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Essentials with Skeme Richards @ Mojo Club

This week Skeme Richards takes flight once again and heads off to Europe and on Saturday night will be in Hamburg Germany to DJ at one of the most legendary venues in Germany, Mojo Club. The night is called “Essentials” and Skeme will be spinning a selection of Funk & Soul, Disco and Hip Hop on vinyl on 45rpm format. For all those in and around Germany, who were not able to catch him during the Hot Peas & Butta anniversary tour, be sure to stop by for a listen and a drink.

Dirty Burners “Propulsion” b/w “Hey! Last Minute”

2014 was a great start for the new RBMB label with three sharp releases ranging from the funky to jazzy which has been getting quite the run and selling out at retailers worldwide. RBMB is off to fast start and kicking off 2015 with a sure shot release from two of our fellow Philly DJ’s Case Bloom and Personify aka the Dirty Burners. Case Bloom and Personify aren’t strangers to the 45 as they host the monthly series, Little Big Things here in the city where the focus is just that, Funk & Soul, Disco and Latin all on 7” so it’s only right that they contribute to the format. The latest double sider features Hey! Last Minute which is a drum heavy (we suggest doubles), horny Brazilian number that was flipped rather nicely if we do say so ourselves, and really works the dance floor. The flip side, Propulsion!!! Is that up in the Bronx where the people are fresh type of shit that honestly needs to be in the hands of Bobbito Garcia! It’s the summer on the basketball court tournament while the DJ spins on a beautiful day vibe that has us wishing that warm weather and sunny skies were a short few weeks away. But instead we’ll have to keep the club steamy while playing this Latin groover for the audience. Continue reading

Hot Peas & Butta Online Store

A few months back we realized that we’ve been sitting on way too many doubles of records, vintage posters and collectibles and other cool stuff here at the office and decided that it’s time to open up an online store so that we could share some of these that make up Hot Peas & Butta with you. In the store we’ve hand picked great items from the stash including of course vinyl but also vintage Fat Albert lunchboxes and classic OG Kung Fu VHS tapes to 90’s Hip Hop posters and more. And from time to time we’ll also include exclusives and limited editions that we pick up during our travels abroad that wouldn’t make it’s way over on any other normally.

So with that said, be sure to check out the shop and hopefully you’ll see something that’s a must own item for you.

Hail To The King: 60 Years of Destruction

Although we’re back from our month long Japan tour, we’re still in a Japanese state of mind and enjoying everything the country has to offer. One thing that we love which should be obvious by our Kaiju comic book series, Kodoja: Terror Mountain Showdown is that we love Godzilla. Keith Foster, writer and creator of Kodoja is especially fanatical with it comes to this giant monster so when he told us that fellow Kaiju lover Kyle Yount was working on a 60 year anniversary documentary on the topic we knew it was something that we wanted to see. Looks like things are a go and coming along nicely with it and we’re looking forward to seeing it in full and want to congratulate Kyle who has dedicated so much time (and money) traveling to Japan and researching necessary info to see things through. Continue reading

More Dusty Donuts

The Dusty Donuts label returns with their second offering on 7” and really seems to be shaping up as the label to look for when classy edits are concerned. DD002 takes us back down familiar territory and into the 80’s and even 90’s when we would receive 12” cut and paste and edits of heavy tunes done by some of the best mix masters in the game. The current 45 in heavy rotation takes one of our favorite cuts of all time, Mango Meat by Mandrill and totally reworks it all while keeping it exactly the way it should be (if that statement makes any sense at all). The drums have been beefed up, a few parts have been extended and a sample snippet or two thrown in for extra measure. This version will definitely allow us to give our original a rest for quite some time to come. Continue reading

Skeme Richards featured on Cratery

A few months back I had the pleasure of heading to Toronto to DJ at Manifesto Festival and while there I had extremely high hopes of linking up with the guys from Cratery. For those unfamiliar with Cratery, it’s a dig diary hosted by DJ’s Arcee, Kaewonder and Serious, three souls that make up a serious collective of individuals when it comes to digging for records and dropping jewels on the public via Each update features a brief interview with a particular guest and it’s accompanied by a podcast mixtape where each DJ goes one for one to create a complete masterpiece of tunes. Even though my time was limited in T-dot, the fellas made sure to have their secretary reach out to my secretary for a night of beers, records and a history lesson on not only me, but some Philly facts as well. Thank you guys for having me over to record episode #70 and looking forward to the next visit.

Head over to Cratery to read and hear what went down on this late night / early morning session.

Hot Toys: Boba Fett

When it comes to high-end collectible action figures, Hot Toys tops the list with some of the best pieces to hit the market. They’ve secured the rights to many of the top movie franchises to produce these amazing works of art that will proudly be displayed in your office or display case for years to come. Their latest release is of what might quite possibly be the most famous character in the Star Wars universe, Boba Fett. Continue reading

Leroi Conroy

For the last few years, independent labels have been going strong and there seems to be no stop in flow in the near future. Yes, there are those that seem to exploit the fact that “vinyl is back” but then there are those that believe in quality of content and what they release to the public. One label that does so is Colemine Records who has built up a nice catalog and recently adding one that packs a cinematic punch that’s right up our alley. Leroi Conroy, One of the labels in-house recently collaborated with three of our favorite bands, The Jive Turkeys, Jungle Fire and The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble on his debut 45 “Remember When” which instantly caught our attention. The A side is described at being in the “Black Moses” lane while the flip is rather RZA’esque, now that’s a perfect combination to have on this double sider. This is a perfect kick back and relax theme while sipping on your spirit of choice type of cut that should make it’s way into your daily rotation if we do say so ourselves.

Available now via Colemine Records Continue reading

20th Century Steel Band Live

One of the most famous classic breaks used especially as an intro to a DJ’s set and heard at New York park jams, and live cassette recordings from historic NY parties and nights definitely goes to the classic Heaven & Hell is On Earth performed by 20th Century Steel Band. Found on the Ultimate Breaks & Beats series as well as 45 and LP, we recently discovered footage of the band performing their classic live which we had never seen before. This is just one of the many artists that have become Hip Hop staples that we’re still searching for to see performance footage of. They sound the exact same way on vinyl as they do here live. Enjoy Continue reading

Things Used To Be Better

Society has a rather complex, yet should be simple, ever changing with the wind, way of being. A place where everyone agrees that we all have an opinion, yet very few parties will compromise or look past the fact that we are all different, like and do different things. Society is a place where what once was ok to say and do is now looked as taboo, while other things that were taboo have become loosely acceptable because of mainstream or pop culture usage or exploitation. The man of the house is no longer looked at as the bread winner while the wife sits at home making sure that he has a meal on the table when he returns from a hard day's work. The strong business minded female has become the new trend, she has become the CEO, a brand ambassador and a major player in the game, but as James Brown once stated, “this is a man’s world” and most industries are still dominated by men. Take someone like Hugh Hefner in his early days of starting the original Playboy Club or the magazine itself, it was an esteemed establishment that you wanted to be involved with, you wanted to be a holder of the key and gain access inside the walls where only the invited were allowed. But think of that time and how so many people were against that type of lifestyle and arguing the fact that they were degrading or exploiting these women who dressed in bunny suits. With the amount of things that we have seen in the last 10 years alone, the thought of seeing a female in a bunny suit isn’t even news worthy. Continue reading