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Colectivo Futuro with Skeme Richards

Building and connecting with other brands that uphold a high standard when presenting their image to the public is always something that we at Hot Peas & Butta look forward to doing. Skeme Richards was recently interviewed by Colectivo Futuro, a site that prides itself on being a dedicated cultural node where art forms and people converge. Formed by a collective of artists, DJ’s, musicians and to put it simply people who have an appreciation for various artistic mediums and a given lifestyle associated with creative enterprises. In the interview Skeme Richards sits back to discuss a bit of his history, collecting, and of course music. But no DJ interview would be complete without an accompanying mix of which Skeme delivered 60 minutes worth of new and some unreleased music from some of his favorite artists and labels. Continue reading

Timmion Records

Timmion Records has been on a roll these last few months as their catalog continues to grow and gain popularity. Recently the label released the new Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators LP “Happiness In Every Style” and with a pleasant surprise of “Soul Groove” which is a companion album of full on instrumentals to the previous. Add 45’s for “One In A Million” and “Let’s Communicate” which brings us to the most current releases hot off the presses which comes from Willie West “I’m Still A Man” and the labels first Disco 12” single, “Hot Sauce” from Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators. Continue reading

Skeme Richards at Soulelujah

Last weekend Skeme Richards made a return visit to play a selection of vinyl delights at one of the best Funk & Soul nights going on in the states, Soulelujah. Going strong since 2003, Soulelujah has built up a reputation of quality with delivering an amazing dance experience for it’s audience as well as from time to time bringing in guest DJ’s. It’s always an honor to have our brand associated with others that uphold standards in the perspective products. Here’s a few snaps of the night courtesy of Nick Minieri and if you’re ever in Cambridge on a Saturday, be sure to swing by for a funky good time. Continue reading

Marsellus Wallace “Rendezvous! Mix” 11/13/2015

It’s been a minute since Mr. Soundtrack Pro Marsellus Wallace has delivered a record review from his crates but that doesn’t mean he’s been slacking either. Last weekend he made an appearance at Rendezvous! in L.A. and spun an incredible set of soundtrack goodness from his crates. If you know Mr. Wallace then you know those crates do indeed run deep and Rendezvous! is the perfectly place to showcase his collection. No worries if you weren’t able to make it to his performance because it’s all been captured on cassette and transferred over to soundcloud for your listening pleasure. The perfect way to start your day, enjoy! Continue reading

J-Zone “Backyard Breaks”

J-Zone is without a shadow of a doubt, the hardest working one-man band known to the universe. In between writing (books and rhymes), digging, DJ sets and clowning your favorite rappers, he still finds hours in the day to sit down behind the drums to bang out a few breaks for your listening and sampling pleasure. His latest project, Backyard Breaks which will be available on vinyl and digital download once again has J doing what he’s been doing so well for a minute now which is making heads nod to the drummers beat. Backyard breaks is the follow-up to his 2014 “Lunch Breaks” set and features 18 hefty cuts and is limited to 500 units pressed. Continue reading

Hot Toys “Captain Phasma” 1/6th Figure

Whenever there’s a highly anticipated big budget film on the horizon you can count on a slew of collectibles to follow. Hot Toys is no stranger when creating extremely detailed and highly collectible figures based on major film properties that have collectors emptying their wallets. The new 1/16th figures from the Star Wars: The Force Awakens line continues on with the great output that the company has done over they years and we’re already trying to figure out how we can add a couple to our display cases. On the schedule for a 2016 release are Captain Phasma, First Order Pilot and Stormtrooper all are authentic and detailed with over 25 points of articulations and comes with accessories. Continue reading

Honey and The Bees “Music (Makes You Wanna Dance)”

It’s 2015 and just when you thought you’ve just about heard it all, more great music comes to light to bless our eardrums. Arctic Records, one of Philadelphia’s greatest labels which released a plethora of 7” singles during the 1960’s and quite a few that are highly sought after on the collectors market have been digging in their vaults in search of something that collectors will surely want without previously knowing it. Teaming up with local record shop Brewerytown Beats and presenting first in what we hope will be a nice series of gems is to finally see the light of day is Honey and The Bees “Music (Makes you Wanna Dance)” b/w Instrumental. Originally featured as the B-side on the Ambassadors “Ain’t Got The Love” 45 and written by Barbara Mason for the Ambassadors came in rather lukewarm and went virtually unnoticed. The song was recorded months earlier by Honey and The Bees but was shelved until now and after hearing it for the first time with fresh ears, we realize that this is the version to have! Continue reading

Excelsiors 45 DJ Pack

A little over a year ago we caught wind of a new project being put together by producer Shane “Sureshot” Hunt which really had our attention.  The project in reference came in the form of a double LP recorded by the newly formed “The Excelsiors” which consisted of Sureshot on production and The Mighty Pope handling vocals.  The outcome was an amazing recording that fused elements of Reggae, Disco and Funk with the lead single actually being a cover version of “Lookout Weekend”. Continue reading

Boca 45 ft. Louis Baker “Soul on Top”

45 Live Records sets up for it’s first release on their newly formed label and have pulled in Boca 45 and Louis Baker to help make sure that it’s one that will be heard on dance floors worldwide. Produced by Boca 45 and featuring the vocals of Louis Baker, “Soul On Top” is an energetic and catchy groove that very much feels like a Motown era top hit of the 60’s and 70s yet refreshing enough to appeal to audiences of the present. Boca 45 did a great job handling production duties which comes off in a very Hip Hop / classics breaks kind of way but without losing any elements of it being soulful and mature.

Hitting the records bins on December 1st and available via their bandcamp.

“Afrika Don’t Waste Your Time” b/w “In My Arms”

2015 isn’t quite over yet but DJ Sigher and the label known as Super Disco Edits are already looking forward to 2016 and word has it that they’ve got a list of incredible and unreleased material set for the pressing plant and to your crates. The first to hit the deck is a slice of Brit funk circa 1982 from a virtually unknown group by the name of Afrika. Continue reading