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Locals Only

When it comes to searching for great 7″ people look for various things that attract them, sometimes it can be the artist, the region or even something as simple as the label design. Being that we here at Hot Peas & Butta are influenced by all of the above we extremely love simple design aestheics that says something about the region in which a label is from, things that are unique but don’t necessarily exist in today’s market of designing. One such simple design screams the City of Brotherly Love which is the local Philadelphia label Quaker Town Records which showcases a pair of Liberty Bells on either side.
Simplicity is the key to great design, something that can easily tell a story of it’s origins and influences which is something that lacks within today’s cut and paste world or “art”. It’s also very interesting to see how in the past these records all had their addresses and sometimes phone numbers printed on the labels but since have been replaced with modern website and email contact info, I guess no one wants you to
drop by unannounced delivering your demo.

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