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Behind the Red Door Ep. 2: Cramske

What you are about to hear is not your average 45′s mix that have been flooding the internet as of late but something more unique, eclectic and varying in sounds and genres.  This month’s Behind The Red Door is delivered via cassette tape (yes cassette) from long time Philly friend and now Bay Area residing DJ Cramske.  Cramske’s tastes run deeper than your typical 45 collector in which he doesn’t just do Funk & Soul but extends to other genres including Surf and 50′s Rock.

The first time I had to opportunity to hear and spin with Cramske was back around 2005 in Philly at a spot called Sidecar Bar and that is where I really found that appreciation and understanding for Surf Rock 45′s.  Being that we’re heavy into film here at Hot Peas & Butta, the Surf genre was definitely on our list of flicks that we’ve watched and enjoyed so it was a no brainer to have Sir Cram drop an exclusive mix for us.  But what we didn’t know was that it would take him an entire year to return to Philly to grab some records then head back to the Bay to record his mix then finally send it to us via snail mail and on cassette!  Included with this package in addition to the “mixtape” was also a typed letter which you will actually hear at the beginning of the mix and a scanned photo of him and a few records just more quirkiness that I’ve come to expect from Cramske.

If this guy isn’t living in an Analog world then I don’t know who is!

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