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The Soul Spot

Pulling double duty on the weekend of me returning from my month long Japan tour and touching down in San Antonio to play The Soul Spot at Tucker’s Kozy Korner. If you’re in or around the area on April 15th then this is the place to be for all your Modern Soul, Disco and Funk needs as we take you on a musical journey. The following day I’ll be playing the Alamo City Soul Club giving you a different flavor and side of me. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Stephane Metayer’s “Tephlon Funk”

We love being turned onto new, fun and creative things especially when it covers topics that enjoy. Recently while scrolling through out Instagram feed we noticed a post from our favorite new comic shop in Philly, Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse (@amalgamphilly) who posted a new release that they received in the shop called Tephlon Funk! The cover instantly caught our attention because of the anime style of the characters, the Japanese lettering and being that we’re here in Tokyo at this very moment, we felt a swift connection and needed to know what it was shooting for. Continue reading

Speakeasy Special Edition

This past Sunday night in Tokyo, I had the pleasure of playing what I would definitely consider one of the most fun and authentic parties that I’ve ever done. SPEAKEASY is beautiful party with such a diverse crowd of all types that begins at 4pm and goes until 11 and is thrown by DJ Sarasa and Brooklyn Terry. Considered as Tokyo’s #1 vibeout party and I can definitely see why, everyone was all smiles from beginning to end. Playing genres across the board from House to Hip Hop, remixes and edits, Soul and Disco, this is a dancers and music lovers paradise to say the least. Thank you to the Speakeasy family for having me in to do what I do and making me feel at home. Continue reading

RENDEZVOUS! Presents Truck Turner

The RENDEZVOUS! party in Los Angeles always has something cool going on! Join them for the next installment of this Friday, April 8th as they screen Isaac Hayes in the 1974 Blaxploitation classic, TRUCK TURNER! As per usual, they will have a gamut of giveaways from their sponsors, including a lovely 12" statue of Pam Grier as FOXY BROWN, courtesy of Grindhouse Releasing and! Continue reading

Melinda (1972) DVD

One of the better and most successful Blaxploitation films, Melinda finally see’s a legit release on home video after all of these years and many bootleg VHS and DVD’s that have flooded the market. The Warner Archive collection has been busy bringing many of the harder to find classics of various genres to DVD in a special Made To Order service including the Bernie Casey / Pam Grier gem, Hit Man. Continue reading

The James Brown Revue: Live At The Apollo IV

The reoccurring theme that you hear from most collectors is “record store day is everyday” which may hold true for most but it’s not everyday that music lovers are treated to such gems that may find their way to the bins. Sure, for the true music lover and collector, the hassles of dealing with crowded shops and greedy buyers hoarding multiple copies of pointless releases to later sell on eBay are never worth going out but instead well spent home enjoying what already fills your personal crates. But every so often a release comes across that you may need to call in favors to the shop owner and let them know that you need them to hold you a copy of a release, which is the case in the upcoming James Brown and his Revue “Live at The Apollo” IV. Continue reading

Hip Drop (Osaka, Japan)

This Saturday Skeme Richards lands in Osaka for Hip Drop, which will be his last gig of the tour, which is fitting since “connecting Philly to Tokyo in Osaka” is the slogan. He’ll be playing alongside a cast of record slingers serving up Hip Hop, Funk, Soul, Jazz, Disco and other things they like and taking you on a music journey. Osaka fam, let’s make this night special and end things on a musical high!

Dust + Dignity Recap

Now that all of the dust has settled and the clean up is done, the Dust + Dignity exhibition has come to a close but the memories of this social gathering still remains. It was a great month long run showcasing album covers in hopes of opening dialog about many of the social issues going on in the world today. For those of you who were not able to attend, there’s a short video documentary for you to get a first hand perspective on each of the DJ’s and their selections filmed by Lendl Tellington. Hot Peas & Butta would like to thank the organizers for including contributions from Skeme Richards’ collection in the exhibition and also the many people that came out to be a part of this great event. We’re looking forward to doing more of this hopefully in a city near you! Continue reading

Alamo City Soul Club

Landing in from Japan with a day or two rest in between and then it’s back off to play records in San Antonio with the gang from Alamo City Soul Club on Saturday April 16th. I’ve never had the opportunity to play a night in San Antonio and luck would have it, I’ll be playing back to back gigs on Friday and Saturday at both The Soul Spot and Alamo City Soul Club. So get you’re dancing shoes out because it’s going to be a long one!

The Library Music Film

Growing up as a kid I was deeply in love with classic television programs, some before my time and many during my time. Introduced and heavily influenced by my uncle to watch many of these shows, with a large portion coming from the UK, I was always fascinated with the music. Shows like The Champions, Department S, Space 1999, The Avengers and others while in the states, series like The Streets of San Francisco, Mission: Impossible and Kojak all seem to have not only great casts, interesting storylines and set designs that felt authentic but also the music was always on point, yet I never gave too much thought into it. Although I never stopped watching these shows into my adult years, it wasn’t until the late 80s / early 90s when the latest trend in Hip Hop record collecting and sampling was through Library LPs when I made the connection. Producers would sample a record and I would instantly say “oh yeah, that’s on the Department S episode from 1975 where…. So as the Library LP collecting became big to sample from, I opted to sample straight from the VHS episodes of these shows that I had collected for years. Continue reading