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Misha Panfilov Sound Combo: Offbeat Comet b/w Planetarium

There’s never a dull moment at the pressing plant when FNR is concerned who always seem to have something new and exciting in the works. Although deeply rooted in funk, the Detroit based label has never been one to conform to a particular style or sound which is quite obvious from their catalog but even more so from the latest release. Once again tapping into unique flavors that we’re finding more of making it’s way through the pipelines from Talinn, Estonia, we’re presented with a treat from Misha Panfilov Sound Combo who takes us up into the skies. “Offbeat Comet” b/w “Planetarium” is a hard to place in one particular genre double sider of jazziness that’s obviously heavily inspired by the 60’s and astronomy while keeping it funky at the same time. Almost in soundtrack territory but still dance floor friendly, Misha Panfilov gives us a rather unique listening experience and one that could very well had been featured in episodes of Gerry Anderson’s Space 1999. Continue reading

Massive Suits Quartet ‘Full Moon Wizard’ LP

We’re just a little over the half point of the year and so far there’s been more than an ear full of great music that has been released to date. From Funk, Soul and Jazz 45s to a few must own Italian soundtrack reissues and even several cassette tape only releases. One release that we’re excited for and can be filed under the “Marsellus Wallace would approve of” list is the upcoming Massive Suits Quartet “Full Moon Wizard” LP. Now this is cinematic jazz goodness and right up our alley. The new LP is a personal journey by creator Grégoire Marty (aka Dandy Teru) who dug deep into his love of original movie soundtracks and some of the world’s most legendary composers. By channeling his love of greats like Piero Umilian, Piero Piccioni and Hans Zimmer to name a few, he’s created a masterpiece using sci-fi and his fascination for astronomy along with personal existential queries about life’s origins, one’s purpose and our place and scale in the universe as building blocks and comes together out of rough compositions and surreal mindscapes. Continue reading

The Many Sounds of The Soul Surfers

The universal question of “how many bands does it take to release what seems to be an endless stream of quality 45’s all with varying styles and sound”? The answer is, well there is no definitive answer that we have yet to come up with but there is one band (or is it 10) that seems to stay locked in the studio cranking out tunes under multiple nom de plume’s and on various labels reaching from Russia to the United States. To the masses they’re known as The Soul Surfers, to those who have done their homework and dug deep, they go by any number of names including, Gospel Surfers, The Rhythm Cowboys, Sputnik-1, United Boppers Unit etc. etc. etc. At this point we’ve totally lost count and are pretty sure they have more alter ego’s then all of the members of the Wu Tang Clan combined. If James Brown was the hardest working man in show business then The Surfers are definitely the hardest working band. Continue reading

The Hateful Eight

After a long wait of off again, on again debates, Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight will be hitting theaters this coming Christmas. We’ve been anticipating this release for a long time and are excited to finally sit back with a box of popcorn, a bag of gummies, an ice-cold cola and take in all of the Tarantino madness that we’ve come to love from him. First let’s start by pointing out the fact that Tarantino who champions the preservation of film culture in the same way that we uphold an analog and vinyl lifestyle, has filmed The Hateful Eight in Ultra 70 Panavision. We would compare this film process in the movie world to the audio process and technics of someone like producer Adrian Younge whose recording studio is completely analog but we’re geeking out a bit here so let’s get back on topic. Continue reading

Internationally Known – Gordon Liu at 60.

This week we celebrate the birthday of none other than, Gordon Liu (age 60). Gordon Liu, could quite possibly be considered the most familiar face in Kung Fu cinema history and by far the most influential. Mentioned in just about every circle or conversation by everyone from those who remember seeing classics like Master Killer (36 Chambers of Shaolin) and Shaolin Challenges Ninja when they were young to those like Quentin Tarantino and the Rza who know the genre well. Gordon Liu’s film career began in 1974’s 5 Shaolin Masters and has since appeared in close to 100 others and TV series. Continue reading

Diggin In The Tapes: Clamshell Mafia

It’s been a minute since we’ve covered the art of collecting rare big box and clamshell VHS tapes so we wanted to come back strong with a great read for not only collectors of those classic pieces but for collectors of soundtracks as well. We recently did threw a few questions out to fellow collectors on both sides of the fence and discovered that a large portion of people who collect soundtracks that have never seen the films that go along with them. But on the other hand, there are serious film lovers who not only go deep into the movie itself but also into those who create these incredible soundtracks. In our eye’s it all goes hand in hand with building a great collecting. How could one own a Shaft In Africa soundtrack which has been sampled quite a number of times and never had seen to movie? The same goes for other crate favorites including Willie Dynamite, Black Emmanuelle or even the classic and extremely hard to find Lialeh. So for this installment we decided to feature a few soundtrack / VHS combos from the #ClamshellMafia (on Instagram). Continue reading

Dusty Donuts 005 ‘Uptown’ b/w ‘Sugar Man’

Well, well, well, look what we have here, another sure shot from the Dusty Donuts camp and this one makes number 5 on the black hand side in their on going series of tastefully crafted edit and remix series. This go around they take on the task of editing two classics from varying ends of the spectrum both equally given the Hip Hop treatment and dance floor friendly. The A-side features a Marc Hype and Naughty NMX interpretation of Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz New York classic ‘Déjà Vu” which had partygoers across the globe chanting “uptown baby”. In true Dusty Donut’s fashion, they utilized the original Steely Dan sample as a segue into the Hip Hop anthem which always seems to work well on dance floors making ‘Uptown’ a choice cut to play out. Continue reading

The Hi-Fidelity Lo-Fidelity’s – “Hand Clapping Song”

It’s quite a task to redo a classic, the slightest wrong turn can ultimately take a familiar favorite from a choice cut to a “why did you mess with it in the first place”. But that’s not the case with the new 45 from The Hi-Fidelity Lo Fidelity’s who chose to flip a NOLA classic, The Meters “Hand Clapping Song” and making it their own. We’ve been running with this version since the label sent us promo copies a few months back and it’s sounds amazing when playing it loud on big sound systems. Continue reading

Pass The Peas Like They Used To Say

As a DJ, knowing the best-kept secrets especially in record spots is always important, but as a world traveler, knowing restaurant and food spots are equally as important.  One of the few gems that I first experienced a few years back while in Heerlen, The Netherlands is Pass The Peas a great food truck that specializes in BBQ and Soul Food.  Before even tasting the food you’ll notice the unique soulfully decorated exterior with giant billboard like photos of Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye.  There are also Hip Hop photos and books on display inside the truck as well as a vintage receiver and speakers set up outside playing musical selections.  The menu itself is created by chef Tonny who creates a rather unique spin on an American classics including Fried Chicken, BBQ, smoked sausages, chicken skewers smothered in peanut sauce, potato salad, coleslaw and more. Continue reading

Super Shogun Boba Fett

Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s we had quite a few things that we enjoyed to take up our free time and which shaped our imaginations.  But two major highlights for us were definitely the introduction of Shogun Warriors (known as Jumbo Machinder) in Japan and of course George Lucas’ Star Wars.  So when those two things combine to create one giant awesome thing that any big kid would love then we’re ready to take the day off from work just to sit home and play.  Specialty toy brand Super7 has recently released their latest collaboration between Star Wars and Jumbo Machinders and this go around it’s with what quite possibly might be the greatest franchise character ever, Boba Fett. Continue reading