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Street Player EP

There’s something about having a test pressing in your hand of a record that the label passed to you previously and for the last couple of months you’ve been playing it in your sets gaining positive reactions. That’s when the label see’s you as a “tastemaker” and knows that you’re doing a DJ’s job of making and breaking records. That’s the case with the latest release from Portland Oregon’s Liquid Beat Records that was given to me back in June while visiting the city. I met up with label owner Matt Nelkin who always looks out for me and spent the day taking me local hangouts, restaurants and of course spots like Clinton Street Records. Continue reading

What If Star Wars Was Made As A Cheap Grindhouse Film?

Fan made films and trailers are some of the best things going on in the land of the Internet so when someone decides to combine two of our favorite things and turn Star Wars into a cheesy grindhouse style trailer complete with the classic coming attractions prevue opening we’re all for it! Done in the style of films from the 70’s with dialog hyping the film up as a must see, glitches in the 35mm print and cut scenes that make for a dramatic and awesome moviegoer experience. Continue reading

Perfect Blue LP

The 1997 Japanese animated psychological thriller-horror film Perfect Blue directed by Satoshi Kon, written by Sadayuki Murai and based on the novel Perfect Blue: Complete Metamorphosis finally gets a vinyl release.  Well over a year in the making Tiger Lab Vinyl and Madhouse Production Studios teamed up to present Masahiro Ikumi’s original score this this classic film.  Without have ever seeing the film itself, Ikumi’s score paints the perfect soundscape in the form of an electronic tour de force willed with ambient layers, eerie vocal choirs, infectious rhythms and ghostly melodies. Continue reading

Masta Conga “Got To Get Down”

One of our favorite albums to come out over the last few years that still get’s plenty of spins from us in the office is “Pulsion” from the Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra which we highly suggest you buy if you haven’t done so already. Several months back we caught wind of a new project from Masta Conga and the Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra that would take a similar yet different approach in presenting something new to the listener. The New album “Got To Get Down” once again see’s the group delivering a very cinematic soundtrack but this time connecting with 3 of your favorites, favorite MC’s to deliver vocals. Emskee, Audessey and Oxygen all step to the plate to bat homeruns in an entirely new way, over live instrumentation that makes this more than just your standard boom bap album. Imaging if these guys were sitting in on the sessions during the recordings of your favorite Bruton or De Wolfe LP’s as the magic was happening, that’s exactly what you’re going to get, magic. Continue reading

DJ BlueWater – Sabon Sauti Mix

It’s been quite sometime since we’ve featured a mix on the site but it’s not because there isn’t anything good out there but more so we’re looking for something different than what we’re more commonly hearing. So when we saw a post a few days ago from fellow collector and DJ, BlueWater (who we’ve featured before) about his new Sabon Sauti African 45’s mix, we knew it was gonna be a sure shot and it definitely is! Continue reading

100% Dynamite @ Johnny Brendas

This Saturday night Skeme Richards returns to Johnny Brendas, one of the few venues in the city of Philadelphia that truly gets it when it comes to branding it’s DJ’s and musical selections. From their weekend Soul Brunch with rotating DJ’s to the monthly Ease Back with Froz1 and Personify, JB’s has you covered. Back behind the decks on this Saturday night excursion, Skeme will spin a heavy vinyl selection of Funk, Soul and Rare Groove for your enjoyment while you eat, drink, dance and socialize.

Zuntata “Taito Sound Team”

If you’re a lover of classic arcade video game music then you’ve without a doubt been keeping up with various releases that have been making their way to glorious vinyl, many for the first time. One of our favorite games companies is legendary Japanese developer Taito who have always had lush soundtracks in their games provided by their in-house band ZUNTATA. Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is set to release the first volume in a series of compilation LP’s showcasing the incredible work that ZUNTATA did on Taito’s arcade titles. Volume one contains selections from Night Stalker, Metal Black and Elevator Action Returns, three classics from the early 90s. Continue reading

The M-Tet Plus Two “Sal’s-U-Save” Part 1 & 2

One of our favorite bands that continue to mature in sound while delivering rock solid releases via Detroit’s Funk Night label as well as the bands own Lugnut Brand is the Bay Area’s The M-Tet. Coming in on the heels of their most recent release “VAMP, Oakland” and in a league of their own, the The M-Tet adds a Plus Two to the line up for their upcoming 45 titled, “Sal’s-U-Save” Parts 1 & 2. The Plus Two in this case adding a welcoming touch to the groups sound is Eric Mekkelson on tenor saxophone and Dave Berger on congas which rounds things out rather lovely and reminiscent of Jimmy McGriff’s finer grooves. The trio of Chris Lujan, Michael Reed and Gary Pitman already had working chemistry going on and now with the mid season roster change, the funk really flows and it shows on this two-part dosage of heavy organ jazz, which sounds amazing. Continue reading

Marvel’s Luke Cage

The comic universe has been going crazy since the trailer for Marvel’s latest Netflix original series, Luke Cage made it’s debut at San Diego Comic Con back in July. Since then, fans have been sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for the series to premier on September 30th. It’s only right that fans are going bonkers as this first time that we’ve seen a hero of this caliber hit the screen in their own solo outing. Since there is so much hype on the new series and especially from people who probably have never read the comic, we decided to give our readers a little background on this soul brother and his humble beginnings on the pages of Luke, Cage Hero For Hire (1972). Continue reading

Kings Without Crowns

Hot Peas & Butta has always lived on the philosophy of “do it yourself” whenever our creativity was concerned. We’ve kept everything in-house, from the art and design of how we present our projects, to booking our own tours, releasing our comic book series and even working with labels like Record Breakin’ Music to release our music. It’s all about distributing quality on a high level, with a modest budget while keeping the mom & pop neighborhood (but worldwide) shop aesthetics. Continue reading