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Sure Fire Soul Ensemble ‘Rise of The East b/w Sunny Santa Ana’

Never is it fun when it’s time to make that yearly visit to the accountant to handle taxes but you know it’s going to be an ok day when the number he throws out at you is 4545 then you open up your email only to discover that one of your favorite bands are releasing their latest 45 on that very day. I guess 45 is the lucky number and the band is one that we’ve covered quite a few times here on the pages of Hot Peas & Butta, the Sure Fire Soul Ensemble. Hailing from sunny San Diego but delivering a sure shot all the way here on the East Coast where it’s partly sunny, not very warm and snow on the ground this is what we needed to give us that lift. Continue reading

Stylings of The Fashionable DJ – ‘’DJ Maybelline’’

Our next feature guest is someone that we met a few years back while doing a gig in Las Vegas at our favorite venue, Insert Coins. After spinning an all-45 Funk & Soul set we entered into a conversation with someone who really stood out in the style department and soon after found out that she was also a DJ and spun 45s. We’ve come to know this person who we now consider a good friend as DJ Maybelline. Maybelline’s musical selections go hand in hand with her fashion sense and vintage styling’s of not only what she wears but also her place of dwelling. Continue reading

Marsellus Wallace “The Soundtrack Pro”

Marsellus Wallace really seems to be the man about the town these days and in heavy conversation within those who are in the know about his love of soundtracks, and library LP’s of the rare sort. If you’ve been a faithful reader here at Hot Peas & Butta then you have surely read some of his reviews of Italian soundtracks that only reside in a handful of diehard collectors crates. He’s been a collector for quite sometime and although there are others who are equally as deep and have put more time in, Marsellus has definitely shined a new light and started a new interest in people collecting these recordings. And with any sudden interest shared by a group of people usually means higher prices being charged by dealers to obtain these records as well as eBay bidding wars which we compare very much to the renewed interest and trend of DJ’s spinning and collecting 45s. This past Friday, he made his second DJ appearance at LA’s Rendezvous! party with a crate full of rarities in town (which we have the complete audio for your listening pleasure) and then the following Monday he was a special guest on the Vinyl Exam podcast where he was interviewed by Keith Foster on various topics including Umiliani, buying catalogs, thrift digging and more. Continue reading

Iron Mike is Back!

When it comes to collecting highly detailed figures, the 1/6 scale offers some of the best and most realistic pieces ranging from movie characters to real life athletes, Star Wars to The Avengers. Although there’s a wide assortment to choose from, collecting these big kid toys always come with a price, usually ranging in the upwards of $250 mark. One figure that we’ve had our eye’s and plunked down the hefty pre-order on since make it’s debut is Storm Collectibles new Mike Tyson figure. Continue reading

Debre Damo Dining Orchestra “Yesega Wot”

Sometimes music can paint a picture or scene without having seen it through ones own eyes. Other times you can hear a tune and instantly connect it to something that brings back vivid memories of what you’ve seen in the past. In this case it’s the current release from Debre Damo Dining Orchestra, a quintet haling Copenhagen, Denmark who plays selections inspired by ethio jazz of the past. At first listen we immediately thought of scenes from the some of our favorite TV shows that aired during the 1960’s including The Munsters as well as Spy spoof films like Matt Helm and early Russ Myer classics. Then we watched the accompanied video that was put together as a point of inspirational reference and it’s exactly what we envisioned, a bit of horror, beautiful woman and a lot of quirkiness. Continue reading

Chinese New Year with the Shaw Brothers

How often have you heard someone get called the GOAT? Seems like people’s perception of the GOAT is merely based of the fact that they like or idolize them versus stating statistical facts on what makes them so great. There are very few people that we consider the greatest, and they’ve all been labeled that for a reason. Bruce Lee and Muhammad Ali are two that rightly so deserve this high-ranking title. But since this is the Chinese New Year and the Year of the Goat, we celebrate the great film company to ever produce Kung Fu films, the Shaw Brothers. Continue reading

Michael Paul Smith – Master Model Builder

Elgin Park from Animal on Vimeo.

As kids growing up we always loved building model cars, setting up train sets complete with backgrounds, sceneries and towns. Just like with most things that we enjoyed growing up, many have become things of the past and only enjoyed by a select few that either remember the time or have been introduced to the time and have taken interests. Being a master of your craft was something that was strived to be, from photography to book-maker and in this case, the creator and artist of amazing 1/24th-scale die cast models that reside in Elgin Park. Continue reading

Little Big Things 3 Year Anniversary (Video)

Big shout’s once again to the Little Big Thing’s crew on their 3 year anniversary which last week we posted great photos by ShotsFired of the event and this week we got hipped to a nice video which recaptures just how much of an amazing night it was.

Remigio Ducros / Luciano Simoncini “America Amore Amaro”

I hope everyone’s New Year is starting off well, mine seems to feel the same as last years but hey, we’re only 3-4 weeks into it so I guess I’ll have a little more patience. With that said, I’d like to kick things off in the new year with a fantastic Italian library record on the “Edi-Pan” label. What we have here is another Remigio Ducros and Luciano Simoncini (Arawak, Jason Black, etc.) sure shot! Fantastic record for those of you who are into the classic Simoncini/Ducros sound. Very reminiscent of the Accadde A and Jason Black recordings posted in the past. What you can expect are tightly knitted and compressed drums, stoned flute sections, shouting horns, Fender Rhodes piano and that signature spacey wah-wah guitar that’s on all of the earlier Simoncini recordings. As with many of the Ducros and Simoncini recordings, it seems to be a geographical tour of America and shows their take on our lovely culture at the time. One thing I love the most about Remigio Ducros are the way the drums on his albums are recorded. They always sound like they are recorded behind a closed door and I can’t imagine what patch they were ran through or what microphones were used. Him and his wife (Daniela Casa) always seemed to have a system that they went by and it worked! As far as Luciano Simoncini, I’ve always been a fan of the way his keys and guitar come out. The combination of them has always brought a real spacey feeling to his albums that are much easier to hear than to explain. As usual, I’ll let the sound clip do the rest of the talking.

Enjoy! Continue reading

Marsellus Wallace @ Rendezvous!

Next Friday, which just happens to be Friday the 13th, Marsellus Wallace makes his second appearance at Rendezvous! If you’re not familiar with, although if you’ve been following us then you should be, Rendezvous! is a rather unique party that celebrates the vinyl sounds of Soundtracks, scores, library, psych and other weirdness while rare visuals of horror / giallo, poliziotteschi and cult erotica are shown. Expect Mr. Wallace to once again pull out his fine selection of sounds that amazes even some of the deepest collectors around the world. Continue reading