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Firewalker – The Movie

Jungle Fire has built up quite a name for themselves on the scene with an incredible live show, a slew of 7” releases, their recent debut LP “Tropicoso” to round out their discography and now adding another chamber to their resume, they’ve stepped into the film word and have created a short inspired by their Firewalker single. We never liked spoiling the fun and giving plots out, so we’ll just say that Firewalker – The Movie is shot in a very 70s’ LA kind of way and with a plot that send’s the band out on a special mission and something that most of us in the DJ world can probably relate to. Continue reading

Easy Tempo Night

Next month, Marsellus Wallace will make taking flight and heading to Italy for what will sure to be a heavy dosage of soundtrack goodness. Marsellus has made quite the name for himself on the scene and on April 12th, he will be the featured guest DJ at Easy Tempo Night. We’re excited for him and this opportunity to showcase some of these gems from his collection in a country where many of them were recorded.

Stay tuned for more details.

Masahiko Sato “Belladonna of Sadness” OST

Good morning world! Today I wanted to review something very special to me, the Belladonna of Sadness Soundtrack. Wow! For starters, this OST is very unique in many ways. From the rarity, to the way it was recorded, to the content of the movie that it was recorded for, to the amazing cover. In my opinion, it's the complete package!!! Belladonna of Sadness was a Japanese Anime film from 1973 and centers around a gorgeous peasant woman who was raped by a demon overlord on her wedding day. Also, completely ignored by her husband, she is forced with no outlet for her awakened sexual desire that eventually leads to her developing powers of Witchcraft. The movie is different than most Japanese anime films as it is in done in a watercolor theme influenced by Medievel European Witchcraft illustrations. The music is out of this world! Composed by Masahiko Sato, and recorded in Italy with many important Italian session musicians. Also pressed on the infamous Cinevox label from Italy, in very small quantities which makes this a rarity in itself and highly collectible. What you can expect are floating Fender Rhodes chords driven through tape echo machines, and sinister fuzz guitar that pan's from the left and right speakers continuously. Studio FX, impeccable drum rhythms, and spooky vocals sung in the native Japanese language. Very exotic and cinematic record that could very well one of the most rare records we have reviewed here at Hot Peas and Butta.

Peep the sound clip and trailer for the movie below! Continue reading

5 Fingers of Death aka King Boxer

It’s hard to believe how fast time is moving and in an era where things come and go, there are those things that have remained important and appreciated. In this case we’re talking about the Kung Fu film that started the entire craze here in the United States, 5 Fingers of Death (originally titled King Boxer) which opened in theaters 42 years ago this past Saturday. On March 21st, 1973, unsuspecting and future fans of the Kung Fu film genre were treated to what is still regarded at one of the greatest, if not greatest films of all time. Continue reading

Skeme Richards at Grand Rapids Soul Club

This Friday night Skeme Richards takes flight and will be the special guest DJ at Grand Rapids Soul Club in Michigan. GRSC is a dance party that takes place at the Pyramid Scheme each month catering to those who love to let loose to heavy funk and sweet soul 45s. The weather is starting to warm up so we’ll make sure that Skeme packs just the right amount of heaters to warm things up even further and help to start your weekend off right.

Talk To The People w/ Skeme Richards

This Sunday Skeme Richards continues his month long residency of Talk To The People at Sarah’s Place in the Brewerytown section of Philadelphia. Every Sunday in March he’ll be spinning an assortment of Jazz-funk, Rare Groove and classic Disco for people to enjoy as the relax at the bar socializing or dance to the selections. Sarah’s Place is committed to bringing something different to the city while helping the up and coming Brewerytown area grow.

Sarah’s Place opens at 3pm (also has a light snack menu) and Talk To The People begins at 9pm so get there early or arrive a bit late but we’re there until 1am.

Stone Alliance “Sweetie Pie” b/w Steve Grossman “Enya”

Japan’s Kickin label has licensed and re-released some incredible and lesser mentioned but still necessary pieces that are must owns in your collection when it fits your sound if you don’t already own them. Their latest release and first time on 7” features a double dosage of Jazzy goodness both from great album as a whole. On the A-side, “Sweetie Pie” an awesome Stone Alliance tune that should be familiar to many of you out there not only in Jazz land but in the Hip Hop world as well. It really needs no explanation and is a solid listen from beginning to end, now let the horns begin! The flip side features another heavy gem from Steve Grossman, “Enya” from his 1977 Terra Firma album and a warm welcomed addition to our 7” crates to be played out in this nicely pressed loud recording. Both the Stone Alliance and Steve Grossman albums are very much worth owning but if you’re the 45 type of guy we highly recommend you picking up copies of this release. Continue reading

The Soul Surfers ft. Myron & E “You Can Run (But You Can’t Hide)”

The Soul Surfers is one band that never seems to let up with their releases or perfecting their sound. From the initial releases on Funk Night Records, delivering the raw and dirty to their latest release set forth via Ubiquity Records that features none other than Myron & E. “You Can Run (But You Can’t Hide)” is the lead single to their upcoming full length LP and Myron & E do a great job do a great job in helping to usher things in. What we really love about this collaboration between these two entities is that it’s a perfect fit and complimentary sound that isn’t trying to be something it’s not which so many of today’s artists looking to recreate yesterday into a “new funk era” fail at. Coming with the classic part 1 and part 2 on the flip, we’re really hoping there a tasty break on the flip as the Surfers always seem to do a great job with making sure doubles are a must.

Root Soul “Amplification”

One of our favorite bands to see when traveling over to Japan is without a doubt, Root Soul. With multiple albums and single releases under their belt, including their last project “Destiny” replayed by Root Soul and Shuya Okino of Kyoto Jazz Massive, the band is set to release their next offering in 7” form via Champ Records. Champ Records is a favorite in Japan that has already released an impressive selection of 45s from Yosuke Tominaga and this marks the first featuring an outside artist. Recorded live in Shibuya at The Room, “Amplification” is a heavy up-tempo chase theme crafted by this 4-piece band delivering a full on organ assault with driving drums, serious guitar and the backing of tightly strung bass. The best way to test the waters is to hear if for yourself. Continue reading

The M-Tet “Mike’s New Adidas” b/w “All Growns Up”

As you can tell, we don’t just review or like Funk & Soul records and that our musical tastes span across genres that of course includes Jazz that’s perfect for the back deck Saturday afternoon relaxation occasion. We don’t know of too many, if any other bands recording and pressing Jazz to 7” but The M-Tet does a great job of doing it and making it sound good. The latest release from the 4 piece instrumental band features two varying choices to run with, either of course a winning choice. Both “Mike’s New Adidas” and “All Growns Up” are both swinging organ led groovers that we dig and show that the band is really in their own lane with creating original compositions in an era where so many things are remakes or most are going for a popular sound. How would we best describe this record overall? A California sun vibe that radiates a calming presence through the speakers enjoyed best while catching up with old friends and making new ones. Continue reading