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Now Showing: Master of The Flying Guillotine

The New York Asian Film Festival has really been on a roll lately with their screenings of some of our favorite Martial Arts films. A few weeks back they screened dual double features of four classics and next month they’ll not only be screening another classic, Master of The Flying Guillotine starring which directed by and stars Jimmy Wong Yu but they will also be presenting the legendary actor with a Lifetime Achievement Award as well.

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J-Zone “Stick Up” b/w “Mad Rap”

Guess who’s back, still pissed off and taking it out on the drums plus dropping vocals because you clowns can’t get it together with all your issues. Yup you guessed it, mother*cking J-Zone returns with his latest double sider that’s one part let me flex these sticks on your ass and one part let me tell you what’s wrong with the game and I don’t care what you think. The instrumental a-side showcases his drums skills which he obviously is taking extremely serious these days and gives us a stripped down organ led massive breakbeat tune that’s more than worthy of owning doubles. If you follow Mr. I’m calling all you fools out on any of the various social media forums then you know he’s never been one to bite his tongue when it comes to speaking up on what’s wrong with the game. The b-side takes us back down familiar territory letting it all hang out and telling you what your favorite rappers won’t dare say in fear of being called a hater or even worse, blackballed from the industry.

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An Encyclopedia Guide To The Cover Art of Disco

We love finding out about new books perfect for the coffee table or bookshelf here at the office that will become a topic of discussion ass we thumb through it. Two of our good friends Disco Patrick and Patrick Vogt have recently released Disco: An Encyclopedia Guide To The Cover Art of Disco via Soul Jazz Books that comes in at a hefty 400 pages deep and 12”x12 in size. The large-format deluxe hardback book features the amazing artwork of thousands of disco record cover designs from the 1970’s up to the mid-1980s.

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4 Hours of Funk

This Friday Skeme Richards will be making his debut at 4 Hours of Funk in Baltimore which hosts one of the best crowds and dancers in the area. Each month DJ’s Fleg and Graham spin a selection of Funk, Boogie, Disco and Soul tunes and over the last 5 years have invited a who’s who of DJ fam to rock with them from fellow Illadelphian’s Rich Medina and Cosmo Baker to Kon and Crazy Legs (Rock Steady Crew). We’re excited to have Skeme Richards and the Hot Peas & Butta brand on board and adding to the already illustrious previous list of selectors.

Be sure to check out 4 Hours of Funk at The Windup Space for a Funkin’ good time.

Un Uomo Dalla Pelle Dura Original Soundtrack

What's going on everyone? It's been pretty hot out here in sunny SD so, I figured that I'd take a second to cool off and do a review on one of my favorite Soundtracks. What we have here is a VERY rare movie soundtrack called "Un Uomo Dalla Pelle Dura (Tough Guy)". Absolute stunning record by the man who puts the "C" in I Marc 4, Carlo Pes. This record is pressed on the infamous and highly sought after label "Pegaso" out of Italy. What you can expect are 3 different themes of the title (Tough Guy) that involve tape echo’s, perfectly compressed percussion and explosive horns. There is also drama sequences and cues as well as a few lounge compositions. I don't imagine that there were many of these pressed or many floating around for that matter. Reasons like this are why I take the time to shed some light and to give you the opportunity to judge for yourself.

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“Black is Beautiful TV is Bad” Art Show

A few months back we interviewed an incredible artist by the name of Marcellous Lovelace and featured some of his work. Marcellous has an upcoming gallery exhibition in November at the Elee Mosynary Gallery that you should check out.

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Dusty Donuts Edits

There’s a new 45 label on the scene out of Berlin and it’s first release is a double sider featuring two floor fillers edited by none other than Jim Sharp. If you’ve been following any of Mr. Sharps previous edits that been making the rounds then you know he does things right and in good taste of keeping it with the original feel of the song, but with an updated formula. The a side features the Betty Wright classic, “Clean Up Woman” done complete with the “Go Brooklyn” chant which takes us back to the 90’s and heard in any Hip Hop club during that time.

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Classic Marquee “Boss Nigger”

Sometimes you look at an image and ask yourself, how did that happen back then and know for a fact that it could never happen now. One such image is this vintage theater marquee from a movie theater in Denver Colorado on 16th Street. Two things stick out, the fact that the attention spans of most people today would not be able to sit still long enough for a double feature, which we would’ve loved to have seen this billing on the big screen. And the second, being the title of this classic Black western starting Blaxploitation action star, Fred Williamson in Boss Nigger.

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The Aries Vibration ft. Michael Roach

Everyone once in a while (but not often enough that we need to double check ourselves) there’s a release that slips below our radar that we later find out about and really dig. One such release comes our way from Soulfly Records via Tramp Records, is by The Aries Vibration with guest vocals by Michael Roach. “I Want To Know Do You Love Me”, a cover version of The Corvettes 7” by the same title is a hard driving, heavy drum funk number complete with a nice break in between as well. Singer Michael Roach who is originally from Washington D.C. but now residing in Cheltenham UK delivers a solid performance and sits right in the pocket of this cover tune. For an extra punch, the flip features an instrumental version which works out great especially if your one of those “I need doubles” types.

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Lego Boba Fett Slave I

It’s obvious that we’re big fans of collecting vintage toys, and although we’re not into collecting LEGO, we love the cool shit that would look good sitting around the office like this Star Wars x LEGO 2000-piece set of supreme Bounty Hunter Bobba Fett’s space ship, Slave I. Who in the world has time to put a 2000 piece LEGO together anyway!? But for those with the extra time on your hands and are fans of the Star Wars franchise, this is a must have. Included in the set are mini figures and weapons, Han Solo in Carbonite and a handy display stand so that you can treat it as a piece of art. Expect to find this hitting the shelves in January 2015 and priced at $200.

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