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Talk To The People

Every 4th Tuesday of the month I will be manning the decks at Sarah’s Place in the Brewerytown section of the city. Sarah’s Place has been very supportive of DJs and musicians playing other styles of music outside of what you’ll hear at many of the other venues in the city so it was no brainer to bring something new to the city and those who are looking for something different. I’ll be playing a vinyl assortment of Jazz-funk, Rare Groove and Disco Classics while you the good music lover enjoy drinks, conversation and the atmosphere with friends (old and hopefully new). The idea is to bring something more relaxed in the style of many record bars that I’ve been to while traveling in Japan.

Hopefully you’ll join us!

The Donut Shop

One of our favorite things that we love to see from our fellow DJ’s is their versatility and passions for other things outside of the DJ realm. Many of them have gone from rocking the stage to pursuing art, directing, writing and even food careers. They say that diversifying your bonds is the greatest way to reduce risks but also the perfect way to make profit and we definitely agree. One person who has taken the term dusty donuts to the next level from his love of spinning donuts to actually opening an official donut shop is a good friend that we’ve had the pleasure to DJ with on various trips to Copenhagen, Denmark. Jason Rivera aka DJ Whut is one of Copenhagen’s most official DJ’s who along with his partner DJ Cars10 do a string of parties including their popular “Boogie Juice” event which has brought great DJ’s into the city to rock. Continue reading

Instinct: A Study on Tension, Fear and Anxiety

A few years back while on a trip to Israel to do a bit of digging and DJ’ing I was introduced to a gentlemen named Markey Funk who is a strong collector and heavy into various genres including those of the cinematic nature. Being someone who also enjoys listening to and collecting soundtracks, library LPs and other assorted weirdness, I knew he was someone that I needed to meet. After an afternoon meeting and discussions of vinyl and collecting, Markey Funk hipped me to previous projects that he’d worked, on and of course, upcoming ones as well. Continue reading

Uplift: The Hidden Gems in Blaxploitation Soundtracks

Some of my favorite upliftment songs of all time are embedded deep within the grooves of Blaxploitation soundtracks. In conversations about this genre of film the music is rarely mentioned. In my mind most of these films wouldn’t be what they are without the music/soundtracks that accompany them. I used the term upliftment earlier and most wouldn’t imagine that there are many upliftment-centered compositions that exist on soundtracks for films that often depict the ills of life. I guess it would also make sense to add one or two of these songs to balance out a film such as The Mack, which in some sense glorifies pimping on a grand scale. Lets take a look at and listen to my top 5 upliftment songs from Blaxploitation soundtracks that could be used in 2015 to forge a movement. Continue reading

The Hateful Eight Limited Edition 7” Boxset

When the announcement was made that Thirdman Records would be releasing a special boxset in addition to the already released double LP, no one knew what the label had in store. Well in true Quentin Tarantino fashion of going the extra mile when presenting a product, details on the hush hush release were finally announced and it’s a gem! It features two 180-gram LPs with posters and booklet from the standard edition but with a different covering featuring Quentin Tarantino on the set filming. A 18 gauge galvanized steel 7” box features real bullet holes and a laser etched Hateful Eight logo housing the complete score and soundtrack on 7” (on blood red vinyl with black streaks) inside 8 separate sleeves featuring all members of the film. To round things out, it includes a metal noose pin and a replica of the film’s famed “Lincoln Letter”. Continue reading

Dust + Dignity

We’re excited to be involved in and in support of anything that uplifts and brings people together and during a time where there are so many injustices going on in the world, what better time to bring people together than now.

Dust + Dignity is an educational experience promoting dialogue + advancing social justice through the exploration of the relationship between music and visual art. In March 2016, we will curate an exhibit featuring an audio tour with over 100 vinyl albums covers -- hand-selected by five of Philadelphia’s most prominent DJ-Vinyl Collectors: Cosmo Baker, King Britt, Rich Medina, Skeme Richards, and DJ Junior. Continue reading

Comic Republic

The comics industry seems to really be on the rise in popularity once again especially with several new independent companies starting up and bringing their own characters and tales along. One comic company bringing something fresh to the table is Comic Republic, a Nigerian comics startup based in Lagos, is creating a universe of superheroes for Africans and black readers around the world. The cast of characters “Africa’s Avengers” according to some fans ranges from Guardian Prime, a 25 year old Nigerian fashion designer by day who suses his extraordinary strength to fight for a better Nigeria, to Hilda Avonomemi Moses, a woman from a remote village in Edo state who can see spirits, and Marcus Chigozie, a priviledged but angry teenager who can move at supersonic speeds. Continue reading

Byrd Over Staten ‘A Shaolin Jazz Tribute To Donald Byrd”

Life is all about connecting the dots and sometimes those dots come from two very different places yet seem to fit so perfect together. Hip Hop and Kung Fu has always gone hand in hand and with that connection, Jazz music has found it’s way connecting to the culture and it’s foundations as well. From DJ’s rockin’ doubles of Bob James “Take Me To The Mardi Gras” and The Headhunters “God Make Me Funky” to the flipping of samples from any number of CTI, Blue Note or Mainstream catalog selections, it’s always been there. The collective known as Shaolin Jazz has put in quite sometime connecting all three and presenting them in a very special way, sonically and visually. Continue reading

Athens Of The North

Athens of The North steps into 2016 with four hot of the press 45’s which include a couple of previously only available on LP cuts but all categorized on the want list of record collectors across the globe. The current batch features sought after gems from Tortilla Factory “Cookin’ / Cookin’ and Smokin’”, Samuel Jonathan Johnson “Sweet Love / Reason for the Reason”, Jon Lucien “A Sunny Day / Would You Believe in Me” and the now SOLD out heavy in demand dance floor spin by Barbara Mason “You Better Stop It”. Depending on your taste in music, many of these are essentials in your crate and especially if you’re digging on a budget and can’t afford to spend on originals then this is a no brainer. Continue reading

Amalgam Comics and Coffeehouse

We love to see people following their passions, creating something special and doing well especially in our on city of Philadelphia which is the case with the recently in opened Amalgam Comics and Coffeehouse. Amalgam has been making national headlines since it’s opening and marks the first Black female owned comic shop on the East Coast. Ariell R. Johnson got the idea for the shop about 12 years ago while attending Temple University whose favorite coffee shop was directly across the street from her comic book store of choice, Fat Jack’s Comic Crypt. Continue reading