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The Many Faces of UGeorge

The collective known as Soundsci might very well be this generation’s version of whatever 90’s super crew that you claim to love and then some. And on the latest release from Soundsci MC, UGeorge and his “The Many Faces of UGeorge” LP continues to step it up lyrically and production wise all across the board to further along the need for great Hip Hop music to be heard. Hailing from St. Thomas V.I. but having spent most of the golden era living in New York soaking up the raw energy of seeing Afrika Bambaataa on the decks to sharing the stage with Shaolin greats, The Wu Tang Clan it’s no wonder why the sound is delivered with the necessary flavors. The Many Faces boasts 11 solids cuts produced mostly by The Process aka Ollie Teeba and Jonny Cuba and features cameos from some of our favorite MC’s in the game including Oxygen, Audessey and Supastition to name a few. The sound varies from the melodic head nod to the wild out and smack something so all bases and eardrums are covered and should appeal to many different types. Continue reading

The Putbacks ‘’Kung Fu Pyramids” b/w “Snake Eyes”

HopeStreet Recordings has a steady stream of releases dropping on the label of varying styles and sounds but their latest and upcoming 7” really piqued our curiosity from the title alone. Any song with the title of “Kung Fu Pyramids” better be furious with a swift kick in the ass and prepared for plenty of turntable action and that’s what The Putbacks have delivered here! A heavy slice of guitar driven, psychedelic funk made for any true master to seek vengeance for the disruption of his quality listening time of this new 45. Kung Fu Pyramids has all of the elements to make this a great dance floor filler tune or to accompany you on a long journey and provide the required soundtrack feel. The b-side, “Snake Eyes” features a head nodding, mellow library’esque cut coming in at 3:16 and slowly works it’s way up to make this the perfect compliment to the A-side. Continue reading

Skeme Richards at Soulelujah!

This Saturday night catch Skeme Richards as he returns from 4 weeks of his German tour and heads straight to Cambridge for Soulelujah! Skeme played the night earlier this year so it’s definitely an honor to have him invited back to drop a selection of raw Funk 45’s for the people. If you’ve never been to a Soulelujah! party then you should do yourself a favor as these guys know how to throw a proper Funk & Soul 45 night, bring in some of the finest DJ’s of the genre and is considered one of the best in the States.

Five On The Black Hand Side: Paul Castor

It’s been a minute since we’ve featured a DJ and his “Five On The Black Hand Side” picks so we thought it was time to kick things off again and start out with a DJ, collector and Bboy who has been making his way up the ranks and DJ’ing various parties in his home country of Norway. Paul Castor is someone that we’ve been watching for some years on the breakin’ scene and his love of the music has really come to light with his digging and DJ’ing. After you’re done reading about 5 45’s that are always in his box, check out his newly released mix below. Continue reading

Chosen Spokes Vol. 2 “Ain’t Hard II Tell” 45

More often now than in previous years there have been those “you snooze you lose” records that drop and sell out pretty quick which causes the “sleeper” to pay slightly more on the secondary market only a few short weeks later. From the unreleased late 60’s / 70s funk 45 to the DJ / Producer edit we’ve seen it (and often times paid for it) but one released that recently hit the shelves and disappeared rather quickly comes from DJ Nick Bike and his Chosen Spokes series. The latest gem features a remix to the Nas classic, “Ain’t Hard II Tell” done in an extra boom bap, head nod, flipped out way. The 45 also features the “Re-Fitted Spokes” instrumental flip as well as a “Spare Parts” special DJ tool for all you scratch DJ’s out there. Continue reading

Breakdown Brass “Mary Jane” b/w “The Horseman”

Coming in right off the heels of their previous 45 covering the David Axelrod produced, David Mcallum LP cut, “The Edge” and later popularized and sampled by Dr. Dre. “Next Episode”, Breakdown Brass return with another rendition and horncentric cover of “Mary Jane” originally done Rick James. In true Breakdown fashion, the horn section is front and center blaring loud and clear as the rest of the band bring up the rear to do an amazing job on one of our favorite late night club jams. Continue reading

Bosq “Celestial Strut”

Nearly two years after his debut album, Bosq Y Orquesra De Madera burst onto the scene with international flavors across the board, Boston resident, DJ and producer Bosq is back in the spotlight with his latest release, “Celestial Strut”. The new double LP is perfect dance floor music that combines the elements of Disco, Afrobeat, Latin, House, Cumbia and Soul all together to cause one big explosion of epic goodness to the eardrums. Helping to craft the album, collaborators such as Nicole Willis, Jesus Pagan Y Conjunto Barrio, and Kaleta jumped on board to help take this project sonically to another level with their unique lyric writing abilities. Celestial Strut is a confident record based on life experience and focusing more on musical textures than genre conformity. And this is exactly the type of project we would expect to hear from a producer that understands rocking parties and how the flow of the floor should work. Continue reading

Mixes We Love “Soul Is My Salvation”

There’s various genres that might not be to everyone’s particular liking or tastes but when mixed and presented correctly and in a perfect way you can’t help but to get sucked into listening to hear the final outcome. The same way Northern Soul fanatics frown down on Funk lovers, Gospel often gets the same treatment but Tone B Nimble has delivered a funky equation in his Soul Is My Salvation “Gospel Selections of Disco, Boogie & Soul” mix that any lover of good music should be able to enjoy. The mix brilliantly brings together modern soul, gospel funk and gospel disco in a way that totally changes you perspective on what you originally thought of as gospel. Continue reading

Polyrhythmics “Octagon” LP

Oh how we love the Polyrhythmics here at the Hot Peas & Butta office. They deliver a soundtrack of music that’s fitting for us to create to, play in our sets and equally enjoy while having friends over for a Saturday afternoon round of drinks. For some 13 is a very superstitious number but for us it’s a magical one and marks the release date (Friday the 13th to be exact) of their new LP, Octagon that we’re very excited for. Cinematic in everyway, with psychedelic traits and Afro goodness layered all over, the lead single “Octagon Pt. 2” is a 6 minute masterpiece covering all bases which shows exactly the direction that the band is heading in. Polyrhythmics previous LP, Libra Stripes was released two years ago so this is a very welcomed addition to our daily listening and is a Kept Records sure shot to say the least.

Available via on November 13, 2015

James Reese and The Progressions “Fool For Love, No More”

Just when you thought you’ve scooped the bottom of the barrel of quality rare finds and are left with mediocre cuts used for the sake of it being rare, DJ Sigher and Super Disco Edits comes through with another great crate save. Following up on the previous, previously un-issued double sider from James Reese and The Progressions we have another from what we assume come from the same stash of unearthed masters that the label has been working to transfer. “Fool For Love, No More” is a swinging soul tune with great arrangement and once again featuring beautiful vocals from Rosalyn Foster which validates repeat listens and dance floor appeal. In an era where there term “dig deeper” seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle, Super Disco Edits does a great job of doing just that and blessing us with these rarities.