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The Mighty Mocambos “Showdown”

Allow me to reintroduce, The Mighty Mocambos and their latest album “Showdown” for those not currently hipped. The Mighty Mocambos return with a killer heavy funk of an LP filled with tough tunes, deep grooves and a very impressive line up of guest collaborations including the likes of two familiar returning voices, the legendary Afrika Bambaataa and Charlie Funk aka Afrika Islam, Shawn Lee, GED Soul Records artist De Robert and more. Showdown takes the listener across a cinematic musical funk and soul realm with something for just about everyone. Beginning with the opening track “Road To Earth” which features Peter Thomas who is famous for writing over 500 film scores including one of our favorites, “Chariot of The Gods”. The album then spread’s it’s wings and delivers some amazing soulful moments combined with classic style B-boy breaks as exhibited on previous works by the band. The Mighty Mocambos are now three albums deep with multiples singles in their career and continue to display a new take on their signature sound with each outing where most groups would have already teetered off by now. Need a change a pace in your daily rotation of musical selections? Then we recommend you trying on The Mighty Mocambos for size by checking out their album sampler here. Continue reading

Jazz Appreciation w/ Marsellus Wallace

Known across the globe and in tight knit circles of collectors who focus on rare Italian Library LPs and Soundtracks, Marsellus Wallace has built up quite a name for his self and with his collection being regarded as one of the finest around. Although his focus and much of the social media attention eye’s his amazing Soundtrack collection, his first love that began many years before was collecting Jazz vinyl. He’s built up quite a collection over the years and he’s recently put together an incredible mix consisting of some of his favorite pieces. Here’s a taste of what he’s selected in this carefully crafted masterpiece nicely titled, Jazz Appreciation.


Talk To The People

Last Sunday began a month long residency for Skeme Richards for his new party ‘Talk To The People’, an evening of Jazz-funk, Rare Groove and Disco classic vinyl selections. Every Sunday in March, Skeme will man the decks for a 4-hour set and play a mixture of some of his favorite tunes at Sarah’s Place in Brewerytown. If you’re one of this “I have to get up for work in the morning” type people, no worries, the selections begin spinning at 9pm which is still early enough for you to get an hour or so in to start your work week out on a happy note.

Rudy Dardy “On Our Own” b/w “Robins Groove”

The guys over at Super Disco Edits have been unearthing and releasing some great material and 45’s over the last year. Their limited edition releases are becoming quite the collectors pieces and of course selling out shortly after making their debut including gems like “Ebony Diamonds” and “Limmie Funk LTD” 7” which both dropped back in 2014. For the labels next output, they’re set to release a very lo-fi double-sider “On Our Own” b/w “Robins Groove” from Rudy Dardy. Recorded from Rudy’s homemade studio in Hampton Virginia before he cut “Searching for Love” on Harvest Records in 1983. This modern soul tune is heavy on the synth with wonderfully rough vocals and was recorded to reel knowing that it had to be done in only one pass. What you then have is a very rough recording that was given bit of an enhancement and remaster for a brighter feel. If you’re in to such a thing then we recommend you picking up a copy for your collection. Continue reading

Sherman Willis with The Soul Superiors

We at Hot Peas & Butta would like to welcome a new and very knowledgeable contributing writer to the site who will be opening the doors and shining a spotlight on a few pieces from his extensive record collection from time to time. Many of you are already familiar with Robert Perlman and his FunkSoul Tumblr page where he’s reviewed tons of funk & soul tracks for your reading pleasure and if you’re not familiar with him then be prepared to gain knowledge. Robert has an incredible collection, with many records that we’ve never heard before so we’ve asked him to present sort of a highlight of some of his choice pieces. The reviews are short, sweet and also gives you a big understanding of just how many records are out there that you’ve probably never heard of or seen before, which ultimately translates to more hours of digging for you. We thought it would be great to spread some of his knowledge to our readers so we hope you enjoy. Continue reading

Hot Peas & Butta Online Store

A few months back we realized that we’ve been sitting on way too many doubles of records, vintage posters and collectibles and other cool stuff here at the office and decided that it’s time to open up an online store so that we could share some of these that make up Hot Peas & Butta with you. In the store we’ve hand picked great items from the stash including of course vinyl (some sealed) but also vintage Fat Albert lunchboxes and classic OG Kung Fu VHS tapes to 90’s Hip Hop posters and more. And from time to time we’ll also include exclusives and limited editions that we pick up during our travels abroad that wouldn’t make it’s way over on any other normally. Continue reading

Changing Times of The Dig and Score

With changing times comes changes in trends and within the last 10 or so years we’ve seen changes in what and how record collectors buy and also how they showcase them for the world of social media. During the early days of DJ’ing and digging, the golden rule was to tape or scribble labels so that none of your fellow DJ’s could see or know what you were playing. An elitist mentality, to an extent yes. But that’s what made the art of digging a personal experience to what you searched for and separated you and your collection for others. It also set the bar that gave people titles such as “the master of records” as held by Afrika Bambaataa and DJ Muro “The King of Diggin” Even well into the 90’s that secrecy still held it’s place, many of the go to producers were pulling from the same types of records (ie Jazz, Psych etc) yet, each pulling a sound or sample that fit them. Minus the occasional recycled kick and snare sample’s that was open game for anyone to use, other portions of a record were deemed off limits and often times to your own crewmates. Although many of the well known DJ’s and producers would regularly attend record conventions, it was still a race to be the early bird before the others arrived and even then, your purchases were held close from others that tried their best to peek over your shoulders to see what possibly could be the next record flipped for a Showbiz & AG track or even Buckwild remix. Continue reading

Live From Greenville Studios

Last week Skeme Richards and special guest Soki Kimura of Osaka Monaurail made an appearance on the Live From Greenville studios radio show hosted by Flea Market Funk’s DJ Prestige. The day was spent tracking down the best burger in Jersey City, catching a few digs in local record spots and then off to Greenville. The show’s segment is built around great convo amongst Prestige and Skeme Richards, an interview with Soki Kimura who is the drummer for Japan’s #1 funk band and then an exclusive vinyl set from Skeme who played some of his favorite tunes. Check out this and future Live From Greenville Studios episodes each week over at

Dusty Donuts 003 “Jim Sharp Edits”

The Dusty Donuts label seems to be prepared and set for another release featuring a double sider of choice edits by none other than Jim Sharp. Jim Sharp has a nice catalog of edits under his wings and this next release is definitely a welcomed addition to what will no doubt get plenty of spins from us here at Hot Peas & Butta. The upcoming release features an A-side edit of Rubber Man that really needs no introduction, classic dance floor filler, flipped by The Game and 50 Cent and soon to be available in 7” format. Continue reading

New 36 Styles “36th Chamber of Shaolin”

The Kung Fu loving and inspired folks over at 36 Styles have recently released their latest design and first featuring a Shaw Brothers theme. The latest release pays homage to none other than the most famous Shaolin Monk, San-te also known as the Master Killer here in the United States, Gordon Liu in the all time classic, 36th Chambers of Shaolin. This beautiful design was created by artist Kung Fu Bob O’Brien, which features San-te in one of his most iconic images as seen in the opening credits of the film. Continue reading