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The Good People 7”

If you’re one of those “Hip Hop Is Dead”, “It Was Better In The 90’s” types or are DJ’ing a Hip Hop night and still playing the same 90’s anthems instead of going for album cuts that haven’t been overplayed or better yet, finding out what’s really good in today’s scene then you’re definitely missing out on a lot. Over the last year or so, there has been a ton of great Hip Hop releases on 45 and 12” that has made it’s way onto our decks and out through the speakers to you the listener. Including the latest offerings from The Good People via Fresh Pressings which feature two neck snapping gems produced by The Saint and vocals by Emskee (who has been making the rounds and appearing on quite a few releases these days.

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Groove Grease w/ Marsellus Wallace

This Friday night, Mr. Marsellus Wallace returns to El Dorado in San Diego for his monthly installment of Groove Grease. Word on the street is that on his recent trip to Philly he scored tons of 45’s during his digging adventures so you know they’ll be making a debut for your ear drums. As always be prepared and open for an amazing night of music, drinks and good times.

Interview with DJ Mr. Thing

It’s been a minute since we’ve conducted an interview to feature on the site of Hot Peas & Butta. Not because there isn’t an abundance of people that are out there to interview, but because there aren’t an abundance of people out there that we want to interview! We have a good track record of so far with the likes of Miss Shing-a-ling, Danny Dan The Beatman, Breakbeat Lou and Paul Nice, all heavyweight DJ’s and vinyl collectors positioned in their own lanes. But to follow up on the heel’s of folks like that, we needed to make sure that we came correct with someone who fit the HP&B standards of being a unique individual, having a great collection, is well respected for what they’ve contributed to the scene and even have passions in other areas of things that they are into that many might not know of. Interests and a side of them that not many (if any) other interviewers would even ask questions about. But we pride ourselves on ‘diggin deeper’, to find out what makes them tick and in return present it to you, the reader and music lover.

So for our first interview of 2014, we unexpectedly stopped by the flat of and knocked on the door to none other than the UK’s own, but internationally known, DJ Mr. Thing. In further conversation we discuss his latest release ‘Strange Breaks & Mr. Thing III on the BBE label, history of the UK club scene, collecting and more.

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The Sound of New Orleans

Think you know everything there is to know about the musical funkiness that comes out of New Orleans? Well no matter if the answer to that question is yes or no, New Orleans native, Philly residing, heavyweight crate real estate collector and DJ, Personify has put together the ultimate mix to show you just how deep that sound goes. Personify has linked up with travel bag experts Tucker & Bloom who packed their bags for a trip to the N.O. and have invited you along for the flight.

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Phonography: Zenith B505 Portable Record Player

The ZENITH B505 portable record player was originally released in 1973. This mint green portable is one of my favorites with its pop color and chrome finish on the pull-out carry handle. One of the dope features on this model is not just the ability to be battery operated or plugged in, but the fact that they have two separate bay doors for each. One bay door for the batteries, and one for the plug so that you can tuck in the power cord. This portable plays at 33 & 45 speeds and comes with a 7” adaptor that clips on the bottom of the cover.

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Current Rotations: DJ Prestige

As music reviewers we often get caught up into listening to the tons of new music that we’ve received and sometimes forget about or simply overlook other music that has been with us for a longer period of time. Music that we may not have ever reviewed on our sites but still worthy of letting the public know what we’re personally digging in our homes or at the moment. We recently caught up with DJ Prestige who runs Flea Market Funk, a site similar to ours that reviews tons of releases and genres across the board from Jazz to Hip Hop, Reggae to Rock and everything in between to find out what he’s listening to these days. Prestige sent us a list of what’s currently in rotation on his decks and here’s what it sounds like.

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Great Revivers “The Return of Green Snake”

Detroit’s finest label, FNR is back with another sure shot from the Great Revivers and this time they it’s a double-sider with a cinematic approach which was quite obvious to our eyes after we received the test pressing a few months back and read the handwritten labels. The Return of The Green Snake b/w Spy Potion are both excellent examples of understanding how to create music that’s a perfect fit for films of the suspense and action genres without having a film in mind to pair it with. It’s the type of tunes that we would classify under the future library category just because to our ears it’s authentically done. The group even went the extra mile of creativity to shoot a video for the b side, Spy Potion which you can view below along audio for both.

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Big Pimp Jones “Rigor Mortis” 45

A while back we hipped you the new label imprint, RBMB that released a 7” reworking of The Jackson 5’s Dancing Machine done by Atlanta’s own Applejac. RBMB also known as RBMBoots returns with another flip done by Big Pimp Jones aka the Hot Peas & Butta Band and this time they bring their rendition of another classic, Rigor Mortis. If you love drums and that funk, then be sure to pick up a copy or two when it drops, which happens to be today. We predict a lot of good things coming from this “bootleg” label in the future so stay tuned for what’s in store.

Biologia “Nite-Lite” 7”

Cherries Records is back with their latest release, a sound that the world has become familiar with and a lane that they do better than just about anyone else. The new 7” from the group Biologia drop the perfect science equation to formulate a double-sided gem for their debut on the label. The 7” features works from a brother and sister led band and with “Nite Lite”, a heavy bassline driven midnight hour groove with gospel style harmonies of Mama Kat, sung over magical guitar licks of Jomeo. The B-side “Too Bad” is an uptempo cut soaked with swelling synth and pianos, double-time hand claps and slick, funky guitars that’ll have you sweating on the dance floor.

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Sure Fire Soul Ensemble Live

This Friday night the Butta Bros, Marsellus Wallace and Question are back in business and throwing down an all vinyl set of top notch Soul, Afro Beat, Rare Groove and instrumental Funk at the Sure Fire Soul Ensemble Show. Then taking the stage will be SFSE doing what they do best on stage and analog recordings and who has been steadily building up momentum on the scene. This type of show actually reminds us of the early days when we used to catch the Budos Band in Brooklyn at Lucky Cat for free before the rest of the world knew about them.

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