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The Biography of Alexander Fu Sheng

When it comes to Shaw Brothers Kung Fu films, one of the most famous and recognizable faces is without a doubt, Gordon Liu (36th Chambers of Shaolin). He’s the guy that Quentin Tarantino has used in his Kill Bill series, he’s also the point of reference for The RZA and the Wu Tang Clan’s ‘Enter The 36th Chambers of Shaolin’ LP. But there’s one actor who might not get as much mention in the larger groups of conversation but is equally as important and highly regarded as a great within the ranks of Shaw actors not only from fans of the genre but also from those outside as well. Alexander Fu Sheng (Cheung Fu-Sheng) known as the cute one who stared in some of the best SB films (43 total) including Avenging Eagle, Chinatown Kid, Five Masters of Shaolin and more had all of the makings of a star. He had the looks, charisma, sex appeal, comedic timing, could act, sing, dance and of course knew Martial Arts. Fu Sheng’s acting career began in 1972 but he passed away in 1983 before his directing career took off which is where he really wanted to head into. Not much has really been written about Fu Sheng over the years until now as author Terrence J. Brady has gone in depth and spent quite a few years researching, traveling and interviewing in order to complete the biography of Alexander Fu Sheng which is slated to see a release in 2016. Continue reading

Chris Hazelton’s Boogaloo 7 ‘Alright Now’ b/w ‘Stop Mr. Ice Cream Man!’

Well, well, well, look what’s knocking on the door and just in time as summer is right around the corner and you know how we feel about sitting on the deck with friends and drinks while enjoying our jazz selections. Chris Hazelton’s Boogaloo 7 are set to release next 45 via Sunflower Records and it’s definitely a worker. Upholding their analog standards The Kansas City outfit delivers a snazzy (recorded direct to tape) 7” slab of Hammond B-3 goodness complimented with an incredibly lush horn arrangement that completely takes us over the edge before parachuting down right at about the point where the hefty Bboy break comes in! This is Jazz for today that pays tribute to those incredible artists and albums of yesterday that we love so much. Lonnie Smith, Jimmy McGriff, Grand Green and Lou Donaldson are the greats, but Chris Hazelton’s Boogaloo 7 are looking to be heirs to the thrown and they’re on the right path. Now all we need are a few more 45s and a full LP and we’ll be set!

Available June 19th via Sunflower Records Continue reading

AM & Shawn Lee “Outlines” LP

What do you get when you put two lovers of music together who hear things in such a way that they can reinterpret and recreate to make something totally new, yet still vintage to a certain degree? You get a masterpiece from the transatlantic duo AM & Shawn Lee that’s heavily based off of their love and long time obsession of digging for obscure soul, sound library recordings and soundtracks who then re-imagined them through a pop lens to create their latest LP, “Outlines”. The first single “Persuasion” sets up the album perfectly with a revolving, atmospheric synth pattern suddenly interrupted by a deep funk groove peppered with staccato vocal stylings. This is how electronic music is supposed to sound, lush with heavy focus on synthesizers, drums and of course bass in a rather John Carpenter kind of way, yet obviously their own take. Continue reading

Ghostface ft. Raekwon ‘Return of The Savage’

And you say party people, the legend of the Ghostface Killah has returned for another ‘Twelve Reasons to Die” and on this go around of the Adrian Younge produced volume 2, he’s enlisted the help of fellow Wu members Raekwon to drop a verse and The RZA for the assist on the outro dialog. Adrian Younge and Linear Labs have been pretty consistent so far with their releases and we’re once again looking forward to this upcoming project. Crafted in an Italian Giallo style, complete with photography that very much resembles and seems to be inspired by The Case of The Bloody Iris soundtrack produced by Bruno Nicolai. Twelve Reasons to Die II continues on where the previous volume left off and the lead single ‘Return of The Savage’ goes straight for the imagination and delivering the usual story telling adventures that the duo has been known for. Continue reading

Skeme Richards at Night Shift (Amsterdam)

This Wednesday night, Skeme Richards will be dropping a set over at the wildly Wednesday night party, Night Shift at SugarFactory in Amsterdam.  Night Shift is a night dedicated to industry folks, night freaks, dancers and all around lovers of good music.  Each week a rotating cast of resident DJ’s bring their brown sugar of jazzy, funky, soulful, deep, and spiritual Hip Hop, Disco and House flavors to the dance floor.  Last week Night Shift celebrated there 1 year anniversary with special guests KC the Funkaholic and our brother from another, Ge-ology so we’re honored to add to the lineup of DJ’s that have blessed the night.



Haters Make Me Laugh 5 Year Anniversary

This Friday night Skeme Richards makes his return to Frankfurt, Germany to rock alongside the UK’s finest, DJ Mr. Thing as they throw down in celebration of the Haters Make Me Laugh 5-year anniversary party. Both DJs have spun the party on separate occasions and haven’t rocked together in a few years so it’s sure to a family reunion of the decks. HTML is an incredible party and one of the best in Frankfurt geared towards Hip Hop heads, dancers and music lovers and is always a guaranteed good time. Continue reading

Dusty Donuts 004 ‘Antique Anthem’ b/w ‘Make Your Move’

Is time flying or did those crafty folks over at Dusty Donuts release yet another 7” off the heels of the previous one which we haven’t fully ran to death yet!? Well either way, the latest release from the label delivers a bit true school business and a nicely done flip of Double Trouble live at the Amphitheater as heard in the Charlie Ahearn classic and all time greatest Hip Hop film, Wild Style. Marc Hype and Jim Dunloop handle production duties on this double-sider with the A-side featuring ‘Antique Anthem’, a cut that celebrates the 10-year anniversary release and the first time this track is featured on 7”. New flip, ‘Make Your Move’ is a new nugget from the duo and definitely a hard hitting one that incorporates the opening verse from another legendary crew, the Fantastic Romantic 5 MC’s. Continue reading

Paul Nice – Deadly Venoms Tribute Mix

In the world of Hip Hop, very few heads are Kung Fu film aficionados, and even fewer are top-notch producers that can incorporate their love of the genre into craft. Sure The RZA is the obvious choice, but heavy in the game and digging for rare Kung Fu artifacts and memorabilia since the early days of mail order trades and Times Square VHS bootleg spots, Paul Nice is definitely that guy. Over the years he’s released 4 volumes to his popular 5 Fingers of Death Battle Breaks vinyl series, paying homage to one of his favorite films which still to this day is coveted by scratch DJ’s. Well Nice is back with his latest tribute and this one is centered around what quite possibly is the second most famous film in the Hip Hop world, the 5 Deadly Venoms. Continue reading

Pam Grier “The Arena”

Sensual, spectacle, titillate, perverted pleasures and unchained wild women are just a few choice words used as selling points in this lesser spoken about the Pam Grier film, The Arena (1974) co-starring Margaret Markov. Pam Grier has always been the one chick hit squad on the streets but in The Arena (aka Naked Warriors) her character is less about the Blaxploitation settings of the urban streets and more about the warrior like woman defending herself gladiator style in Roman coliseums. Continue reading

Hedspin & Nick Bike “Forward and Back”

And you say party people! Look what just showed up to the office, the brand new 7” from the homies DJ Hedspin and Nick Bike. First let us start out by saying doubles are a must but why wouldn’t it be when you’ve got two of the best to ever touch the decks are involved in making it. Now with that out of the way, the new release “Forward and Back” is without a doubt, a DJ’s delight. Opening with a bass solo then drum rolling right into this a heavy drumtastic swing which then is accompanied by a frenzy of horns and just the right amount of hook (and sling) to make it work on the dance floor. The flip side is all about the DJ and providing you with a straight to the meat and potatoes, no nonsense instrumental. But that’s not all, there are two additional “skipless” tracks for you to get your afternoon sessions on. Continue reading