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Sebo Sellout & FlowOne “Seven Steps For Better Listening”

We’re very particular about mixes that we chose to listen to here in the office, but we’re even more critical when sharing mixes to our readers. Sometimes our guilty pleasures are not to be known or heard for the rest of the outside world. But when a mix comes across our inbox that’s so well put together and contains every element that makes our ears stand up when listening to it, then we know it’s appropriate for our readers and will get them through the long week ahead.

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Giant Japanese Robots

Growing up in the 70’s we’d have to say that hands down, Shogun Warriors were some of our favorite toys. Ask DJ Q-bert and he’ll show you his collection, look around Mixmaster Mike’s turntable setup and you notice several pieces towering on display as well. Even the Diabolic Biz Markie has a nice collection, but none quite like the one’s on display now at the Muskegon Museum of Art in Michigan that’s right up our alley and something that we’re more accustomed to seeing on our trips to Japan. Japanese Warriors: Robots from the Warren Schwartz Collection is now on show and boasts one of the finest collections that we’ve ever seen.

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La Mala Ordina aka The Italian Connection

Packaging and presentation of a product mean different things in different markets. How well a product will sell mostly depends on how it’s delivered and whom it’s attended to attract. In the film world, especially during the late 60’s and 70’s, film trailers were cut multiple times to appeal to varying crowds. For example a film like Detroit 9000 has co-starring lead actors, one black and the other white. If the film were to play in a black neighborhood, all promo material (posters etc) would depict the black actor as the lead while the other played the supporting role and vice versa. But how would a film vary if it were made for the overseas Italian and European market, then imported to America to show on 42nd Street? Continue reading

Keats Vol. 2 – Kaiju Dugu

It’s no surprise that we love Japan, Godzilla and of course Kaiju. After all we do have our own comic series called Kodoja: Terror Mountain Showdown based on the genre, a 45 soundtrack produced by Big Pimp Jones and of course tons of artwork drawn by Rory Smith that represents just how deep we are into it. So what are the chances that we check our inbox to find that someone else who obviously has a love of Kaiju as well and is a producer has decided to combine two of his favorite things into one? You get the latest album from Berlin Germany producer Q-Cut released on the new launched HHV instrumental series label, Keats (“Kiez” + beats). Continue reading

Jason Black “American Bus”

Ok here it is, the long lost Jason Black "American Bus" recording!! Jason Black is just a pseudonym for the one and only Arawak aka Luciano Simoncini. Luciano was the man behind the Accadde A Library LP that is very well known amongst many of you. While anything from his catalog is hard to track down and physically put your hands on, this one is nearly impossible to find. Pressed on the small Italian label "Wild Cat", American Bus is somewhat in the same vein as Accadde A. To be honest, I actually like this better than Accadde A, it’s a very smooth album with heavy Fender Rhodes all the way through. Definitely a record that deserves a proper reissue!!! I won’t drag you on it more details, give it a listen for yourself then tell us your opinion later.

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J-Zone “Lunch Breaks”

J-Zone is one honest mother*cker! But what else is new from a guy who has no problem speaking his mind on the state of the industry, your favorite DJ’s and of course artists? This guy stays busy, but never too busy to where he can’t take his time when working on a project to make sure it’s exactly the way he wants it to be which is perfect. From writing books to verses, dropping those same verses over self produced joints then pressing them up to be distributed across the globe, oh and boxing, taping and doing post office runs by himself when it’s all said and done.

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Styling’s of The Fashionable DJ

Personal and individual style has always been a part of DJ culture, the records you choose to play out for an audience may be different than those you listen to at home yet no one outside of your immediate circle would ever know that. The music you tend to collect isn’t necessarily the ones that fellow DJ’s enjoy or choose to spend their time and money digging for. Also the way you carry yourself when behind the decks entertaining a crowd and what you choose to play says a lot about your character and the things that you like. Another thing that reflects the personal style of a DJ is often times their home living space, the type of furniture they like, art they collect and most importantly the clothes that reside in their closets. In traveling the globe we’ve come across quite a few great DJ’s with incredible tastes in all of the above, but it’s their fashion sense that really separates them from the rest which is why we chose to take a look at these well dressed individuals. But make no mistake, style is subjective and your wardrobe can be as simple as a closet full of classic record label t-shirts, 60’s vintage or custom made suits, at the end of the day it’s all about how you wear it!

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Avenging Eagle / Fist Full of Talons

Although classic Kung Fu film showings on the big screens have been going on for quite sometime now through film festivals and revival theaters, they seem to be really picking up momentum and happening more frequently especially with theaters like The New Beverly in Los Angeles which is known for showing not only these fan favorites but as well as other cult classic Exploitation, Horror and Spaghetti Westerns as well. This Tuesday the theater will be showcasing a double feature screening of the Shaw Brothers classic The Avenging Eagle (1978) starring Fu Sheng and Ti Lung along with A Fist Full of Talons (1983) starring Billy Chong, both films directed by Sun Chung who is considered to be the Stanley Kubrick of Shaw Brothers films.

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Budos Band “Aphasia”

The Budos Band are back with their second video from their latest LP Burnt Offerings and this time they take the cinematic approach and being the film heads that we are, we really love it. “Aphasi” continues on with a much darker sound that the band decided to go with on this outing and the video compliments it perfectly. Budos Band has always lead the way with the resurgence of bands with a similar soundscape and this album shows exactly why they’re at the top of the bill.

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Yokel Addicts featuring DJ Format

DJ Format is a name that should need no introduction, he’s a top-notch producer, DJ and yes you guessed it, a seasoned record collector who possesses an incredible Hip Hop 45 collection. The folks from Yokel Addicts, a new party in Swindon UK focusing on DJ’s who’s love and passion for records reflects their own recently reached out to DJ Format to not only headline the opening night but to talk to the producer about digging and his Hip Hop 45 collection. Continue reading