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Bump & Hustle 4th Year Anniversary

Next Saturday night I’ll be jumping on a flight and finding myself landing in St. Louis to play a party that I’ve been wanting to jump on for a while now, Bump & Hustle.  What better time to join the resident line up of DJ Makossa and Nappy DJ Needles than on the 4 year anniversary of their all vinyl Funk, Soul, Latin, Disco, Reggae, Hip Hop and Psychedelic excursion!?  The only thing more fun than packing records for a gig is playing those records with fellow DJs who share the same passion of playing tunes for people who appreciate the selections and Bump & Hustle is the place for it.

Join us at Blank Space next Saturday night, you wont be disappointed.


The Pulp (Fiction) Novels of Quentin Tarantino

For a reader, Pulp Novels and their captivating stories can provide hours of reading and entertainment while transporting you to amazing places and spaces around the world. But what if the Pulp Fiction writer and director Quentin Tarantino never made movies but instead focused on writing novels to his stories? As of now, know one knows but one things for sure, Tarantino has been a fan of these hard-boiled crime novel and it shows in his films so someone decided to do a “what if” by designing what those books would look like in their eyes. Continue reading

Lady Wray – Do It Again

Never let anyone tell you that today’s music sucks! Maybe you just need to open your ears and be exposed to something more that what’s on your FM dial and that’s where Hot Peas & Butta comes in. Big Crown Records who have been on fire with their first few releases strikes gold once again with the latest from the catalog and one that features one of our favorite singers in the industry today. “Do It Again” by the beautiful and talented Lady Wray is the first release from her upcoming album, Queen Alone and she’s standing right where she belongs, on the throne. It’s been quite sometime since we’ve heard vocals and deep meaning soulful lyrics of this nature and it’s definitely what the ear doctor ordered. But this 45 wouldn’t be what it is if we didn’t mention the duo behind the production of it all, Leon Michels and Thomas Brenneck who should ring a bell if you know the name El Michels Affair and their signature sound. Continue reading

Kind & Kinky Zoo – Wonder Zebra b/w V.L.A.M.

It’s amazing how things come full circle and worlds reconnect in different ways when music is concerned. What we have here is the latest Rocafort Records release from Kind & Kinky Zoo a band that we’ve been familiar with since the very beginning. Flashback to the mid 2000’s while in DJ’ing Switzerland, I met and became close friends with a group of Bboy’s from Lausanne that represented a crew known as 7$ (Seven Dollars). One of the Bboys went by the name of Dollar Bill who would later tell me about his new band, Kind & Kinky Zoo and proceeded to hand me their fist 7” release. Fast forward to the present and Olivier Bill is still that Bboy delivering flute solos alongside this funky band. Continue reading

Jorun Bombay “Busy Bee Starski vs. Kool Moe Dee” 45

When it comes to Jorun Bombay and his slew of classic edits that have been previously released on 45, they have a way of coming and instantly going making them highly collectible and in demand on the secondary market. Sometimes you snooze and you lose but in this case we were right on time to score his latest edit of what very well might be the greatest MC battle of all time! Originally taken from classic New York City live show tapes that Jorun Bombay remastered and released on cassette titled “Rock The Discotek” he then decided to press one of the best and most historic parts in Hip Hop history to 45. The legendary Busy Bee Starski vs. Kool Moe Dee at Harlem World battle that still rings bells to this very day. If you’re not familiar with this battle then you need to get hipped because this is how it was done. Continue reading

New Mexico Southwest Weekender

In just a few days, I’ll be taking flight and landing in Albuquerque New Mexico for the Southwest Weekender and playing back to back parties alongside my West Coast homie DJ Renato and other vinyl slingers. On Friday night its “Funk Thing” at Sister Bar where we’ll be playing raw Funk, Soul, Disco and Latin joints then on Saturday we bring you a special “Rap vs. Funk” where we’ll go in heavy with the Funk, Hip Hop and samples. Continue reading

Fred “Love Can Last Forever”

When it comes to some of my fondest memories of radio and growing up, most would probably expect me to first mention any local Hip Hop radio show. But prior to Hip Hop being accepted on the FM dial, the Quiet Storm hosted by Tony Brown on Philly’s WDAS FM was where I began making tapes. The show would focus on mellow soul tunes that would later carry over to me slow dancing with girls at late night basement house parties then later as an adult fuel my collectors interests of sweet soul 45’s. Continue reading

Fabio Fabor – Pape Satan LP

What we have here is an album most likely made in the late 1970's by an amazing Library music composer by the name of Fabio Fabor. Fabor was especially gifted at utilizing analog synth modules such as the Arp 2600, Fender Rhodes Piano and Vocodor while crafting visual images through his music, which you may have heard an example of this on his previous release called "Aquarium". When starting off the album, Ad Infernos kicks things off pretty hard and begins with drone like melodic under passages that weave in and out of a fast paced high hat driven drum pattern. A sinister synth chord layered over the top followed by shocking tension stabs. He comes in making a statement and from the very beginning of the album and you can tell exactly what Fabio's intention is. My favorite song "Acheron" immediately comes in with a stoney hypnotic Rhodes key, that has female voices howling and haunting the track in different time measures. A creepy synth chord sets the tone while the bass just hits every other measure. Insane!!! The B side kicks off with "Dies Irae', another track that builds and builds with an almost Church Organ like presence with more Fender Rhodes underneath, sharpening the edges. As usual, the haunting moaning is layered throughout the song as well. Continue reading

Dug Infinite “The Sampler Vol. 2”

In need of the rough, rugged and raw head nod that’ll jump out your speakers with no regards for self inflicted whiplash? Well there’s no need to look any further than the new 45 from Bay Area homie, producer Dug Infinite. Produced by Dug Inf himself and teaming up with Teeko on the flip to release “The Sampler Vol. 2”, the first in a series of follow ups to his 2002 Hip Hop instrumental album produced by himself and NO I.D. Continue reading

Al – Tone Edits Vol. 7

There’s something special about the duo of Al-Tone and their series of heavy duty edits that they’ve been pressing up over that last few years that separates them from others in an era where technology has made it easy for everyone to simply, extend a loop and call it an edit. First let’s start by saying that their knowledge and love of music is something serious but that love also delves deep into genres and sounds that aren’t necessarily the mainstream tastes. It’s easy to take a popular chart topping tune that’s been previously extended and “remixed” multiple times and sell it to the public as something new and the latest Al-Tone Edits vol. 7 continues on exactly where the previous volume left off and are for those that dig slightly deeper. Continue reading