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Hip Hop Family Tree x Slice of Spice

Hip Hop and comics have always gone hand in hand, from the obvious influence of the legendary artist Jack “The King” Kirby who inspired many of the 1970’s New York City graffiti artists to incorporate super heroes and characters in their pieces that would travel across the city on subway cars to MC’s that would don undercover aliases as in the case of the super duo of Phill Most Chill and Paul Nice who would take on the likes of Power Man & Iron Fist right from the pages of Marvel Comics. But when it comes to the connection between the two entities, no one ties them all together better than Ed Piskor, creator of the wildly popular series Hip Hop Family Tree. Each month, the series tells true tales from the beginnings of Hip Hop in comic form and captures the essence and history perfectly. Ed Piskor who I met while on a trip to Seoul Korea and have become friends with during that time is a true lover of the culture and it shows within his art and stories, in his lectures, panel discussions and in conversations during his Comic Con appearances. Continue reading

The Du-Rites “Bug Juice”

Is there any artist currently on the scene that’s just as or more busy than J-Zone!? This guy is a music workhorse who’s output seems to be nonstop plus he finds time in between to do his usual writing and interviews of other amazing drummers via his Red Bull Music Academy column. His current project, a two man instrumental band along with Pablo Martin (from Tom Tom Club) make up, The Du-Rites, a heavy funk duo serving up deep goodness with a vintage sound. Their first single, “Bug Juice” b/w “Hustle” is a killer combination and heavy dosage of drums (J-Zone has become a beast with those sticks), organ grooves, guitar and no funk is complete with out bass. Continue reading

Dusty Donuts 008 – Tribe Vibes

Those Dusty Donuts fiends are back at it again and this time paying homage to a pair of A Tribe Called Quest classics and doing an excellent job in doing so. On the A-side, “Breakin My Heart” we once again see Jim Sharp taking the reigns and dissecting one of our favorite Dilla produced tracks then reimagining it in his own way to bring forth something fresh and perfect marriage between the old and the new. The flipside, “Check Minnie’s Love” is an absolute beauty the makes you believe that it’s just another remix with original vocals but instead sways right into the soothing vocals of Minnie Riperton which brought a smile to our face courtesy of Naughty NMA & Runex Brexit. Is it on point!? Of course it is, that’s a rather silly question to ask! Continue reading

B & The Family “A Good Time”

Whenever you see the Super Disco Edits on a 7” release, then you know you’re in for a musical treat. Making a name and building up a strong catalog of previously unreleased material pulled from reels that have been stored away since recording, Super Disco Edits returns with another gem for all you DJ’s and good music lovers out there. B & The Family “A Good Time” is a 1987 Modern Soul produced by a gentleman by the name of Brian Morgan who has quite a bit of history in the music biz. Brian was the guitarist who played on Sugar Hill Gang’s “Rappers Delight” and he was also a young protégé to soul legend Kashif, now that’s a fine lineage and cloth to be cut from. Continue reading

Ultraman 50th Anniversary

It’s quite obvious that we love nostalgia here at Hot Peas & Butta and nostalgia comes in all forms. One of the things that has inspired us heavily growing up was Japanese television, from anime to Tokusatsu and one of our favorite shows and one that spawn an entire series and dedicated following after it’s premier was Ultraman. Created by special effects master Eiji Tsuburaya and making it’s debut on July 17, 1966, Ultraman captured the attention of audiences young and old and is considered to be one of the greatest superhero television programs from Japan. For those of us who grew up in the early 1970’s, we have fond memories of coming home from school in the afternoons and watching UHF TV. Continue reading

Escape From New York 35th Anniversary

35 years ago this week, one of cinema’s finest examples of what the future was destined to become hit the big screen. John Carpenter’s Escape From New York made its debut on July 10th 1981 and was box office success. The film was co-written, co-scored and directed by John Carpenter himself and is set in the near future of 1997 in a crime-ridden United States that has converted Manhattan Island in New York City into a maximum security prison with 50ft containment walls surrounding the island and routes out of Manhattan have all been dismantled or mined. Ex-soldier Snake Plissken, played by Kurt Russell who has been injected with an explosive is given 24 hours to find the President of the United States (Donald Pleaseance), who has been captured by prisoners after the crash of Air Force One while on it’s way to a peace summit between the United States, China and the Soviet Union. If he is successful in doing so, then the explosive will be removed, if not then you know how it ends. The film also stars tough guy Lee Van Cleef, legendary musician Isaac Hayes as The Duke of New York City and wrestler Ox Baxer. Continue reading

The Soul Spot Tribute To Philadelphia International Records

A few months back I had the pleasure of playing The Soul Spot at Tuckers in San Antonio Texas which is an amazing party playing a heavy dosage of Disco, Modern Soul and House. The Soul Spot has a special place in their hearts for a label that I have an equal love for and one that has inspired me musically as well as being responsible for a sound that was so influential in it’s era, Philadelphia International Records. Each year The Soul Spot resident DJ’s Matt Vasquez, Ben Luhrman, Leo Trujillo and JJ Lopez pack their crates with vinyl selections and throw a party dedicated to The Sound of Philadelphia and it’s musical legacy. If you are anywhere near or close to San Antonio then you really need to be in attendance for this special occasion. It’s a beautiful thing to know that another city celebrates the music of my city when this city itself doesn’t share that same appreciation.

Much respect to The Soul Spot and Tuckers for continuing to provide quality parties for the people of San Antonio!

Infomercial: Treehouse Records Starring Fancy Ray

It seems like every other day we get a circular stuck in the door stating “We Buy Records”. Everyone and their mother seems to be in on the buying old vinyl game and 10 times out of 10 those circulars get trashed. But when some goes the extra mile to shoot a full infomercial reminiscent of those seen on late night television in the 1980s, we can’t help but watch it over and over. We recently got hipped to this infomercial from Akron Ohio homie El Prezidente featuring Treehouse Records in Minnesota and starring comedian and the worlds greatest TV pitchman, Fancy Ray McCloney . They’re letting you know that they want to buy your Funk, Soul, Jazz, Rhythm & Blues and Rock & Roll records and you know what? We actually want to sell them our collection (not really) but we love this video. Not sure what year this was aired on television but you’ll get a good laugh out of it. Continue reading

El Michels Affair ft. The Shacks “Strange Boy”

Big Crown Records has really been hitting homeruns out of the park since it’s debut release and continues to so with their latest from El Michels Affair featuring a new band hitting our radar, The Shacks. Hailing from NYC, The Shacks are made up of the enigmatic Shannon Wise and studio wunderkind, Max Shrager. Their dreamy, voyeuristic sound was born in Michels’ Queens, NY studio in 2015 and while they describe themselves as a rock band, don’t expect the conventional kind by any means what so ever. Continue reading

Soundsci “Write On” b/w “Changing of The Gods”

They say that there’s something for everyone, yet we so often hear people say that there’s nothing good out there. We’ve never believed in or subscribed to that notion because we’re ones who believe in the term “dig deeper”. Has the sound of Hip Hop become stale over the years? As a whole, of course it has but there has always been those nuggets waiting to be dug up until the time was right for a plethora of quality releases to hit the airwaves. Although the time has not yet reached that point, that movement is without a shadow of a doubt being ushered in by a few chosen few, and in this case, it’s a collective known as Soundsci. Continue reading