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Hot Peas & Butta @ Mojo Club, Hamburg Germany

As we continue on with the Hot Peas & Butta Germany 5 Year Anniversary tour, last week kicked things off with an amazing double feature film screening of Black Caesar and Master of The Flying Guillotine at Filmclub813 e.V., then the following day our regular DJ’s nights in Köln and Kiel. This Week Skeme Richards makes his return to Mojo Club in Hamburg and this time the Butta Bros are along for the journey. Catch Scarce One, Selecta M and Skeme Richards spinning an assortment of Funk, Soul, Reggae and Rare Groove 45s for you enjoying this weekend. Continue reading

Night Shift with Skeme Richards @ SugarFactory

This Wednesday night, Skeme Richards will be playing a Disco, House and Disco Rap set at Night Shift in Amsterdam. Night Shift is the perfect way to get your midweek fix in if you’re in need of letting loose and dancing the first part of the week away. The party starts late (11:30pm) and ends late so you can get a nice disco nap in after a hard days work.

Shinobi III Soundtrack

A few weeks back we informed our readers about the long awaited Streets of Rage soundtrack from the popular SEGA videogame being released on vinyl via Data Discs and without surprise, the excitement level was high. Well the label recently released an official statement that through their exclusive partnership with SEGA, that they will be doing a vinyl release for another classic, Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master (The Super Shinobi II, as it is known in Japan). Shinobi III was released on the Mega Drive console in 1993 and features 16-bit greatness composed by the likes of Hirofumi Murasaki, Morihiko Akiyama and Masayuki Nagao. Continue reading

Label Spotlight “F Spot Records”

There was once a time not so long ago where the independent label was known for discovering local artists in which majors would come knocking on the door to sign those said artists after they’d proved successful. Shortly after that we came into a corporate era where major companies swallowed up the minor labels to which left a void for the music lover to discover great artists that delivered a non formulaic sound that was common on mainstream radio. But over the last or so years we’ve seen a rebirth of the independent label who’ve taken things in their own hands to bring back quality music to the listener, DJ’s and the dance floors. One label that has started out on a strong note is Los Angeles based F-Spot Records that focuses on a variety of Soul, Funk, Jazz, Afro and Reggae 45 releases. Continue reading

Zombi Holocaust Review

Zombi Holocaust
(A.K.A. ‘Dr. Butcher, M.D.’)

Directed by Marino Girolami
Produced by Fabrizio De Angelis
Soundtrack by Nico Fidenco (Walter F. Sear for ‘Dr. Butcher, M.D.’

The trials and tribulations of an exploitation and Eurocult film collector: alternate titles, artwork, and director (& sometimes actor) pseudonyms. In the days before reliable internet research, it was not uncommon for me to buy a film, only to realize that I already owned it. Such was the case with this gem by Italian director Marino Girolami. ZOMBI HOLOCAUST (a.k.a. DR. BUTCHER, M.D.) is by its very nature, a quintessential exploitation film. It is not, by any means a good film (we’re not talking Criterion material here). It is, in fact however, a great example of Italian exploitation cinema – a vital contribution to the Video Nasty era. This was a classic example of the attempt to cash in on the late 70’s/early 80’s Italian zombie and cannibal craze. Continue reading

There Ain’t Nothing Like Hip Hop Music

That line, “there ain’t nothing like Hip Hop music” means just as much if not more now than it ever has. Hip Hop is in very chaotic and disruptive state with everything basically being categorized as such but within all of the darkness there will always be a peek of light shinning though as is the case with the new Ollie Teeba project, Short Order. Enlisting a line up captivating hold your attention MC’s including the likes of Jean Grae, Oxgyen and Audessey over new era boom bap goodness, the 8 cut outing gives you just enough to warrant extra replay value with even more room to hold tight in hopes of a second coming in the near future. Hip Hop is supposed to be a constantly forward moving entity and that’s exactly what this album is, forward moving while keeping a tradition of quality in tow. We hear from so many “trapped in nostalgia” music listeners that there’s nothing good out today, well it’s obvious that you’re looking in all the wrong places and you should try using Short Order as your starting point. Continue reading

DJ Format – Kool & The Gangstarr Generation

I’ve never really been a wake up and smile in the morning type of guy unless I had just reason to be like catching a flight to another country or saying cheese for the camera during a photo shoot and even then it’s a task to work the facial muscles. But waking up Monday morning to an email from the great DJ Format informing me about his new Kool & The Gang inspired 45 definitely got the day rolling on cheek to cheek note. DJ Format is a thoroughbred in his craft, he’s particular in making sure things are tight before it reaches the public’s ear and his new double sider 45 is just what the ear doctors ordered! “Kool & The Gangstarr Generation” is a tribute of sorts to one of our favorite funk groups and flips the script to create one super group of funky sample proportions and includes some of our favorite producers including Gangstarr, The Bomb Squad and 45 King. Made up and combining Kool & The Gang’s most influential tracks and perfectly splicing them together in such a way that we have yet to hear on a 7”, yet takes us back to early cut & paste style 12”. Continue reading

Hot Peas & Butta Double Feature Screening

Next week starts the annual Hot Peas & Butta Germany tour and our 5th year of traveling across the country with 45s of funk, soul and reggae in tow. Being that it is our 5th anniversary we wanted to do something special to kick things off, something that without a shadow of a doubt screams Hot Peas & Butta. If you know and understand our brand then it’s obvious that film culture, specifically Blaxploitation and Kung Fu cinema of the 70’s are a major part of us and has influenced our image since day one. So after hours spent working on something special we’ve connected with Filmclub 813 e.V., an amazing independent theater in Cologne, Germany to help take us back into the glory days of old NYC’s 42nd Street and it’s gritty theaters to do a double feature screening of two of our favorite films, Black Caesar starring Fred Williamson and Master of The Flying Guillotine starring Jimmy Wang Yu both shown in glorious 35mm! Both films are highly regarded as some of Quentin Tarantino’s favorites of the exploitation genre and we have to agree 100% with him. Continue reading

From Here To Funk meets Hot Peas & Butta

Looking forward to finally getting the HP&B Germany 5th year anniversary tour underway and especially excited to be returning to Kiel to rock with the fellas at From Here To Funk. For the last few years these guys have opened up their doors to us to brining what we do to the decks and for the amazing people of the city. Expect the usual late hours (going until at least 7am), proper musical selections, rare visuals and flowing drinks of this do not miss event!

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Mixes We Love

Almost on a daily basis we come across tons of music, some good and some not so good. We also get asked just as frequent, who and what are we listening to these days and just like the weather, that changes often. Of course we have our go to daily rotations that get us through the work day but from time to time something slips into our inbox that becomes a repeat listen here at the office which happens to be the case with these two lovely mixes from some of our favorites DJs and collectors. Continue reading