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Polyrhythmics “El Fuego” b/w The Mendo Mulcher

Kept Records releases are slowly but surely beginning to take up valuable real estate within our record bags and we’re looking forward to adding their latest 7” to the collection. This go around, the label once again worked with the Polyrhythmics on a double sider featuring two tough cuts with “El Fuego” on the A-side coming in at 4:33 of heavy afro funky goodness . El Fuego is an uptempo floor warmer with all of the right elements to bring it all together beginning of course with the backbone of everything, the drums. But then out of the corner the horn section kicks in which really put it over the edge and takes it up a notch to deliver it’s full potential of it being thee cut for the floor. But just as you think you’ve gotten the full scope of everything, right at about the 2:57 mark the band take’s it back to the basics with a heavy drum break that describes the term “double’s a must” to the T. The flip side, “The Mendo Mulcher” which was inspired by the northern California coast and the laidback lifestyle that slows things down a bit and makes for a perfect compliment to the A-side. A head nodder if you will with emphasis on the wah-wah groove and letting it breathe as a headlining compliment but not so much as to overpower the overall performance. Continue reading

BadBadNotGood x Ghostface ft. MF Doom ‘Ray Gun’

From time to time there comes something that’s so futuristic, yet so fucking vintage that we wonder how many people are even deep enough to understand exactly what’s going on. In this case we’re talking about the new BadBadNotGood x Ghostface Killah featuring MF Doom “Ray Gun” joint that just dropped. Hell, we were already looking forward to this project but after seeing the video treatment that it received we’re really sitting on the edge of our seats for it. From the moment the video began, the opening credit sequence was a complete blending of Toho Films and Shaw Brothers aesthetics which automatically took us back to sitting in a theater preparing for a Godzilla or Shaw Brothers double feature. The video for Ray Gun was definitely done in a 60’s sci-fi sort of way mixed with a bit of 70’s exploitation that we’re sure that even Quentin Tarantino would have to give it the nod of approval. On the rhyme side of things both Ghostface and MF Doom deliver sharp and witty rhymes but what else would you expect from the deadly masked duo who compliment each other so well. When it comes to the production side of things, Toronto based jazz-funk crew BadBadNotGood came with the goods that honestly served up exactly what we were hoping for and nothing less.

If this is what we’re in store for with this new project than by all means, bring it on!

Skeme Richards at Soul City

On Friday January 30th Skeme Richards will be special guest DJ at Soul City in Tilburg, the Netherlands. Soul City is an all vinyl dance party that focuses on Disco and dance classics of old and new, playing everything from James Brown to Jamiroquai, Taana Garner to Erykah Badu and everything in between. Expect Skeme to play some of his choice cuts from some of his favorite dance labels including Philadelphia International Records, West End and Prelude as well as more obscure label 12” pressings. Continue reading

Light The Fuse “Groove Habits”

First let us start by giving credit where credit is due with being hipped to this new Light The Fuse EP and upcoming 7” that we originally heard about from our friends over at Flea Market Funk. Groove Habits is the lead off track from the EP and it’s an incredible blend of funky jazz, drum breaks and heavy acoustic double bass that transforms us back to a time when Jazz samples were very well alive in Hip Hop releases. But of course it has a Hip Hop feel because the lone band member, Anton who was raised on Funk and Hip Hop music before he knew what those genres were and later inspired by the likes of DJ Shadow, Beat Junkies and Cut Chemist. Anton who started as a Bboy back in the 90’s started digging records, rocking local parties and traveling around Siberia to spin breaks at Bboy Jams. Continue reading

The One Chick Hit Squad is Back, Coffy!

Over the years we’ve owned and collected multiple versions of Pam Grier’s Coffy, from bootlegs of the VHS to original Big Box versions and even the Soul Cinema version on DVD. But the UK’s Arrow Films is set to release what will most likely be the final version that we will ever spend our hard earned cash on. The one chick hit squad returns and in and the glorious picture quality of Blu-Ray. Quentin Tarantino regards this American International film release as “one of the most entertaining films ever made”. Continue reading

Breakdown Brass “The Horseman” (Video)

Ahhh… The sweet sounds of Afro-funky goodness, and heavy on the brass dosage is definitely what we needed to brighten up a gloomy Amsterdam day like today while overlooking the canals from the balcony. And who might be responsible for this sudden cheer up you ask? Breakdown Brass that’s who and they’ve totally knocked it out the ball park with their latest release “The Horseman” and of course the accompanying in-studio video gives you a first hand look at just how hard these guys work when blowing these tunes. If you’re not familiar with, then take note or if think that you might have heard this sound before then you’re probably correct. Breakdown Brass is made up of young veterans of Brooklyn’s soul and funk scene and it’s members have recorded and toured with the likes of Antibalas, Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings, Charles Bradley, Monophonics and a few other names that you should be familiar with if you’ve been keeping up with updates on our site. The Horseman was written by Nadav Nirenberg who not only plays Trombone, Sousaphone, Farfisa and Percussion on the track but is also a member of Ikebe Shakedown, another band that has been making a lot of noise on the scene over the last year or so. Continue reading

Things Found at Auction

From time to time we find some very interesting collectibles on the net that we would love to add to our collection but when you see some of the prices that people are asking, you have to scratch your heads and say really!? We recently found a vintage 70’s Black Belt Jones t-shirt that someone was selling and of course it was an a very inflated price. So many times people think they are sitting on gold but most times something is worth only what someone is will to pay for it. Although Jim Kelly is a Martial Arts and film icon, someone willing to invest $499 in this t-shirt either doesn’t know market values or has a lot of money to drop on it. But good luck to the seller, whoever you are and if you ever want to lower the price by at least $400 please feel free to drop us a line and we’ll negotiate on the remaining $100. Continue reading

1/6 ‘Cosmetic Love’ b/w The Public Opinion Six ‘Jappo’

It’s been a long time between drinks for Melbourne’s mighty Afrobeat juggernaut The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra (The POAO). To get everyone warmed up for 2015’s much anticipated LP release, two of the group’s vocalists, rapper 1/6 and singer / percussionist Lamine Sonko are fronting alternate sides of a split 7” out on Hope Street Recordings. A highly nutritious Afro freaky snack to keep enthusiasts of all things raw and righteous satisfied till the main course arrives. Continue reading

Hot Peas & Butta x WahWah Recap

We’re finally getting around to having some down time after Skeme Richards made his return from Japan and after all of the holiday festivities to start going through the tons of photos of his Japan travels, food, sites and of course parties. We’d like to thank all of the venues and promoters for opening their doors and helping us pull off another successful tour, the DJ’s that packed and carried their crates out to play for the people and of course the people themselves that partied with us from the first drop of the need until the final song played. We especially want to the Asami One and Anijha who are responsible for organizing and making sure that Hot Peas & Butta is represented properly in Japan. Continue reading

Styling’s of The Fashionable DJ (Ladies First)

Back in November we started a column here at Hot Peas & Butta titled “Styling’s of The Fashionable DJ” where we took a look at three fellow DJs from our network that all have unique tastes in not only the music that they play, but also the fashion and brands that they wear. We asked them in short, to describe they’re preference in what they wear, what makes them feel good and the music they enjoy. This month we ask those same questions to two lovely ladies who both have great taste in the music that they play for their audience as well as what they wear. Continue reading