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Cam Library LP

Cam library has been a favorite of mine for many years. Not because of their amazing sleeve work (obviously), but because they always seemed to be the first label to record many albums before they were assigned to many cult movie titles. There are also so many different sub categories within the label, so as a fan of or collector, it can get quite confusing on which ones to look out for. I equate it to the same experience as shopping for Vino. As one of my favorites, I could go on and on about this label for days but I'll skip that and get right into the grooves.

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Dust & Grooves Book Release Philly Recap

Even in monsoon type of heavy rain down pours last week, diehard supporters and vinyl lovers braved the floods and made their way over to Johnny Brendas to get a glimpse, purchase and have signed the new Dust & Grooves book featuring record collectors from across the globe. Also on deck for the evening and playing tunes from their collections were 4 Philly DJ’s that are all featured in the book: King Britt, Rich Medina, Aaron Levinson and our very own Skeme Richards. If you haven’t done so yet, then you need to add this amazing hardback book to your collection or coffee table ASAP.

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The Impellers ‘Last Dance of The Moai’

Back again and still funky as ever, Brighton’s funk & soul unit, The Impellers have returned with a double-sider 45 from their latest full length album. “Last Dance of The Moai” is a funky dance floor filler made especially for the B-Boy and B-Girl in mind as you can tell by the official video made for the tune. It’s great to see that the band keeps the dance in mind when creating these tunes, after all, music is made to dance to. The B-side “Veeber” is a raw mid-tempo funk instrumental featuring a great guitar workout, heavy horn section and dirty percussion. There’s nothing pretty about this tune and that’s exactly the way we love our funk, gritty and grimy!

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Jorun Bombay & The Rampagers

Are you one of those “there’s no good Hip Hop anymore” types? Well we’re here to tell you that it still exists, you’re just too stuck in your own mental time space to realize it. And when the track takes the most original flip on the Bob James classic Nautilus, then it doesn’t get any more B-boy or Hip Hop than that! The new Jorun Bombay & The Rampagers 7” via Fresh Pressings does an incredible job of reworking this Hip Hop staple and placing 3 of the most talented Emcee’s in the booth to turn out this classic cut. This is a double sure shot with the A side “Polaris” being an instrumental and the B giving you vocals spit so very well over top. This definitely goes down as one of the best Hip Hop 7” that we’ve received since the trend of pressing them on 7” began. Do yourself a favor and scoop it up!

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Soul Service w/ Marsellus Wallace

There’s double Butta Bros action going on this week in San Diego and either one you choose (hopefully you make it to both) will be a win, win for your ear drums. Marsellus Wallace is back at Live Wire and taking you church with Soul Service. He’ll be blessing you in an all vinyl fashion with strictly rare Soul 45’s, definitely unlike anything else going on in SD so if you need that musical healing, then this is the place you need to be!

Dust and Grooves Vinyl Book Release Party

If you’re a vinyl collector or a lover of photography and have been following our site or any other outlets that cover similar tops then by now you’re probably aware of the amazing Dust and Grooves Vinyl Book that recently made it’s world wide debut in stores and covers the vinyl collections of collectors from across the globe. Shot exclusively by Eilon Paz who has been touring the book and hosting release parties in Amsterdam, Paris, London and Los Angeles makes his way to Philadelphia for a special signing and release event. Four Philadelphia DJ’s, King Britt, Aaron Levinson, Rich Medina and Skeme Richards were all featured in the book and will be packing their bags for an evening of showcasing gems from their collections.

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RENDEZVOUS! w/ Heru Avenger

It’s seems like it was just yesterday that our brother Marsellus Wallace graced the decks at LA’s RENDEZVOUS party with a bag of goodies and it’s already time for yet another installment to the monthly gathering. This Friday night marks the return of heavyweight collectors and RENDEZVOUS family, Heru Avenger (Luv N’ Haight / BAAST) and Henry Clearstar (Ubiquity Records). By now the formula should be known to all of our readers, incredible Library, Soundtracks and other weirdness played while incredible visuals shown equals a guaranteed good time and an ear opening experience.

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Street Games ‘Pimple Ball’

The summer is here, school is out, fire hydrants are flooding the streets and we’re bringing back a great Hot Peas & Butta pastime with the Pimple Ball. Just like many other East Coast street games of the 50’s – early 80’s played by urban youth, the Pimple Ball is pretty much unknown outside of the city of Philadelphia. The Pimple Ball is a thin rubber ball that is similar to a racketball but had little dimples, raised stripes and a star on the top. The balls were distributed by the Eagle Rubber Company of Ashland, Ohio from 1932 to 1982 and approximately a half of million were produced each year, most of which ended up on roofs and in sewers. Pimple Balls were used for various games including boxball, handball, wallball and chink but after the ball had been worn in and lost some of it’s bounce it would then be cut in half and used for stickball or halfball.

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Osaka Monaurail “Riptide” LP

There are very few if any bands that capture the essence and funk left behind by James Brown and The J.B.’s, but Japan’s Osaka Monaurail exudes that same energy that made Soul Brother #1 e 8th Wonder of the world. If you’ve never seen or heard of Osaka Monaurail then immediately go back and pull from their catalog of 7” and LP’s to understand exactly what we’re talking about. If you’re familiar with the band then you’ll be happy to know that they’ve been in the studio to record a new full length known as Riptide. The 9 song full length is exactly what we would expect from the band and then some. A bit more polished then previous outings which show’s continual growth within the group who from what we’ve heard through the grapevine will embark on their first tour here in the States in a few months.

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Skeme Richards Top 10 80’s Arcades

If you know me then you know I have an addiction to nostalgia, why else would they call me the Nostalgia King? I love everything about my youth, from building makeshift ramps and jumping our bmx’s to Saturday afternoon Kung Fu flicks in the 70’s. But there was something special about the early 80’s and was the beginning of the video game era and local arcades. A place where teens would cut school to hang out or on Saturday afternoons you would kill time dropping case quarters while waiting on the next movie to start. I’ve been a video game lover since the beginning, I’ve collected stand ups over the years and of course love dropping a quarter whenever I get the chance. So when one of my favorite venues to DJ at and play arcade games asked me list my top 10 on their site, I jumped at the opportunity to drop pen to pad, or in this case fingers to keyboard.

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