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Classic Marquee “Boss Nigger”

Sometimes you look at an image and ask yourself, how did that happen back then and know for a fact that it could never happen now. One such image is this vintage theater marquee from a movie theater in Denver Colorado on 16th Street. Two things stick out, the fact that the attention spans of most people today would not be able to sit still long enough for a double feature, which we would’ve loved to have seen this billing on the big screen. And the second, being the title of this classic Black western starting Blaxploitation action star, Fred Williamson in Boss Nigger.

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The Aries Vibration ft. Michael Roach

Everyone once in a while (but not often enough that we need to double check ourselves) there’s a release that slips below our radar that we later find out about and really dig. One such release comes our way from Soulfly Records via Tramp Records, is by The Aries Vibration with guest vocals by Michael Roach. “I Want To Know Do You Love Me”, a cover version of The Corvettes 7” by the same title is a hard driving, heavy drum funk number complete with a nice break in between as well. Singer Michael Roach who is originally from Washington D.C. but now residing in Cheltenham UK delivers a solid performance and sits right in the pocket of this cover tune. For an extra punch, the flip features an instrumental version which works out great especially if your one of those “I need doubles” types.

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Lego Boba Fett Slave I

It’s obvious that we’re big fans of collecting vintage toys, and although we’re not into collecting LEGO, we love the cool shit that would look good sitting around the office like this Star Wars x LEGO 2000-piece set of supreme Bounty Hunter Bobba Fett’s space ship, Slave I. Who in the world has time to put a 2000 piece LEGO together anyway!? But for those with the extra time on your hands and are fans of the Star Wars franchise, this is a must have. Included in the set are mini figures and weapons, Han Solo in Carbonite and a handy display stand so that you can treat it as a piece of art. Expect to find this hitting the shelves in January 2015 and priced at $200.

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Calibro 35 ‘The Butchers Bride”

Calibro 35 is back in business and combining two of our favorite things, cinema and soundtracks with their latest 7” release, The Butchers Bride from the groups upcoming LP, Traditori Di Tutti. The band that’s known for an obvious authentic cinematic approach and hands down does the genre better than anyone else has enlisted director John Snellingberg to present things in full CalibroScope with a mini movie that pays homage it sexy Italian B-movies of the 60’s and 70’s like Vedo Nudo (1969).

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Roy Budd “Get Carter”

In today’s updates, we reviewed the latest 7” from Calibro 35 who covered Roy Budd’s Get Carter theme so we decided to spend the day in the office revisiting this classic film starring Michael Caine. While doing so we came across this video of Roy Budd playing the theme live along with the film playing. Definitely a great look at Budd and how he composed this piece that has become a classic.

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Kung Fu Double Feature at IFC Center

Although most people have fond memories of getting their Kung Fu fix on Saturday afternoons on local UHF channels and later via the bootleg VHS market, the best way to experience the thrill is without a doubt on the big screen. It’s not often that one can take in the full cinematic experience projected from rare 35mm prints as we did in the 70’s and early 80’s but the New York Asian Film Festival (NYAFF) as a nostalgic treat in store for you this upcoming week and will be screening four classics for your viewing pleasure.

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Rendezvous! Fall Trailer

Our favorite soundtrack and cinema themed party, Rendezvous! is back with new promo trailer for their monthly event which invites some of the best DJ / Collectors with quite possibly some of the rarest vinyl selections found in any crate to play for their diehard audience. Spinning goodness from the late 60’s thru early 80’s including soundtracks and Library, psychedelia and other oddities while screening an assortment of poliziotteschi, giallo and erotica films.

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R.I.P. Buster Jones

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Budos Band ‘Burnt Offering’ 45

Budos Band makes their return to center stage with an updated sound yet still uniquely theirs. This go around the band infuses a heavy slice of psychedelic rock ala Black Sabbath into the mix to create what could possibly be yet another masterpiece to add to their growing catalog. Burnt Offering, the latest album due out on Daptone Records in October with the lead single ‘Burnt Offering’ b/w ‘Seizures’ is out now on a very collectible and limited edition 7’’ in grew smoke color is available now via

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Phonography: GE Solidstate V-638

This portable first caught my eye by it’s olive drab color. It just looked military grade and no doubt I needed it in my collection! General Electric released a lot of portables during the 60’s & 70’s and each one had different features and available colors. Most portables had a maximum of 3 speeds but the V-638 is an earlier model that featured four - 78, 33, 45 and 16. A lot of the similar models to the GE V-638 varied in control knobs, some were horizontal switches and a few were vertical toggle switches. This particular model is not a dual power mode which has the option to run on batteries, but this particular portable is loud enough to have a few friends over for a vinyl listening party.

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