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Biologia “Nite-Lite” 7”

Cherries Records is back with their latest release, a sound that the world has become familiar with and a lane that they do better than just about anyone else. The new 7” from the group Biologia drop the perfect science equation to formulate a double-sided gem for their debut on the label. The 7” features works from a brother and sister led band and with “Nite Lite”, a heavy bassline driven midnight hour groove with gospel style harmonies of Mama Kat, sung over magical guitar licks of Jomeo. The B-side “Too Bad” is an uptempo cut soaked with swelling synth and pianos, double-time hand claps and slick, funky guitars that’ll have you sweating on the dance floor.

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Sure Fire Soul Ensemble Live

This Friday night the Butta Bros, Marsellus Wallace and Question are back in business and throwing down an all vinyl set of top notch Soul, Afro Beat, Rare Groove and instrumental Funk at the Sure Fire Soul Ensemble Show. Then taking the stage will be SFSE doing what they do best on stage and analog recordings and who has been steadily building up momentum on the scene. This type of show actually reminds us of the early days when we used to catch the Budos Band in Brooklyn at Lucky Cat for free before the rest of the world knew about them.

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Mike Tyson Mysteries

Just when most people thought it was over for Mike Tyson, he struck with his stand up show, an amazing tale of his life in pictures and words. And now the knockout king is back with a new animated series for Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network titled Mike Tyson Mysteries. Set in the same vain as other cartoon mystery and adventures of the 70’s and 80’s like The Harlem Globetrotters, Mr. T and even Muhammad Ali’s original cartoon series Ali, this series looks and feels just like a Hannah Barbera or Rankin Bass production. The show follows Tyson and his partners Marques of Queensberry, Yung Hee and Pigeon as they travel in the mystery van to solve a weird assortment of crimes. The comedic aspect has sort of an Archer feel and quirkiness to it and each character plays off of the other perfectly. This may very well be our favorite animated series to come out in years!

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Rare Janet Jackson Japanese Commercial

Oh the good old days when home audio video was the hot ticket for a successful artist to promote. Here’s a rare Japanese commercial starring Janet Jackson promoting the brand, National and their HiFi VCR in 1985. We wonder how much she was getting paid back then for the leading lady role that we’ll probably never see her or any other artist promoting a line of TV’s, DVD players or home audio equipment.

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Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra “Pulsion”

Wow, it’s been quite sometime that we’ve heard an album of this nature that sounds so vintage, yet so modern as to not sound dated, with an extremely authentic flow that’s natural sounding to the ear. Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra is set to drop their latest LP “Pulsion”, which is killer all the way through. This go around the group delves deeper into spiritual jazz, library and film music territory, which translates to a heavy album and right up our alley. This could have very well been a score to any number of films during the period including “They Call Me Mr. Tibbs” starring Sidney Potier and originally scored by Quincy Jones, which is one of our favorites.

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Wild Style Breaks

There always seems to be something interesting going on over at Get On Down and we’ve got the latest scoop on a new boxset being released via Kay-Dee Records holding 7, 7inch records of Wild Style Breakbeats! Each record will contain re-edited and extended breaks from director Charlie Ahearn’s original reel-to-reel tapes. Kenny Dope even went the extra mile by re-EQ’ing and remastering the tapes to ensure a quality audio level that has never been heard before.

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The Vinyl Exam

There’s a new podcast in town and this might very well be one of the most informative, bang for your (buck) valuable and precious listening time that you’ll ever need. The Vinyl Exam created by Columbo Ahmed (The Payback Dance Party) and Keith Foster (Big Pimp Jones / Hot Peas & Butta) join forces to bring you every week an audio exploration of record collectors, DJs and vinyl addicts as they discuss various genres, special interests and other things in line with whatever each special guest feels the need to add into the conversation but all centering around that one thing we all love, vinyl. Each episode clocks in around 30 minutes, which is the perfect timeframe to get lots of info, discussions and of course music of all genres. Episodes debut every Monday and they are up to number 4 so this is the perfect time to catch up while you’re at the office or relaxing on the couch.

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The Butta Bros Takeover

Philly’s official Funk, Soul, Disco, Latin 45 night gets a makeover or rather takeover as three heavyweight record jocks invade the City of Brotherly Love with bags of 7” heaters for the dance floor. The Butta Bros, Supreme La Rock and Marsellus Wallace along with Danny Dan The Beatman (Dusty Fingers) will be the special guest DJ’s at next months Little Big Things party at The Trestle Inn. It’s not often that these guys get to play together and even more of a rare occurrence that gents touch down in Philly so lets just dub this as the “For One Night Only” edition and make sure you do what you need to do to be in attendance.

Optic Intake #0

We love classic cinema and of course we love print magazines so when we see that someone has decided to combine both of our loves into one product, we have it give it the thumbs up. In today’s world, doing a print magazine is a difficult thing to pull off. Printing costs are expensive, shipping costs are at an all time high and a large portion of people choose to read on their computers and iPad’s rather than picking up a book. But just like vinyl collectors, there is still a market and audience that prefer to have and hold physical items.

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The Night James Brown Saved Boston

This Wednesday night, New York will be treated to a very special screening of The Night James Brown Saved Boston. The screening will take place at St. Nicholas Park at 8:45pm and is a free event but before doing so, DJ Chairman Mao will be spinning a special Godfather of Soul set beginning at 7:45pm to get you in the mood for what’s in store for the evening. What better way to spend the evening then outdoors celebrating Soul Brother #1?