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From The Head Office

As journalists, we pride ourselves on presenting content to the reader ahead of the usual hype machines that dig up on things rather late. That “early bird special” that we present has it’s advantages because we are not only connected … Continue reading

Funky Little Boxes (Paul Soul)

We know that we say it all the time but we really are honored that people send us photos of their 45 boxes to be featured on our site and we genuinely get excited every time that we receive an … Continue reading

Damn That Brothers Nice

One of our favorite Emcee’s out of the 215th, Phly City aka Philadelphia by way of Chicago is none other than Fat Nice. You know that too cool always down to school brother from The Welcome To Soulville neighborhood, creator … Continue reading

Bixiga 70

As a DJ in the B-Boy / B-Girl community I’ve always taken great pride in playing and presenting not only quality music but also breaking new music that no other DJ on the scene has. Music from artists and labels … Continue reading

The Soul Surfers Live @ Milo Club BTX

One of our favorite Funk bands that never seems to let us down is Saint Petersburg Russia’s own The Soul Surfers. We’ve covered them and various 7” releases multiple times in the past and always recommend picking them up before … Continue reading

Mr. Thing’s ‘Strange Breaks’

One of our favorite DJ’s, record collectors and finder of rare gems that you don’t have in your collection, hands down goes to our fellow digger from across the way, Mr. Thing. If you’re not up on this guy then … Continue reading

The Dominatrix Sleeps 45

“The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight” merges 80’s pop sensibilities with the bubbling freestyle movement that was happening at that time. It’s a simple enough tune except one thing – this song is so good! Largely ignored by MTV due to its … Continue reading

Men of North Country

We recently caught wind of a band emerging from the Tel Aviv soul scene bringing with them a fresh take on the classic soul sound, but still keeping it traditional and authentic sounding at the same time. Men of North … Continue reading

Lil Rap Records “Kay Gee The All”

The prices of Rap 45s have gone through the roof! Records that recently went for a couple peanuts are now selling for a whole truck full. The record that I want to share today recently went for more than $400 … Continue reading

The Droptones “Don’t Get Caught”

Wow! When was the last time you heard old, bluesy, soul, deep in the gut music like this!? Colemine Records is back with another sure shot 7” from The Droptones with “Don’t Get Caught”. This slow burner is hitting you … Continue reading