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Artist Spotlight: Tata Monie

They say Black culture has inspired the world, from music to fashion, from slang to art. One artist who has been inspired to paint amazing imagery based around scenes from classic Blaxploitation films is Tata Monie. Tata Monie is an Argentinian fine artist who has worked in the advertising and graphic design fields but has built quite a career in creating beautiful works of art using water colors as seen below in his Blaxploitation series. The images painted should be very familiar to Blaxploitation lovers and cover everyone from Fred Williamson in Black Caesar to Shaft. Continue reading

A Day At The Movies – Maniac (1980)

Let’s face it nothing is as it once was. Mostly everything that we’ve enjoyed in the past has long since been washed away like a message in Coke bottle that’s been thrown into the ocean only to be rediscovered at a later time. But one thing’s for sure, the gritty streets of New York and the seedy 42nd Street theater district that we once remembered will never return, so as J-Zone so perfectly puts it, time for a crime wave. So we’ve decided to start something new here at Hot Peas & Butta where we take you back to a slightly rougher time when writers and directors shot and filmed movies on that would depict the era that it was so heavily influenced by and on a shoestring budget. Continue reading

Trama “Come With Me” 45

Coming in right off the heels of the labels previous release, Japan’s Kickin comes thru with another floor filling gem and officially licensed cut from Florida’s Cat catalog. Lifted from the rarely spoken about, hard to come by 1977 self titled LP, Trama “Come With Me” is pure disco funk goodness produced in a very simple and straight forward groove. The thing we really love about releases from labels like this is that they never go for the obvious album cuts but instead for those that haven’t been ran through yet and will become dance floor favorites of the future. The Trama LP usually commands a pretty penny in the marketplace so for those of you that don’t want to shell out the asking price, this is a great alternative until then.

Stay tuned for details and release notes but in the meantime take a listen.

AM/PM 24 Hour DJ Event

There’s less than 1 week left before the 2015 AM/PM 24 hour DJ event kicks off. For those unfamiliar with this event, it actually started last year when Rob Manga set out to do a 24hr all vinyl set covering multiple genres to a club full of full of people. This year Rob wanted to once again carry on with his AM/PM adventure but this time around he’s invited a few of his favorite DJ’s (as well as MC’s and dancers)to join in on the fun. This years AM/PM kicks off on April 18th at 2pm in Amsterdam and concludes on the 19th at 2pm. DJ’s will be packing their crates and taking the people on a musical journey and playing everything from A to Z. This type of event doesn’t happen often so we highly suggest you be a part of history.

Full details of the event are listed on the event page.

One Arm Boxer / Lone Wolf and Cub – The Cut

36 Styles return with two new designs to add to their already growing collection of kung fu cinema inspired t-shirts. Both of these new designs were carefully created and drawn by artist Kung Fu Bob and they look awesome! The first design is a very welcome addition and features Jimmy Wang Yu in his very popular role as the One Armed Boxer aka The Chinese Professionals This is the second time Wang Yu has been featured, the first being the Screaming Tiger. Continue reading

Skeme Richards Joins Steve Ferrell

Sarah’s Place in the Brewerytown section of Philadelphia is really shaping up to be the place known for providing quality music nights within the city while keeping it’s neighborhood feel authentic. There’s been some great things happening over there and after Sunday nights performance from Miles Tackett & The 3 Times, the word is really starting to spread about the place. On Wednesday nights, Steve Ferrell spins a selection of Funk, Soul, Jazz and Rare Groove 45s for the mid-week crowd and this week he’s invited Skeme Richards in to join in.

Swing through on the early side or stay late, but Sarah’s Place is definitely where you’re going to want to spend your Summer months drinking, socializing and enjoying music.

Daniela Casa “America Giovane 2″

Ah at last!!! Another Italian gem that has seemed to escape me for many years!!! Although it seems like I've been reviewing Italian library and OST's only, I'm just making my way around the globe and highlighting some essential pieces, but I've also been on an Italian kick too. Either way, what we have here is the rarest Volume out of the America Giovane series. There are 3, and this is number 2, and the best in my opinion. America Giovane 2 is by Daniela Casa, who was married to Remigio Ducros (from reviews previously done). First off I'd like to start with the cover. Amazing psychedelic artwork of young Americans reflecting on an ocean of colors while the sun is setting. Not your typical sleeve art, and simply put, not your typical record. Pressed on Leo Records out of Italy, America Giovane 2 is the concept (once again) of young America. With songs like Big Sur, Colorado, River, and Kentucky Fried Chicken, I can't help but to feel a bit categorized. But that's ok, it's the grooves that really matter. Continue reading

Soulelujah with Skeme Richards

This Saturday night, Skeme Richards makes his way up to Cambridge to spin a gang of Funk 45’s from his crates at the long running Soulelujah party. Soulelujah has been going strong since 2003 and has had a very impressive lineup with past guest DJ’s who shared their love of music to the Cambridge crowd. We’re excited to have Skeme Richards adding on and bringing some of that Hot Peas & Butta goodness as only he can. For those you asking when he’ll be in your neck of the woods, here’s your chance to check him out!

J-Zone – “I Smell Smoke” b/w “Time For A Crime Wave”

The Chief Chinchilla is on a roll and back with another double-sider 45, one part heavy breakbeat instrumental, one part telling you exactly what’s on his mind when it comes to gentrification and the state of this thing we call Hip Hop. The “A” side, “I Smell Smoke”once again showcases Zone getting his funky drummer on and doing it as if he was born with sticks in his hand. Heavy breaks and bongos flipped in a classic cut and paste style with sound-bites dropping in on the 1 means this is a must own doubles situation. J-Zone doesn’t smoke, but there must’ve been a breeze blowing through the studio vents for him to throw this one together. Continue reading

DJ Format’s A-Z of Classic Breaks (Remix) 45

Woooo!! That’s our very reaction when we initially dropped the needle down on this sure shot of a 7” flipped by DJ Format that features a who’s who cast of MC’s delivering the A-Z’s of lyrics across a history of classic breaks that haven’t been compiled this well since the creation of the original Octopus Breaks. Format perfectly sliced and diced this staple breaks together while Akrobatik, Bad Newz, CheckMark, D-Tension, Esoteric, Forcefeeld, EDO G, Masstapeace, I.D., Jaysaun, K-No Supreme, Riacha La Pasta, Moe Pope, Nabo Rawk, Oak Lonetree, Paul Foley, Q-Unique (Rock Steady Crew), REKS, Slaine, Termanology, Dizzy Dustin, Thirstin Howell, Will C., YZ and J-Zone spit bars of swirvey word play and sharp delivery to match. People throw the worlds “Hip Hop” around very loosely these days but if you want it in it’s purist form then that’s exactly what you’ll find here. Continue reading