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Lost Interviews with Skeme Richards

From time to time I’ll do an interview for a particular publication that never came to light for whatever reason. So instead of letting them go to waste, especially when the interviewer asked great questions, I’ll post them here. Enjoy Continue reading

Sony Classical To Release Ultimate Vinyl Star Wars Editions

It’s seems like everyone’s getting in on the vinyl game but one things for sure, if it’s associated with the Star Wars franchise then it’s a must have one plenty of peoples list. Sony Classical has recently released Star Wars: The Ultimate Vinyl Collection featuring scores from the first 6 films all composed by John Williams. If it was featured in the film then you’ll find it here, everything from the main theme to the imperial attack.

Available now via the Star Wars site:

Coffee Table Status “The World of Shaft”

There can be few devotees of popular 1970s cinema unfamiliar with Gordon Parks' gritty 1971 box office hit Shaft; even those who've not seen it will certainly have heard of it. The movie spawned two sequels, Shaft's Big Score (1972, also directed by Parks) and Shaft in Africa (1973, helmed by John Guillermin), as well as a short-lived television series. Yet the iconic title character, black private detective John Shaft – personified on film and TV by Richard Roundtree, and gifted with a piece of theme music (by Isaac Hayes) as instantly identifiable and iconic as ‘The James Bond Theme’ – was actually the creation of a white author, Ernest Tidyman, whose first novel originally hit the shelves in 1970. A paragon for many black Americans during a heated period of struggle against racial oppression, over time John Shaft cultivated a huge fan base across the world, with readers and viewers of multiple nationalities, race and colour thrilling to his literary and cinematic escapades. Continue reading

Penza Penza “Keep ‘Em Rollin” b/w “Rytm 16”

A few months back we received a test pressing from Funk Night Records that caught our attention and was unlike anything else that we had heard from the label. Produced by Misha Panfilov, the new 45 features a tasty Disco-funk double sider from a rather unlikely place, Estonia. Place of origin and sound should come as no surprise to us though as Funk Night has worked with some of the best, under the radar acts and have introduced them to a wider audience especially here in the states. Penza Penza keeps things on time combining a funky soundscape with a heavy groove that sounds very authentic to we would’ve heard during the height of the Disco-funk era. Continue reading

Skeme Richards Featured with Yo! Bros In Japan’s Ollie Magazine

Skeme Richards’ Shifting Gears mixtape was recently featured in Japan’s Ollie Magazine as an essential carry of Japanese brand Yo! Bros in their Yo! Check The Backpack spotlight. The Yo! Bros are a Hip Hop nostalgia brand the focuses on vintage wares and collectibles from the golden eras of Hip Hop as well new pieces that pay homage. Continue reading

Rhythm featuring Ohmega Watts 7”

Liquid Beat Records slides into 2016 with it’s latest release featuring Ohmega Watts, one of our favorite DJ / Producer / MC’s in the business who handles lyrical duties over a refreshing Hot16 produced track perfectly titled, Rhythm. Lush and warm, especially during this cold spell that we’re having hear on the east coast, Rhythm is not only an ode to the music that moves the body, but the vibe that connects us all, beyond barriers of language and nationality. Funky and soulful in every way and exactly the sound that we would expect from Liquid Beat Records who have carved out a small piece of the industry to call their own. Continue reading

Mission: Impossible The Television Scores

It’s not often that we review CDs, actually we’ve never reviewed them in the past but there is one that we deem worthy enough that we’ll let the format slide. The original Mission: Impossible TV show is one of our favorite series of all time and the musical scores used for the show are some of the best ever. So when we heard about the complete score making it’s way to a boxset, it was something that caught our attention. This six CD set houses restored and remastered original music scores from the series that aired from 1966 – 1973. Limited to 1,500 copies and features works by various composers including the legendary Lalo Schifrin, Gerlad Fried, Jerry Fielding, Don Ellis, Richard Hazard and a few others that contributed to making the sound of the series more than memorable. Continue reading

Misha Panfilov Sound Combo “Planetarium” (Video)

A few months back, Misha Panfilov Sound Combo made their 7” single debut on Detroit’s Funk Night Records delivering a sound that was different from anything that we’d previously heard from the label, yet fit so perfectly. Hailing from Talinn, Estonia, the group shot off into space and with it made intergalactic waves across the stars. They’ve gone the extra mile and recently released a video for their space funk single “Planetarium” that was done in mesmerizing animated style complete with aliens, ray guns and space ships which brings a whole new dimension to their song. Continue reading

Kutcorners & K-Maxx “Need 2 Know” 45

What we have here is an all-star cast that stepped up to the plate to create something fantastic and it’s something that you “Need 2 Know”. The brand new 45 from Kutcorners & K-Maxx is a heavy dosage of boogie to put just the right amount of pep in your step and it all came about via a simple connection between the two artists through the homie Big Jacks who definitely had his ears in the right place. It’s great to hear Kutcorners who has been one of our favorite producers for quite some time now and K-Maxx who has been making his way through the scene and dropping few choice cuts this past year together on one slab of vinyl. For an added bonus, the flip side features and exclusive remix from another seasoned producer, Buscrates 16-Bit Ensemble making this a no brainer to score. Continue reading

Duckcomb “Bonnevie” b/w “Every Night”

Philadelphia label Universal Cave Records known for pressing slick edits, rarities and cuts that you most likely weren’t up have released their latest 45 from Duckcomb aka Patrick Billiard (and one half of Brooklyn’s Sharegroove). A longtime Brooklyn DJ /collectors whose known for having some serious pieces in his collection takes on an international double-sider featuring two edits from the far corners of the disco stratosphere. The A-side features “Bonnevie” a definite dance floor mover and Filipino disco boogie gem with sexy female vocals, funky bongos and synth melodies. Continue reading