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Flea Market Funk’s “Five on the Black Hand Side”

Dj Prestige has been a supporter of Hot Peas & Butta for years, and has contributed numerous times. From reviews to interviews to mixes, Flea Market Funk has shown us love time and time again.  Prestige blessed us this time around by giving us a glimpse of his faithfuls from his crate.  Check out his selects after the jump.

TNT Band – Meditation/ Cotique
Possibly my most favorite 45 ever. Some smooth Latin Soul until they call the drums in. Possibly the best 50 cent score I’ve dug up, short of “Hey Joyce” for a dollar

Monica – I Don’t Know Nothing Else To Tell You But I Love You/ Toxsan
Funky Soul from Philadelphia, this one may set you back a few but well worth it. Now a back up singer for Alan Pincus aka Barry Manilow, this woman has some pipes. A 7 inch for all the Soul lovers who love to dance. I’m still looking for a copy of “Chauffeur”, but I know it’s next to impossible to get. There is still hope!

Gus “The Groove” Lewis – Let the Groove Move You/ tou-sea
Snagged this promo copy at some record show cheap. Upbeat New Orleans banger that is guaranteed to get people on their feet.

Nolan – I Like What You Give/ Lizard
Any B Boys in the house? One of the most subtle B Boy, uprocking tunes I can think of. Nolan Porter makes this Summer anthem all year round once the drum break hits.

The Johnny Otis Show – The Watts Breakaway/Epic
This was a toss up between this record and a myriad of James Brown records (most likely “Get Up Of That Thang”), but between the horns and the drums on this one, there is no way I wanted to leave this one out.


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