, but to find those particular items, you need to be in the know or at least have a contact with the direct tie in. Lucky … Continue reading

Hot Peas & Butta x Freestyle Session

Hot Peas & Butta hits the road once again, making it’s way to the West Coast and touching down in San Diego, California. HP&B will be providing the soundtrack as Freestyle Session’s afterparty along with our special guest DJs Marcellus … Continue reading

Fusik “Percusso”

The champions of that good ole’ Florida funk is back to work the dance floor and they’ve really figured out exactly where the sweet spot is with their latest 45, Percusso. Although a rather young band on the scene, Fusik … Continue reading

J-Zone “Stick Up” b/w “Mad Rap”

Guess who’s back, still pissed off and taking it out on the drums plus dropping vocals because you clowns can’t get it together with all your issues. Yup you guessed it, mother*cking J-Zone returns with his latest double sider that’s … Continue reading

Dusty Donuts Edits

There’s a new 45 label on the scene out of Berlin and it’s first release is a double sider featuring two floor fillers edited by none other than Jim Sharp. If you’ve been following any of Mr. Sharps previous edits … Continue reading