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Five on the Black Hand Side: James Brown Edition

It’s that time of the year where we celebrate the greatest entertainer of all time, Soul Brother #1, James Brown and the anniversary of his passing back in 2006.  It should be obvious that for us here at Hot Peas & Butta James Brown Day is more than just once a year, he is the foundation for what we have been based off of since day 1, the reason why most producers started sampling and why B-boys and B-Girls “Get up, Get Into It and Get Involved”.

We’ve decided to do a special Five On The Black Hand Side this month by giving the double dap and including an extra five 45’s that are our choice James Brown productions.  Now some of you might think we’ve missed a few or didn’t your favorites but for us, these represent key moments in our life, parties and in pulling from the crates.

Down and out in New York City

Unlike many, our first introduction to this track didn’t come from hearing it on 45 but actually from the movie Black Caesar which happens to be in our Top 5 list of Blaxploitation films.


The Grunt (The J.B.’s)

What’s not to be said about this!?  It’s a classic Ultimate Breaks & Beats theme, Public Enemy sampled it and it get’s the floor moving every time.


You’ve Changed

This is one of those slept on 7” that we rarely get heard spun out and have no reason why.


Sex Machine

Hands down in our Top 5 all time James Brown tracks, and definitely a floor filler.


There Was A Time (Dee Felice Trio)

We love this funky instrumental, the and inspiration of James combined with Dee Felice makes this a winner.


What Do I Have To Do (Marva Whitney)

James really knew how to spot talent especially in women, no JB list is complete without featuring at least one.


I Don’t Want Nobody To Give Me Nothing

Our philosophy here at Hot Peas & Butta, we’ve taken James’ advice and worked hard for ours to build our brand identity to stand out from other 45 parties.


Slaughter Theme

Once again another track from one of our favorite Blaxploitation films, Slaughter which James Brown worked his magic on this double-sider.


I Can’t Stand Myself

In our Top 5 James Brown 45’s all time and also another that rarely gets spun by DJ’s but is always in our crates.


Give It Up Or Turn It Loose

James Brown is the original B-boy and Give It Up Or Turn It Loose is the ultimate B-Boy Anthem.  *Rock Steady Crew Approved


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