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Star Creature Double Feature

Vibe… vibrations! Star Creature returns with a double dosage of 7” goodness with their upcoming releases, both of which are sure shots as one would expect. First up, Mexico City’s Shiro Schwarz who makes their vinyl debut with “I Don’t Know Why” b/w “Move Your Body” which displays some of the best song writing in the Modern Funk era. What you’ll find here are heavy layers of synths combined with an equal amount of emotional, yet sexy and playful lyrics from the duo of Pammela and Rafael which keeps things bubbling and bouncing non stop. Continue reading

Twinn Konnexion – Don’t Fight The Love

The Super Disco Edits label known for issuing previously unreleased material continues on with their tradition of doing just that, blessing DJ’s and collectors with great music for their crates and dance floors alike. For their upcoming release, the label dug into the Gardner label archives and pulled a great Modern Soul tune off of the master tapes from Twinn Konnexion. Continue reading

Marsellus Wallace Rendezvous DJ Set (5/13/16)

This past Friday the 13th, Marsellus Wallace made an appearance at the legendary monthly gathering known as Rendezvous to spin an exclusive set featuring some of his favorite tunes from his extensive collection of Library LPs and Soundtracks. What you are about to hear was recorded during the night, directly to cassette tape and made available for your listening pleasure. Grab yourself a drink, kick back and enjoy. Continue reading

Oxygen aka Just Divine “1-4-9” b/w “Droppin’ Bombs”

There are few artists that we’ve reviewed here at Hot Peas & Butta that you should be more than familiar with. Artists that don’t necessarily need our co-sign yet we feel the need to keep hitting you in the head with what they’ve got going on in hopes of you getting up on the get down. One of those artists is none other than Oxygen, a veteran MC, thoroughbred from the era of when New York MC’s really held it down lyrically and member of the crew called Soundsci. For those not yet in the know, Oxygen just released his latest 45 with lyrics penned in his earlier days when he was known as Just Divine. Don’t take these for throwbacks though, they’ve been updated to fit 2016 standards and quite honestly, delivered better than your favorite rappers favorite rapper on his best day. Continue reading

Will Sessions ft. Rickey Calloway “Come Back Home”

We don’t know the last time the Detroit Tigers won a world series (actually it was 1984) but we do know when it comes to being the champions of releasing Funk 45’s here in the states, no one does it better than Detroit’s Funk Night and they’re back with another grand slam home run. The latest release that dropped this week comes from Will Sessions and features Rickey Calloway on vocals. The two have worked together on multiple 45’s previously and the latest follows in a series of heavy funk and guaranteed floor fillers. Continue reading

Camp Lo, Shot By HBK

With the release of Camp Lo’s recently released EP Black Connection, Hot Peas & Butta contributor and photographer HBK dug into his archives of previously unseen photos from Camp Lo’s 2011 show in Philadelphia at Silk City. In addition to the amazing photos, he also grabbed a few moments of duo’s time in an interview to discuss their style and how they stay true to being who they are. Continue reading

Camp Lo – Black Connection EP

When it comes to hustling on the low while steady bubbling with consistency, a loyal fan base and a timeless black nostaljack style, no one does it better than Camp Lo. The Duo of Sonny Cheeba and Geechi Suede are back with a new EP and a sequel of sorts simple titled Black Connection. The original track Black Connection appeared on the group’s debut album, Uptown Saturday Night that leads way to parts II and III on their latest release. The EP features two more songs for a total of 5 cuts and a great addition to your Camp Lo collection. The Lo sticks to doing what they do and have done so since their 1997 debut and still sound fresh to def and dress equally as fresh.

Check the snippets below and if you dig it, then cop it. Continue reading

Starship Connection – Heartbreaker b/w Do It 4 U

There’s no shortage of good tunes coming out of the Modern Funk scene, which seems to be as strong as ever and thriving lovely. The Austin Boogie Crew are one of the few labels championing the scene and have recently released the fourth 7” on their ABC label and this time featuring Starship Connection. Continue reading

Tappa Zukie “Freak” b/w Les Lutins “La Junglomainie”

There are very few labels that do the perfect combination of double-siders giving maximum play value on one 7”. 8 releases in and Ximeno Records has scored every time with pairing up different artists yet complimenting each other perfectly giving the DJ an assortment of sounds that work together. The latest release once again sheds light on two hefty cuts and ones that we weren’t up on previously but glad we are now. Continue reading

Will Sessions ft. Coko – Run, Don’t Walk Away

If you haven’t figured it out by now, Detroit is the place! The grit, the pride, the heart, soul and passion always comes through especially when it’s music related and Funk Night continues to carry on those qualities with their releases. Up next and fresh from the pressing plant is the new Will Sessions featuring Coko “Run, Don’t Walk Away” 45 and it’s pure deep down in the gut soul. Continue reading