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Get On Down Jukebox Series

When it comes to knowing out to properly market, promote and package limited edition vinyl goods, the staff over at Get On Down do it just as good if not better than anyone else in the game. Coming in off of the heels of the recently released Czarface releases, Get On Down keeps things in Hip Hop mode with their next set of releases in their Jukebox series. The series features four highly anticipated 45’s from 90’s era heavyweights, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, M.O.P and Mobb Deep all delivered in color vinyl and picture sleeves. We’re sure that all you Hip Hop 45 guys will be shelling out a few bucks when they drop.

Release date is 6.24.15 and available via

Vinyl Culture: Diggin’ Lisbon

If you ask anyone in our worldwide circle of good music lovers, we’re sure that the scale is still tipped in the favor of vinyl still reigns supreme. Popular site, The Vinyl Factory recently shot a beautiful 7-minute clip on searching and record buying in Lisbon that has become a popular destination for people looking for Afrobeat, Brazilian and other genres found primarily in that part of the globe.

The Soul Surfers ‘Soul Rock’

Going by more names than members of the Wu Tang Clan and flipping more styles than Oprah, Saint Petersburg Russia’s The Soul Surfers aka (fill in the many aliases) are set to release their debut full length LP Soul Rock on Ubiquity Records. This is one band that obviously spends more time in the studio than sleeping, yet always sounds refreshing to the ear. To kick things off, the label has brought in heavy Japanese Funk 45 slinger and good friend of ours here at Hot Peas & Butta, Daisuke Kuroda to piece together a 23-minute preview mix of what listeners can expect to hear on the upcoming release. Peep the mix below then pick up a copy of Soul Rock when it drops on 9/11/2015. Continue reading

The Greg Foat Group ‘The Dancers at the Edge of Time’

Please tell us that you’re more than familiar with the jazz quintet hailing from the UK known as The Greg Foat Group. If you’re not then this is when we it hit you with the ‘shit you slept on’ tag but if you are, then you know how amazing they are. Their previous projects Girl & Robot with Flowers and Live at the Playboy Club, London albums are favorites here in the office and have gotten more play than we can possibly count so it’s great news to us that they have stepped back into the lab to record their next album which will be hitting shelves in a little under a month. Continue reading

The Blassics

The one the best things about traveling for any record collector is of course searching for music that not often find it’s way to your local part of the world. But often times we’re stuck on finding older pressings from previous years that you let other things slip through the cracks that might very well become future classics. Most collectors are on the hunt for the same records, but tastemakers are on the hunt for what has yet to hit the mass market, which often times include local bands today creating works that may only reach within their countries boundary. Recently on a trip to Helsinki, Finland and visiting one of our favorite shops, the owner had it playing in the background and immediately our friend Focus of Flow Mo Crew said “You need this!” The sounds playing through the speakers came from a local Finnish group called The Blassics who recently released their second LP titled, We Call it Real. The albums comes in at 12 strong cuts of Ethiopique, Jazz and deep funk sounds comprised of instrumental gems recorded in a 100% analog environment at Odd Funk Studio then mastered at the legendary Timmion Cutting Lab. Limited to 500 copies so we decided to pick up doubles in support of those that who believe in releasing quality independent records. Continue reading

Benjamin ‘Those Memories”


Cherries Records returns with another solid 7” to add to their already top notch catalog of releases and this time it’s a double sider of modern soul goodness from Benjamin. ‘Those Memories (Sneak Up On Me)’ a beautiful mid-tempo funk number with all of the proper fixings to make this a summer anthem. The theme of the song is about leaving the past behind and never looking into the rear view mirror of love which we agree 110%. Keeping things moving forward is always the best option and Benjamin has done a great job with doing just that on this ‘A’ side and accompanying video below. The flip features the editing work of label co-founder and amazing DJ, Shred One as she pulls inspiration from the Chicago “steppers” sound, an element that has obviously inspired the label greatly. ‘This Time’ is a smooth and sexy tune that’s made for couples and the perfect afterhours theme for when the lights are low and the mood is right. If this cut doesn’t entice you to grab the hand of another dancing body then nothing will. Continue reading

The Soul Investigators ‘Vulture’s Prayer’

We’re heading out to Helsinki, Finland this weekend to celebrate the Flow Mo 13th Year Anniversary which reminded us that we needed to review the latest 45 from Helsinki’s finest label, Timmion Records. Timmion Records has been in business doing what they do best since the late 90’s when they formed as a home base for the ever so funky, The Soul Investigators. It’s 2015 and The Soul Investigators are still dropping joints as heard here with “Vulture’s Prayer” b/w “Bad Vibrations”. Killer vibes on both sides that even have us questioning if these weren’t actually done and recording in the 1970’s. Authentic to the fullest and a cross between Jazz and funk goodness that could very well be mistaken for something that you’ve previously heard on an old Jazz recording or rare library LP. The Soul Investigators really took it there with this one and show why they are still a class act and just how versatile the band can be. Varying in tempo, but both funky and featuring amazing flute arrangements which is something that’s not easy to pull off with out sounding cheesy but they’ve done it correctly. Continue reading

Haters Make Me Laugh 5-Year Anniversary Recap

This past Friday night, Skeme Richards made a return visit to rock the decks along side the UK’s finest, DJ Mr. Thing to celebrate Frankfurt Germany’s most official Hip Hop party, Haters Make Me Laugh. The party celebrated it’s 5th year mark and what better way to make a night of it then to have two previous guests and top notch DJ’s hold things down. The crowd at this twice a year party always comes ready to sweat and this time was no different. As the doors opened at the 11pm, the line that had already formed outside made it’s way indoors and business was officially open. Congratulations to our fam Johannes Kompa on 5 years strong and for having Skeme Richards in on the night. Continue reading

Czarface ‘Every Hero Needs A Villain’ LP

The Trio of Wu-Tang Clan’s Inspectah Deck and Boston legends 7L & Esoteric are back at it and are just about set to release their sophomore LP, Every Hero Needs A Villain. This go around, the album will feature a few heavyweights that have joined in on the adventure including MF Doom, Method Man, GZA, R.A The Rugged Man, JuJu of The Beatnuts, Large Professor and Meyhem Lauren. As with the previous outing, the cover art is heavily inspired by classic Marvel Comics and with an all-star cast of character MC’s in the lineup, we can only image just how silly these guys are going to get with the lyrics. The double LP will be pressed on clear vinyl with a full sized ‘Death & Abduction’ comic packaged inside which is definitely the way to go to make this project even cooler than already is. Continue reading

Pam Grier: The One Chick Hit Squad

This week marks the 66th birthday of icon and Blaxploitation queen, Pam Grier. Born Pam Suzette in 1949, this one chick hit squad doesn’t seem to age and looks just as good today as she did staring in many of her 1970’s films. A few weeks back, we featured one of her earlier films, The Arena (1974) so it’s only right that we celebrate this occasion featuring another of her works, The Big Doll House (1971). The Big Doll House is one of the few ‘women in prision’ films that Pam Grier starred in which follows six female inmates throughout daily line in a gritty, unidentified supra-tropical prison. Continue reading