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Have A Drink With Great Revivers LP

Already having a slew of amazing 45’s under their belt, Saint Petersburg Russia’s Great Revivers return with their first full length LP via Detroit’s Funk Night Records. Have a Drink With Great Revivers is filled with tough as nails funk, library and psych cuts that the band has been known to deliver on their previous 7” releases. If you’ve been reading our reviews of the group then you know just how much we give the band our seal of approval (which doesn’t come easy) so we highly suggest you do yourself a favor and pick up this limited to 500 copies slab of goodness to add to your collection.

Order directly from the label at or from your local record store.

Around The Corner: Brewerytown Beats

A month or so back, we did an interview with record shop owner Max of Brewerytown Beats to find out just what it takes to get a shop up and running as well as the day-to-day operations. But what we didn’t touch on was how important was it for him to set up shop in the Brewerytown section which has become the focal point of a new WHYY series called Around the Corner which focuses on businesses in particular areas of the city. They had the chance to go in depth with Max on the topic as he explains how much he loves to work in an area that he lives in. Continue reading

Reality Jonez “Don’t Count Your Money” 45

There really needs to be a crash course in the “what is soul” department of music because the term “soul” get’s thrown around way too frequently, yet has no resemblance or connection to previous era’s when it actually meant something. Every so often, comes an artists or song that hit’s the “this is how it’s done” switch to let listeners know, that soul still exists, you just need to know where to look for it and we’ve found that pot of gold. Reality Jonez returns to the plate and delivers a heart to heart with a strong message of “Don’t Count Your Money” (when a broke man’s watching). Delivering this soulful message in what he calls a “New Oldies” sound is the perfect way to describe it. It’s something that the generations past would be very proud of hearing while keeping it updated to fit into modern times for this generation to enjoy. Continue reading

Lina Loi “Dip” 45

The sound of Motown is one that should be recognizable to any ear within listening range. From Diana Ross & The Supremes to Smokey Robinson and The Miracles, artists that have come from that label have moved dance floors for decades and rightly so, the passion put in and the sound turned out has always been authentic. And authenticity within the music is something that we aren’t finding as much these days especially when Soul and R&B is concerned, but there is always that diamond in the rough that makes us smile. In this case, it’s the latest release from Soulside Productions, a label that prides itself on keeping soul alive, taps the beautiful soundings of Lina Loi for her heavily Motown inspired single release “Dip”. This is indeed a Motown sound even though Lina, a Texas born, L.A. residing female songstress isn’t from Detroit, she’s definitely captured the essence of the label and it’s many artists that came before her to carry on a sound that not many could pull off. Continue reading

Good Records NYC

There seems to be a lot of journalistic coverage of record shops and their loving owners that put their heart and soul into keeping the shelves stocked and the lights on. The Village Voice recently caught up with Jonathan Sklute, Owner of Good Records in NYC to talk about the history and purpose of the shop and how it provides the public with it’s musical fix. Jonathan also talks about the current trends in what the younger kids are searching for these days, how digging culture has changed and more. Continue reading

Rudy Ray Moore’s “Dolemite” 40th Anniversary

This week we celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Blaxploitation classic film, Dolemite starring Rudy Ray Moore. Dolemite made it’s big screen debut in 1975 via Dimension Pictures and later on home video through Xenon Pictures. Dolemite is a pimp who was set up by Willie Greene and the cops who planted drugs, stolen furs and guns in his trunk that got him sentenced to 20 years in jail. The plot then surrounds Dolemite getting out of prison, and with the help of his call girls and female karate experts, he goes on a revenge mission for paybacks. Continue reading

Brewerytown Beats “Grand Re-Opening”

This Saturday afternoon marks the grand re-opening of Brewerytown Beats. Those who have been to the current location love the intimate setting but situation just a short walk away and around the corner, they’re setting up shop in a beautiful new space that we’re sure you’ll love. Complete with listening stations, more shelves filled with records, more merchandise including, needles, magazines, record bags from Tucker & Bloom and more. In celebration of the re opening, they’ve invited a few friends to play and showcase records from their crates while you shop and enjoy a glass a beer supplied by Crime & Punishment Brewing Company. On the bill are none other than J-Zone, Ox The Architect, KosherRican and Skeme Richards.

Wicked City Original Anime Soundtrack

One of our favorite Japanese anime movies that we first caught wind of in the early 90’s from Manga Video was Wicked City on VHS. Everything about it captured our attention, from the stylized art and grittiness to the story line and of course the soundtrack that the Japanese seem to do so well by taking particular care and sonically capturing what is shown on the screen. We recently found out about the upcoming soundtrack release that will be making its debut via Tiger Lab Vinyl who took the time to release the original 1987 video soundtrack that has been restored and remastered. Continue reading

Soulelujah Recap

Last weekend I took the short flight over to Cambridge and had the pleasure of DJ’ing at Soulelujah, a party that has been going strong since 2003 and one that I’ve wanted to play for quite some time. Parties of this nature are always great to play no only for the fact that the musically, you get to really spread your wings but also, the crowd in attendance are always open and ready to dance. Soulelujah definitely did NOT disappoint! From the minute the doors opened the front room started to fill up and by the time the back was ready to go, the room was busting at the seams with folks already cutting the rug. Pictures never capture exactly all that went down but I’m sure you can use your imagination as to how the evening went. Continue reading

J Rocc – Brothers Party 45

With all of the hype surrounding Record Store Day and it’s fancy “exclusives” to every day common records (and records that you have to question, why?), there were a few gems (some of which were non RSD drops) that slipped through the cracks undetected by most. One such gem which previously made it’s rounds and was a secret gem to a few but was originally created by the Funky President himself, was a tribute of sorts to producer Showbiz (of DITC). Legendary Beat Junkie member J Rocc has a new series of 45’s that he’ll be releasing and the first out the pressing plant is “Brothers Party”, an incredible reworking of Brother Jack McDuff’s “Do It Now!” originally sampled for and made famous by Showbiz but done in a way J Rocc has called it his own. Continue reading