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Checking in with Bob Ciano

Somewhere in the mid 90's I was working in the design studios at Encyclopedia Britannica in Chicago, listening to a Freddie Hubbard record (okay, CD - it's the 90s, remember) on my computer when a man clad in all black and wearing mirrored sunglasses quickly walked past my desk. A few paces past, the man paused, turned, came back to my desk and asked, "are you listening to Freddie Hubbard?" Now, outside of jazz nerd circles, Freddie Hubbard isn't the most well known of trumpet players, and this wasn't a recognizable Red Clay kind of track, either, so, impressed, I said, yes, it is indeed Freddie Hubbard—to which the man, Bob Ciano, explains, "you know, I did some LP covers for him in the 70s."

That chance conversation opened up to a wealth of stories from Bob—who, it turned out, served as the Art Director for the CTI, Kudu, and Salvation labels from 1972–75—that gave first-hand color to the same records that I was picking up as I (like everyone else who digs) was going through my first "CTI Phase."

To this day, every once in a while a box will show up from Bob with CTI proofs and ephemera (no, no CTI briefcase—that was just after his time there), and every time I call him up not just to thank him, but to poke around for more stories. Here's a bit of a recent phone call I had with him to remember this unique time in music history in NYC, and it reminds me the importance of having confidence in doing your own thing and doing it well.

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Miles Tackett ‘The Fool Who Wonders’

It’s been a long time coming and a well overdue visit but Miles Tackett (of Breakestra fame) is finally making his way to Philly for a one-night affair. Those who are familiar with Miles knows just how deep his roots go not only in the LA scene but throughout music in general. From performing with Breakestra to DJ’ing many nights at the legendary Root Down and currently creating history at the long running Funky Sole parties along with DJ Clifton James Weaver III, Miles never seems to stop moving. Continue reading

Hot Peas & Butta Online Store

The Hot Peas & Butta online store has a great selection of vinyl and other gems up for sale. From soundtracks and Jazz LPs to 45s, vintage lunch boxes and the occasional rare Kung Fu VHS tape. Head over the shop now and hopefully you’ll see something that you need to add to your collection.

Sip the Juice w/ Marsellus Wallace

In just a few short weeks Marsellus Wallace ventures out on a European trip and lands in Italy for a couple of gigs. Upon his arrival, he will be spinning a vinyl assortment of Funk, Soul and Rare Grooves at Sip the Juice vol. 2 alongside DJ’s Serio, TooDaze, Kyna and Silver Boy at Jackie Brown’s. The following night he will be the featured guest and showcasing a few gems from his incredible Soundtrack collection at Easy Tempo Night in Milan with DJ’s Rocco Pandiani and Luca Barcellona. Continue reading

Easin’ In (Doing Our Thang)

This Friday night, Skeme Richards will be taking off and heading to Houston to celebrate the Easin’ In (Doing Our Thang) 3 Year Anniversary party along with resident DJ, Flash Gordon Parks. Easin’ In is a night dedicated to Boogie-funk, Rare Groove and classics held at the Boondocks. It’s an honor to have Skeme play this party and we’re looking forward to seeing plenty of Houston friends and fam in the building. Be prepared to get it in and sweat a bit as these two DJ’s take you there.

Diggin’ In The Tapes “They Call Me Mister Tibbs”

Hot Peas & Butta returns with a new Diggin’ In The Tapes segment and this time we’re pulling a rare gem from the shelves which not only is a great film, but the accompanying soundtrack is equally top notch. Today’s feature topic, “They Call Me Mister Tibbs” starring the legendary Sidney Poitier with soundtrack scored by Quincy Jones. This VHS release is the most sought after of the subsequent box variations, which is the reason for it being highly collectible amongst fans. The first thing that you’ll notice with this release and with a few of the early CBS/Fox and 20th Century Fox releases is that the tape itself is housed in a “drawer” style box which made it much easier to remove over the later slipcase boxes. These releases are much harder to find, especially with the box intact, which is another reason why they command a better price tag as well. Continue reading

Adrian Younge: New Soul Rebel

It seems like just yesterday when we met and had the opportunity to work with at the time a relatively unknown Adrian Younge during the early stages of his Black Dynamite project. Hot Peas & Butta had the honor of hosting the after party for the screening of the film during the Tribeca Film Festival in 2009 that also brought in the stars of the film including leading man Michael Jai White, to where Skeme Richards scored the evening’s soundtrack with a heavy dosage of Funk & Soul 45s. The other unique thing about this event was in keeping with the theme of the movie and not only throwing a party for it’s release but also curating a gallery exhibition featuring Blaxploitation movie posters from Skeme Richards’ archives to be displayed during the night. Continue reading

Firewalker – The Movie

Jungle Fire has built up quite a name for themselves on the scene with an incredible live show, a slew of 7” releases, their recent debut LP “Tropicoso” to round out their discography and now adding another chamber to their resume, they’ve stepped into the film word and have created a short inspired by their Firewalker single. We never liked spoiling the fun and giving plots out, so we’ll just say that Firewalker – The Movie is shot in a very 70s’ LA kind of way and with a plot that send’s the band out on a special mission and something that most of us in the DJ world can probably relate to. Continue reading

Easy Tempo Night

Next month, Marsellus Wallace will make taking flight and heading to Italy for what will sure to be a heavy dosage of soundtrack goodness. Marsellus has made quite the name for himself on the scene and on April 12th, he will be the featured guest DJ at Easy Tempo Night. We’re excited for him and this opportunity to showcase some of these gems from his collection in a country where many of them were recorded.

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Masahiko Sato “Belladonna of Sadness” OST

Good morning world! Today I wanted to review something very special to me, the Belladonna of Sadness Soundtrack. Wow! For starters, this OST is very unique in many ways. From the rarity, to the way it was recorded, to the content of the movie that it was recorded for, to the amazing cover. In my opinion, it's the complete package!!! Belladonna of Sadness was a Japanese Anime film from 1973 and centers around a gorgeous peasant woman who was raped by a demon overlord on her wedding day. Also, completely ignored by her husband, she is forced with no outlet for her awakened sexual desire that eventually leads to her developing powers of Witchcraft. The movie is different than most Japanese anime films as it is in done in a watercolor theme influenced by Medievel European Witchcraft illustrations. The music is out of this world! Composed by Masahiko Sato, and recorded in Italy with many important Italian session musicians. Also pressed on the infamous Cinevox label from Italy, in very small quantities which makes this a rarity in itself and highly collectible. What you can expect are floating Fender Rhodes chords driven through tape echo machines, and sinister fuzz guitar that pan's from the left and right speakers continuously. Studio FX, impeccable drum rhythms, and spooky vocals sung in the native Japanese language. Very exotic and cinematic record that could very well one of the most rare records we have reviewed here at Hot Peas and Butta.

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