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Records For Sale

We’ve added a few new pieces for sale in the Hot Peas & Butta online shop.  We do our best when time permits or as things sell out to add and rotate stock with items that we thing our followers would be interested in.  In addition to 45s, Soundtracks and LPs we’ll be including a selection of rare vintage Kung Fu movie posters and VHS tapes, magazines and other cool collectibles.

An Afternoon With Disco Patrick

Over the years I’ve traveled the globe and have met some of the best collectors of everything from Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars to vintage t-shirts, from comic books to movie posters and of course records.  But last week while in the Netherlands I got to spend an afternoon with a special collector and one whose collection is unlike any other. The collection that I’m speaking of is owned by world renowned DJ and collector, Disco Patrick.  Disco Patrick has become rather famous for and is loosely credited for the recent obsession of collecting rare disco acetates and medleys.  His own obsession started some years back when he started to collect pieces from legendary companies including Sunshine Sound, Melting Pot Sound and Dick Charles Recording.  His large collection features tons of never released, alternate versions and of course special edits that were made specifically for legendary DJ such as Larry Levan and Walter Gibbons. Continue reading

Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators “One In A Million”

If you’ve been in tuned and directed towards the right musical wavelengths then you’ve indeed heard about the upcoming LP release from Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators via Helsinki Finland’s Timmion Records. Happiness In Every Style hit’s record bins on October 2nd but has already began generating a buzz with the lead single “Paint Me In A Corner” which dropped a few months back and now the second single “One In A Million” is already here and getting great feedback and spins from radio shows and festival DJs throughout Europe. The new single shows maturity and overall growth within the band and is even more apparent on the full length but doesn’t lose the heart and soul that we’ve come to love from them. This is music for the people that talk’s to the people in a no frills without the gimmicks type of way, which is exactly what the world needs more of! Continue reading

Collector Status: Flexi Discs w/ DJ Food

For as long as we can remember, DJ’s have always been collectors of something, they are unique creatures that have a passion for “stuff”. For many of the DJ’s that we know, it was not only their record choices, it was their other collecting hobbies that really separated them from other’s in their field. From DJ’s like Paul Nice who was early in collecting classic Kung Fu flicks on VHS, movie posters and other memorabilia from the genre to DJ Q-Bert’s giant robot collection. From Biz Markie’s incredible vintage toys to Skeme Richards 80’s arcade and pinball machines, DJ’s are fascinating and amazing people. One person who covers a wide spectrum of collectibles from comic books and art to cool toys is Ninja Tunes' DJ Food. DJ Food is known for having a very extensive collection of flexi disc records of all sorts and in the latest Vinyl Factory series The Specialist, he gives the viewer a look at what he’s collected over the years and some very unique pieces. Continue reading

Funky Little Boxes

A year or so back we started running a column here on the site called “Funky Little Boxes” where we asked people to submit pictures of their favorite 45 boxes and carrying cases with a description of what makes it so special.  The series lasted for about 2 years and during that time we saw some very amazing and unique boxes.  Fast forward to a few weeks back when DJ Prestige over at Flea Market Funk reached out to us about restarting the series but this time on Instagram and of course we said yes.  So rebirth of a Flea Market Funk x Hot Peas & Butta collaboration has begun and you can now follow it and some great boxes from DJs and collectors across the globe who’ve have been sending us photos.  Find us at @FunkyLittleBoxes on Instagram and if you have a box that you want us to feature then shoot us an email with it and a brief write up on what makes your box special. Continue reading

Custom Wood 45 Crates by Lookwright

A few weeks back while in Oakland to DJ the 5-year anniversary of The 45 Sessions, Supreme La Rock and myself were gifted a pair of amazing custom built 45 crates courtesy of Lookwright. I had previously seen others via Instagram and noticed how great they looked but it wasn’t until I actually had a chance to feel and look at one up close that I realized the intricate details and how well designed and crafted these crates really are. Quality woods, sharp details with a great finish left me floored, excited and extremely happy to own one of these crates. Continue reading

Shifting Gears “SOLD OUT”

Welp, business and festivities surrounding the release of Skeme Richards latest project, Shifting Gears has finally come to end after yesterday’s in-store event at Brewerytown Beats. The shop was filled with music lovers, diggers, DJ’s and sample heads browsing the bins for gems while listening to Skeme Richards as he spun an all 45 set of tracks from his mixtape as well as other rare gems. We want to thank everyone that came through yesterday to kick it with us and of course thank everyone that purchased the limited edition tape. For those of you that waited until the last minute and were unable to secure yourself a copy, keep digging because we’re sure a copy or two will pop up on the secondary market for sale as does everything that has become collectible.

Here are a few photos that were sent to us by folks that purchased it. Continue reading

Quarter Street LP

There’s a lot of international funkiness coming out these days of varying genres but one that we least expected to hear was Salsa making it’s way via Melbourne of all places. But leave it up to HopeStreet Recordings to keep their releases diversified in funky goodness all across the board so their latest release from Quarter Street should come as no surprise. Authentic ‘salsa dura’ from the old school that steps in heavy and in a tough, gritty and ballsy type of way. Quarter Street, a group comprised of a mix of Latino American’s whose parents fled various coups and revolutions of the 70’s and 80’s and made their way to Australia while surrounding them as children to the sounds of Spanish artists and musicians of the era and a who’s who Melbourne’s finest Latin and Jazz musicians. Continue reading

Tarik Thornton Live at Soulelujah!

Butta Brother Tarik Thornton is make his way to the East Coast for a few dates to bless the people with gems from his crates. One of his stops is in Cambridge where he’ll be playing one of our favorite parties, Soulelujah! If you’ve never been to a Soulelujah! party nor have ever heard Tarik Thornton on the decks, then you’re definitely in for a treat.

Monophonics ‘Sound of Sinning’

The Bay Area has a deep and rich cultural history that has blessed the world with the amount of music that has been recorded there over the last 50 years. From Funk and Soul to Hip Hop and in 2015, Psychedelic Soul that sounds so vintage and so official that you’ll be hard pressed to know which era it was recorded in. Which brings us to the present and the new LP release from Monophonics, Sound of Sinning. Now we don’t claim to be aficionado’s in the genre and know what we like but Sound of Sinning really knocked our socks off with the first listen and it’s dark and gritty Psych-soul sound. Since their last release, 2012’s “In Your Brain” the band has matured and grown in all areas and this time pulling inspiration from some of the greatest in the genre from the 60’s and 70’s like The Zombies, The Beatles and Pink Floyd yet still displaying their love of Northern Soul, doo-wop, Psych pop and a bit of cinematic punch to round things off. Continue reading