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Rendezvous! Fall Trailer

Our favorite soundtrack and cinema themed party, Rendezvous! is back with new promo trailer for their monthly event which invites some of the best DJ / Collectors with quite possibly some of the rarest vinyl selections found in any crate to play for their diehard audience. Spinning goodness from the late 60’s thru early 80’s including soundtracks and Library, psychedelia and other oddities while screening an assortment of poliziotteschi, giallo and erotica films.

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R.I.P. Buster Jones

When most people view cartoons they see visuals and hear voices that match, but very few times can people place an actual human face to those voices. One such actor that played a major part in doing voice over work in some of our favorite childhood cartoon series was Buster Jones Continue reading

Budos Band ‘Burnt Offering’ 45

Budos Band makes their return to center stage with an updated sound yet still uniquely theirs. This go around the band infuses a heavy slice of psychedelic rock ala Black Sabbath into the mix to create what could possibly be yet another masterpiece to add to their growing catalog. Burnt Offering, the latest album due out on Daptone Records in October with the lead single ‘Burnt Offering’ b/w ‘Seizures’ is out now on a very collectible and limited edition 7’’ in grew smoke color is available now via

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Phonography: GE Solidstate V-638

This portable first caught my eye by it’s olive drab color. It just looked military grade and no doubt I needed it in my collection! General Electric released a lot of portables during the 60’s & 70’s and each one had different features and available colors. Most portables had a maximum of 3 speeds but the V-638 is an earlier model that featured four - 78, 33, 45 and 16. A lot of the similar models to the GE V-638 varied in control knobs, some were horizontal switches and a few were vertical toggle switches. This particular model is not a dual power mode which has the option to run on batteries, but this particular portable is loud enough to have a few friends over for a vinyl listening party.

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Third Coast Kings “Birds & Bees”

The Third Coast Kings return with their latest release and something that’s quite a rarity within the genre, an accompanying video to go along with “Birds & Bees” 45. We need more of the simple things in life and what can be even simpler than love, and that’s exactly what this tune is about. The video itself was even shot with the simplest of treatments with two people meeting at a dance while listening to a great live band. The Third Coast Kings definitely scored a winner in our book which is available now on a limited edition transparent 45, LP, CD and Digital Download.

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Shaft Explodes Like Dynamite

It doesn’t happen often, but we love the element of surprise and catching wind of things that completely make our day. Writer and filmmaker David Walker who has a very popular site, BadAzz Mofo has teamed up with Brazilian artist Bilquis Evely to create the new Shaft comic book hitting shelves in December. Shaft is based off of the hard-hitting detective created by novelist Ernest Tidyman and popularized on the big screen by actor Richard Roundtree who played the character. The December release date of issue #1 celebrates the 45th anniversary of an American icon with a wealth of cover art options by industry talents including Francesco Francavilla, Michael Avon Oeming, Ulises Farinas and an incredible collaboration between Denys Cowan and Bill Sienkiewicz.

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Lo Squartatore Di New York (New York Ripper) OST

For over 3 decades, label Beat Records has been in the forefront celebrating their love for Italian cinema. I would definitely say they are among my all-time favorite companies that focused on Soundtracks during the 1970’s and 80’s. The label has always pressed limited runs of 500 or less making them extremely rare in today’s collectors market. Having a large amount of quality music to back u their past reputation, they still to this day put out many vaulted projects that never saw pressings at the time of the films release. My only complain is that they are mostly focusing on Compact Disc without any vinyl format. Comprised with Sci-Fi, Horror & Euro Crime, this company had plenty to choose from holding a heavy hitter catalog with composers by the likes of the mighty Francesco De Masi.

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Capturing a Moment In Time

The visual aspect of Hot Peas & Butta is something that we take just as serious as the music that we provide during our events. Everything from the rare visual projections that we curate, to the photographers that we choose to work with all understand the importance of capturing a moment in time in it’s purist form. Photography along with other creative outlets that have gone digital are now exploited to the point that everyone now indulges in most of these crafts, yet have mastered none. So when we catch wind of someone that has indeed mastered their craft during a time when not many were doing it, we have to let you know about it. One such photographer is Michael A. Abramson who captured elements of the social scene in South Side Chicago during the 1970s.

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Jungle Fire “Tropicoso” LP

After a pair of amazing 7” releases on Colemine Records, it looks like our friends from Jungle Fire are gearing up to release their highly anticipated first LP, Tropicoso. For those of you that have been following the band since the beginning, you already know what to expect from this Los Angeles area based afro/latin funk band that have been making plenty of noise and filling venues with their explosive sound. Jungle Fire pulls it’s influences from legends like Ray Camacho, Ray Barretto, James Brown and Fela Kuti to name of few of the greats that they follow in the footsteps of. Their sound is a creative melting pot of afro-cuban rhythms, break beats and 70’s inspired funk very reminiscent of early gems that the Master of Records, Afrika Bambaataa would spin which is no wonder why B-boys and B-girls of today have taken such a liking to them.

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Hot Peas & Butta Germany 4yr Anniversary Tour

October is right around the corner and for the last 4 years meant that it’s time for another outing and Hot Peas & Butta Germany tour. This year we’ll kick things off on October 2nd and heading to Darmstadt where Steppin’ Out will be hosting us. The following night we return to Cologne for another Riddim & Groove collaboration and then to cap things off we’ll take an extremely long train ride and make our way to Kiel to throw down with our family at From Here To Funk which is the perfect way to cap things off.

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