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Rufus Thomas and Schlitz Malt Liquor

During the 70’s and 80’s beer seemed to be one of the most major products that musicians, actors and even athletes were more than happy to endorse. From Billy Dee Williams and Colt 45 to the joint effort of Bubba Smith, Rodney Dangerfield and a few other celebs in a 1970’s bowling tournament advertisement for Miller Lite. But during our years of endorsements, we’ve never seen one as funky as Rufus Thomas’ Schlitz Malt Liquor commercial. C’mon son, Rufus kept it funky like the chicken with this one and even had us wanting to head down the street to the corner stop n go for a cold one.

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Motown On Mondays Philly

Next Monday night the multi city party known as Motown on Mondays makes it’s debut in Philly with Resident DJs Junior and Lil Dave setting things of while special guest DJs Gordo (Founder of MOM) and Skeme Richards help with the inaugural kick off. With the popularity of weekly MOM parties going on in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Phoenix to name a few, we’re looking forward to helping put MOM Philly on the map as the premier go to party that’s a must attend. Monday’s might very well be the new Friday in the city of Brotherly Love.

MOM Philly kicks off Monday November 10th at Silk City.

Black Market Edits 7”

They say that anything that you’re looking for can be found on the black market, but to find those particular items, you need to be in the know or at least have a contact with the direct tie in. Lucky for you, we’re your connect to finding out about the latest 45 from Black Market Edits featuring the works of Roane Namuh and HOT16. We previously covered both producers and their highly recommended releases on Liquid Beat Records several months back so it’s only right that they unite for a double sider of two well played edits. “Without Love” (Roane Namuh Edit) b/w “Dreamer” (HOT16 Edit) follows a similar path and sound that we’ve come to know from each entity that remains fond of an 80’s sound yet updated just enough to work so well in 2014 and beyond without loosing it’s essence. Both tunes were given careful thought before taking on the task of delivering two top notch edits that compliment each other and very well should be labeled as a double “A” side 45. We’re curious to hear what comes down the pipeline from the Black Market Edits label in the future, but for now we’ll be giving this one plenty of spins.

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Hot Peas & Butta x Freestyle Session

Hot Peas & Butta hits the road once again, making it’s way to the West Coast and touching down in San Diego, California. HP&B will be providing the soundtrack as Freestyle Session’s afterparty along with our special guest DJs Marcellus Wallace and Question both from San Diego and also DJs Kogataroo and Koco aka Shimokita from Japan along with Skeme Richards will be spinning a selection of Funk, Soul and Hip Hop 45s at El Dorado.

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Danny Spice & The Wildstyle Tribute Band

Who is Danny Spice? Well for one he’s a gent that obviously loves the golden age of Hip Hop and knows exactly the right MC’s to work with when it comes time to release a new project, which happens to be right about now. After the success of “The King Amongst Thieves” and right off the heels of his previous effort “Incredible” featuring Ugly Ducklings Dizzy Dustin, Mr. Spice went back to the crates to start work on his latest (and recently released) project, “Live At The Throwdown”. For those in the know, this title pays tribute to not only a night that he used to host but also a classic film. On his latest outing he made the executive decision to send out the bat signal to a few of his past collaborators to lend a hand in making this a sureshot. Emskee, Oxygen, Audessey and Mr. Thing all answered the call and delivered goods as expected. In addition to the aforementioned, the EP tips the scale with the posse cut “Art of War” featuring Emskee, Brand Nubian’s Sadat X, Finsta and the UK’s Cappo. Capping things off like a fine 18 year old Scotch, QNC swings through the booth and gives the backbone of Hip Hop the thumbs up in “Do It For The DJ’s”.

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Now Playing: Cops, Crooks and Spies

What do you get when the Butta Bros put their heads together, dig into their extensive collection of Soundtracks and VHS tapes while dedicating full weekends of back and forth convo on the topics of 70’s cop, spy and exploitation films? A masterpiece if we do say so ourselves and that’s exactly what Marsellus Wallace and Skeme Richards have turned out in their cinematic adventure known as Cops, Crooks and Spies. The title says it all and they’ve gone the extra mile to pull out quite a few rare soundtracks while lacing them with dialog straight from VHS to give it that extra special treatment. In 42 plus minutes the duo tell the story of cops on the chase, robbers on the run and spies going undercover to find the antidote to some secret formula that can destroy the world. Continue reading

Back To Skool Kicks

As kids, there were two times a year that you looked forward to getting a fresh pair of kicks, the first was during Easter and the second of course was back to school time. Being that this year’s school semester is back in session, we decided to get a little nostalgic and dedicate this post to our favorite sneakers of yesteryear. We caught up with a few sneaker-heads that love their footwear to ask them, if they could go back in time and were going back to school today, what would be on their feet. Here’s what they had to say.

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Record Store Day Black Friday

With Record Store Day Black Friday edition right around the corner we’re surely in for a yin and yang experience of the day with not only an influx of crazed shoppers who act like no other day exists to buy records, looking to score highly sought after pieces only to place them right on the secondary market at an inflated price of course. While there will surely be a large amount of unnecessary releases produced by major labels capitalizing on the hype of vinyl once again, there are without a doubt a couple of must have’s in our book that should definitely be on your list as well courtesy of Get On Down that seem to come correct with their brand and how their products are presented.

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Great Revivers “Rhino’s Walk” 45

Saint Petersburg Russia’s keepers of the heavy funk flame, the Great Revivers return with their latest 45 “Rhino’s Walk" b/w “Dead Dipping” via Detroit’s Funk Night Records. The new 7” takes us back down familiar territory as the band gets deep with the funk, heavy on the organ and a slight nod on the Rock side things especially on the a-side which includes a crusty open break for your doubling pleasure. The flip side through us for a loop when we first dropped the needle on as it begins with an up-tempo prelude for the first 30 seconds then goes right into a library / soundtrack number that we quite possibly could hear in any number of crime cinema or exploitation films of yesteryear.

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Fusik “Percusso”

The champions of that good ole’ Florida funk is back to work the dance floor and they’ve really figured out exactly where the sweet spot is with their latest 45, Percusso. Although a rather young band on the scene, Fusik have already released two previous 45’s with this being their third and each one exhibiting growth and maturity in their sound which show’s that these guys are in for the long haul.

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