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The Beat Kitchen 4-Year Anniversary

This Friday in San Diego, one of our favorite parties celebrates it’s 4 year anniversary of dopeness. The Beat Kitchen staff of Charlie Rock, QSTN, Ohmega Watts and special guest all the way from Japan, Kogataroo will be delivering dishes of Golden Era Hip Hop, Funk, Soul and Breaks to the people for their listening and dancing pleasure.

Skeme Richards Live WKDU Vinyl Mix

A few weeks back, Skeme Richards was featured as the special guest DJ for WKDU’s monthly Sunday afternoon party in The Garden at Silk City. Skeme Richards packed a few record bags full of perfect summer records to enjoy as the afternoon crowd enjoyed cold beers and of course dishes from Silk’s brunch menu. What you are about to hear is 3 hours of music to get your work week going or your back yard BBQ cracking! Continue reading

Marsellus Wallace ‘Our Beautiful World’ Mix

During a phone conversation a few months back, Marsellus Wallace mentioned that he was going to start working on his latest mix that would be focused around an underwater theme. Knowing exactly how Mr. Wallace’s mind operates, we knew that this would be one of his most creative and best productions to date. To help you understand exactly what his thought process was and how his new mix ‘Our Beautiful World’ came about, here’s a little breakdown. Continue reading

The Cactus Channel “Cobaw / Fool’s Gold”

HopeStreet Recordings is set to deliver their next 7” release from the label and one that’s right up our alley of listening pleasure from one of Australia’s premier instrumental acts, The Cactus Channel. The A-side, ‘Cobaw’ takes it’s name from a small town in the gold rush end of the Macedon Ranges. Scrubby forests, disused mine shafts and quiet dark lagoons border the grazing land and history hides in all the shadows. This cut is sharp and perfect to the ear as it delivers ominous drums, reverb-drenched guitars and you know just how much of suckers we are when it comes to horn sections. The flip side, ‘Fool’s Gold’ delivers more of the same in the soundtrack genre but slows it down a notch in speed, which makes it an even thicker and a much darker tune. Continue reading

Baast ‘Dimensions’

So, I tried to give this a review a few weeks ago but couldn't come up with words to express my feelings on it. But, this is actually a good thing because first off, the fact that I haven't heard a lot of noise about this record could be the same reason why landscapes such as Baast are still uncharted. It is amazing, it’s confident and without a doubt, these guys have done their homework. Better yet, they are true musicians that live the life of whatever genre many have attempted to conquer. Baast is a true concept record, produced by Heru The Avenger and R.Scott. R.Scott fluctuates keys throughout the album effortlessly, while Heru slaps the bass reminding me of Yvan De Souter in the later recordings of Placebo. Erik Jiru's drum patterns are also the perfect accompaniment to the entire composition and without a doubt, are quite a responsibility considering the dynamics of the album. On the sax we have Palo, who seems to have the same elements of many of the greats out there. The passion that is exuded through this instrument reminds me of some of my favorite Prestige catalog recordings. While Palo stands on a mountain of his own, I can't help but to relate this to some of the best to ever do it. Then we have Dave Williams on Trumpet. Exquisite breath control, choked "yet subtle" pitches and a personality reminding me of some of Mile's greater works which is fantastic! On percussion we have Chris Moore & Lovejoy as well as Brendan Dunn. Might I add that not only do these guys provide the perfect and "essential" spice to the compositions, they also know how to mic their instruments. Again proving to be masters of their craft and this is something that is very overlooked amongst many out there. Last but not least we have Kristina Benson on Vocals. Wow! Once again which stands as the perfect accompaniment to this modern day masterpiece. Kristina's vocals are those who have obviously not studied one genre. Kristina's vocals are far from one-dimensional, and the absolute icebreaker to this amazing LP. Continue reading

One Night Only!

For one night only, Mellow Orange and the Butta Bros connect for what will surely be an amazing night of music unlike anything the people of San Diego have heard especially when two top notch musical directors are in charge. This Friday night, Ohmega Watts and QSTN will take to the stage of El Dorado and deliver the perfect soundtrack to your Friday night. Spinning an assortment of Funk, Soul, Jazz, Afrobeat, Boss and breaks to set the tone for what surely will be a hard act to follow for the rest of the weekend. It’s not often these two DJ / Producers get together to play sets on the same bill so be sure to be in attendance for this sonic journey.

The Tower of Death aka Game of Death II

They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery, but some people also say bootlegs and reissues are just as good as original pressings so I guess it’s to each his / her own. But one icon in Martial Arts cinema who has not only influenced but been copied and cloned more than anyone else over the years is definitely Bruce Lee. After Lee’s death in 1973, many film and production companies set out to capitalize on his character and his fame by creating their own Bruce Lee. Names like Bruce Li, and Bruce Le are two of the most recognized actors who “tried” to replace Bruce after his passing but of course could not. We recently took a couple hours out of our day in the office to re-watch Tower of Death aka Game of Death II a film that falls under the "Brucesploitation" genre and one that we hadn’t watched in quite a few years. From the trailer below you’ll notice that Bruce Lee is featured in the film but if you look closely you’ll notice that it’s actually just footage from his movie Enter The Dragon. It wasn’t uncommon during those years for companies to pull extra footage and include it in their own movies while building around it with characters and stories while using a headlining actor as the selling point. Continue reading

The Museum of Uncut Funk x Friday Foster

Our good friends over at The Museum of Uncut Funk have been doing a great job over the years in preserving black art and culture unlike ever before. Recently focusing on their Funky Turns 40: Black Character exhibition that has made stops in New York, Pittsburgh, Chicago and Seattle, the exhibition highlights some of their incredible collections including animated cels and posters from some of the most famous black cartoon characters including the Jackson 5ive, Fat Albert, The Brown Hornet and others. Always looking to up the ante, they’ve recently acquired the licensing rights to Friday Foster, a popular comic strip that made it’s debut in the Chicago Tribune in 1970. Friday Foster was the first comic strip to feature an African-American woman in a lead role, which lasted until 1974. In 1975, the Friday Foster was adapted to into a feature film of the same name that starred the queen of Blaxploitation, Pam Grier. Continue reading

The 45 Sessions with The Butta Bros

This Friday night, The Butta Bros, (Skeme Richards and Supreme La Rock) will be taking flight to Oakland, California and will join The 45 Sessions for one final night as they conclude their 5-year party. The last time The Butta Bros rocked this party was in 2011 so we’re honored to join DJ Platurn, Shortkut, Enki, Mr. E and host Jern Eye as they close things out in a major way. Hopefully this won’t be the last time that the party opens it’s door as they were one of the first to really make a name prior to the 45 trend here in the states.

Skeme Richards “Shifting Gears”

Skeme Richards has been rather quiet on the mix front lately but has returned to the essence with his long in the making new release that pays homage to the original way of doing mixtapes and those who master the craft. Following in the path of legendary “cratestorians” and tape masters like DJ Muro, Soulman, The Conmen and others, Skeme has created Shifting Gears, a rare breaks and samples at 45rpm mix. Shifting Gears is an all vinyl 45 mix recorded direct to cassette 4 track then dubbed to 200 limited edition cassette tapes. Shifting Gears was recorded 100% analog using original pressing 45’s with no fancy edits, effects or other digital means. Is it more time consuming to do mixes in this fashion instead of the current cut and paste trend of perfectly edited and polished mixes that’s available in abundance for download or stream everywhere on the Internet? Of course it is but this wouldn’t be a Hot Peas & Butta product if we cut corners and did what everyone else was doing.

Available for pre order now via