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The Coolin’ System

Summer may be coming to a close but there’s still a few hot releases making it’s way down the pipeline including one that will surely keep you from overheating, yet get the juices flowing with extreme eargasms. Refrigerate After Opening is the latest release via GED Soul Records and one the brings forth quite a nice set of tunes that were recorded by The Coolin’ System on Memorial day in 2012 and then set aside to be rediscovered at a later time. The Coolin’ System, a 7 piece band heavily influenced by the likes of Horace Silver, Jimmy McGriff and Lou Donald to name a few deliver a solid serving of Soul-Jazz, Funk and R&B infused goodness that will surely age well and sit along side those greats that inspired them.

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This Thing We Do: Houston DJ Culture Revealed

When it comes to DJ culture and it’s historical background, most people are familiar with the roots of New York, Philadelphia, L.A., The Bay Area and Chicago. But one city that not much is known about (at least not until now) yet has a deep musical history is Houston. Houston’s own historian of music and DJ culture, Flash Gordon Parks (who we like to call the Mayor) has a new project that he’s been working on that will shed a bright light, similar to the bat signal used to notify Batman on what Houston’s DJ history is all about. Within the documentary, some of Houston’s elite will share stories and deliver important details of what makes the city so special and solidify why this documentary was necessary to make.

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The Shaolin Plot

Shout! Factory returns with another 4 DVD set of Kung Fu classics title Martial Arts Movie Marathon vol. 2. This time around they’ve included one film that we’ve been looking forward to seeing without all of the grain from our old VHS copies, The Shaolin Plot.

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Mile High Celebration

We at Hot Peas & Butta want to send big shouts and Happy 6th Anniversary to our friends Tyler Jacobson, DJ Dogboy and Steve Cervantes over at Mile High Soul Club in Denver. Skeme Richards had the pleasure of DJ’ing this amazing party a few months back that is held at the Beauty Bar and had a great time. Everything from the sound system to the crowd are amazing, so if you’re in Denver on September 6th then do yourself a favor and swing by to hear these guys spin an amazing set of tunes, all 45’s of course!

Ximeno Records Sureshot

You can NEVER go wrong when a Ximeno Records release is concerned and their latest offering comes at the perfect time. Their previous release and what we thought would be our favorite runs a close neck to neck with this incredible double sider. The A features a reggae cover version of “Ring My Bell” performed by the Blood Sisters which is a heavy hitter and guaranteed to be a floor filler. The B side features a tune that if you’re in the know and don’t already own it then you’ll definitely be jumping for joy to finally add this heat rock to your crates. The Nairobi Sisters “Promise Land Dub” is a break beat filled, bassline heavy, head nodder which deserves to own at least 2 copies, one for today and the other to remember you own years later after you’ve worn the first one out.

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Sunrise LTD – Until My Love Returns

Wow!!! I've had this one for years and can't believe this is the first time I've done a review on it. What we have here is a Jazz/Funk LP by a mysterious group called Sunrise LTD called "Until My Love Returns" and is a small private pressing on Pizzazz Records out of Detroit Michigan circa 1980. I've never seen any other LP's released on this label so this could have been a 1 shot. It reminds me a bit of the earlier Tarika Blue recordings, with a bit more Jazz flute sprinkled in. It has all of the ingredients I tend to look for in a private jazz recording. Alto and Tenor Sax, Electric Piano, Percussion, snappy Drums, you name it! This is one of those records that can move you in many different directions, which Jazz can tend to do, but this one does in a different way. I also love the simplicity of the cover, as well as the back cover giving us a screen shot of the studio. A while back I was contacted by the son of a member of the group thanking me for putting this on my blog (which was a total surprise and honor). He mentioned that even a few of the original members didn't have a copy or this record which seems to be the case with many of these types of releases. This was over a year ago, and since then, I've completely lost contact with him. If this somehow makes it's way back around, I have a cleaner copy of this since my last copy (it was kind of beat when I found it) with your name on it.

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Black Magic aka Golden Lotus

Guerilla Godz Producer and B-movie film buff Solomon Caine returns with a couple new videos showcasing and combining his two loves of beats and classics cinema. This go around he stirs up a sinister serving while perfectly matching it to classic samurai visuals for the “Black Magic aka Golden Lotus” track while he takes the jazzy route with Cary Grant. We’ve featured Solomon Caine’s videos in previous posts as well as featured the Guerilla Godz “Unmask The Phantom” EP, which is still available via Chopped Herring Records.

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Antibalas ‘Tattletale’ 7”

Daptone Records returns with their latest 7” from the funky Afro group, Antibalas who lays down an instrumental selection and signature sound that we’ve come accustomed to. All of the elements are present, from the guitar to thick drums, heavy organ grooves and of course those blazing horns the complete the package. Composed by keyboardist / producer Victor Axelrod, Tattletale has been a sinister, funky flute-driven live staple for Antibalas for many years, drawing from musical inspirations of Ethiopian funk and jazz masters Mulatu Astatqe, Wallias Band and Mahmoud Ahmed of the mid 1970’s.

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La noche de RENDEZVOUS!

LA’s RENDEZVOUS! return’s with another solid mix to make your ears stand up with curiosity and get the itching for an afternoon digging session to find out what some of these gems are. The latest mix features tunes from their newest resident and incredible collector, Ms. Dina Juntila who gives the listener an earful of what you can expect to hear if you’re ever in attendance at one of their nights (which we highly suggest you do). So sit back, shut the world off and soak up some of these amazing sounds that you’ll probably never find at your local record store.

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Redefinition – Bahia Affair 7”

Who are Redefinition you ask? Well it’s trio of friends that take their love of music and production very serious, and are heavily influenced by classic Brazilian sounds of the 60’s and 70’s which they then combine elements of bossa percussion with thick MPC beats and heavy Fender Rhodes. Comprised of Mecca:83, Buscrates 16-bit Ensemble and DistantStarr, they’ve come together to create the Bahia Affair 7” and digital EP. The 7” features Nardo Says and DistantStarr on vocals on the A side who delivers laid back rhymes and jewels for the ears over magical head nodding production which really puts you into a comfort zone while painting the picture of a scene that eventually fades away. The B side flips the script by delivering a Fender Rhodes heavy and bubbling remix which brings an entirely different feel and dimension than the original.

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